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A couple of years ago I was attending my girlfriend Karens f****y pinic, she had said ealier that her Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Jim had a trailer that they were renting out next to there house. I really needed a place to stay so I decided to go join Shirley with my plate of food and beer. She herself was eating and drinking quite a bit. I introduced myself and she said 'Oh I've heard about you' as she looked me up and down. I sat across from her and we started talking. She seemed to be quite friendly and very glad to have some friendly conversation. Her husband Jim wasn't there and wouldn't be home until Sunday afternoon. I mentioned that I was interested in the trailer that they had for rent. Her eyes brightened in delight and said 'ohh I really could use a good looking renter such as yourself' I asked if I could see it after the picnic and we decided that would be a good time. She looked around and put a hand on mine and in a low voice said 'so I've heard that you are the boyfriend that's really long down there' I was surprized with her candid talk and said 'ugha according to Karen I am, she freaked when she saw me down there and we've never made love' Shirley batted her eyes and said in a blunt and matter of fact way 'Well, I'm not sure about Karen or the young girls of today but I myself enjoy deep penetration. It's the only way a woman my size and age can climax! In surprize I almost stabbed my face with a plastic fork of potato salad. That comment burned in the back of my brain and right away my dick stated to harden. I took several gulps of beer, looked at her face thru my sun glasses, she had a weathered face but some pretty blue eyes and glanced at her chest. The booze and my hard dick started to talk for me as I said something like. 'You sure have some beautiful breasts' she giggled in delight and said 'Why thank you;It's so sweet of you to notice them' I thought Who in the fuck couldn't notice them they were the size of watermelons. 'if I rent out the trailer I don't think I can keep my hands to myself' 'ohh Chris I wouldn't want you too' So that set the tone for what would happen later on. We continued to drink until the picnic started to break up and I told Karen that I was going to look at the trailer.
Soon Shirley and I were in the backbedroom of the trailer kissing each other next to a old bed. It was a bit disconcerning kissing a old woman as such but I was man handeling some of the biggest tits in town. After about fifteen minutes I took her blouse off and we both undid her pants and dropped them to the ground along with her underwear. Then went back to gropping her whopping tits thru her worn out bra for ten minutes or so. She was really enjoying it saying 'Oh Chris it feels wonderful' I peeled out of my cloths and as soon as I dropped my pants my dick hit her in the belly as she grabbed it and started stroking it. Then she backed up and fell up onto the bed, I craweled up over her belly and put my eight an half inch dick underneth her bra and torpedoed it between her tits. She yelped in delight as I grabbed the bars of the head board, I was way d***ker than I thought. I started pumping her tits kinda slow but soon was frantically thrusting back and forth, back and forth. The little iron bed sure wasn't made for this type of movement and wieght. We were in heaven on our d***ken stuper. Shirley begged me not to stop by saying 'come on, Come on Chris, fuckum like you loveum' in excitement I said 'Oh I do, I do love them, I do' I was fucking her cleavage as her bra rose up onto her doughy white boobs. The more she talked nasty the harder my dick got. The whole demented act just escalated into something nobody should know about. 'fuck my girls with that horse cock of yours' 'I am, I am' as I madly fucked away. Moments later I threw up a bit in my mouth but swallowed it back down. I was way d***ker than I thought. I looked down at the sight and she was starring at my red egg sized dick head plunging back and forth. 'You have the biggest dick I've ever seen' After a good half hour of pumping her boob fat and us talking dirty to no end. I got off and she rolled over just enough for me to unhook her bra and we tossed it onto the floor. Talk about a pure white, doughy treasure chest, I instinctively went to sucking on her jelly bean sized nipples, her aleo were the size of tea cup saucers. I was huge boob heaven. In no time at all her nipples were hard and her hips were churning in sexual anticipation. Her pussy was ready for some long hard dick pumping and it was time to cosumate our demented affair. As I got in between her legs, she said 'take it easy on me, I haven't done this in a while' she spread her legs as far apart as a woman her age could. I grabbed my shaft and put the tip of my dick into the enterance of her pussy. Then pushed forward with evil f***e, she gasped, moaned and screamed in wild abandon. I started pumping her with all I had and realized she couldn't talk so I started sweet talking her. I watched her boobs roll back and forth, back and forth, never seeing such a grand site. After about ten minutes of me fucking her fat ass into the matress. Her face started to get rosie red and she started to sweat profusely along with short breaths. Her eyes were stuck to the top of her head and she stopped breathing, she gurgle out sounds that I couldn't comprehend. I thought maybe she was having a massive heart attack as I fucked her ears off. Trying my best to get myself to climax but being d***k it just wasn't happening. I looked down at my dick and it was all shiny with cum juice, apparently Shirley climaxed. Luckily she started to breath again, I sure didn't want to explain why she died to her old man. I contiued my fucking assault for what seemed like an hour or so. Several times she grunted out some noises like before and stopped breathing but always started breathing again. Finally I could feel it deep down in my balls I was going to blow my viral seed. This one was going to be for Karen since I never was able to fuck her. I cried out 'oh my fucking God! Your'e going to make me cum! I plunged in as deep as I could trying to break an egg with the tip of my dick and get her pregent by blowing a weeks worth of frustrated baby gravy. Yelling in exctasy 'Oh God1 I'm cumming, I'm cumming! I almost fainted cumming so hard, long momments passed as I held myself in as deep inside of her as possable not wanting my sperm to dribble out as I tried to catch my breath. Then I snapped to my sences on just what the fuck happened and who I just fucked. I felt guilty about fucking my girlfriends grandmother as I pulled myself out and sat back on my ass, running my finger tips through my sweet soaked hair, catching my breath, for long moments I just gasped. I had to admit it was the best and raunchiest fucks I've ever experienced. Shirley and I sobered up but continued our nasty affair the whole weekend. In fact Shirley was on top off me, straddeling my waist as I sucked on her nipples and felt her up when her husband Jim drove up the gravel driveway. She quickly dismounted me and stuffed her 48 DDD's back into her bra, buttoned up her blouse and patted up her hair. I moved off of the couch into another chair as hubby walked in. Shirley introduced me to him and said I was going to be moving into the trailer out back. In disgust Jim said 'It's about time you rented out that God damn trailer, did he give you a deposit? 'He, he sure did' as he marched up the stairs. Her husband was really a jack ass so Shirley really enjoyed me living out in the trailer, I treated her well by deep dicking her whenever we had the chance and paid the rent by the inch.
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2 years ago
Thats a great story
2 years ago
Cute story. If the granddaughter can't handle that big cock, well let the grandmother. Free rent, except for a little fun work. My kind of deal
2 years ago
now that's a fun story