Crazy Hazy Dazs!

This is a personal piece of writting honest to the core from my perspective

Sitting at the university cafeteria was an experience you had to go through. It was not that I disliked University but the groups and click groups had become a monotonous bore to me.
My group was known as the silent but violent the meaning was we never mixed in other groups and we become silent not for lack of confidence, but pure despondent with the crowds and the useless banter that went on. The violent part was our drinking and smoking which our reputations had been set in our first semester.

We all sat there waiting for something interesting to happen and I spotted a nice looking girl within a group and she was wearing the tightest tops and leggings.
I thought I might have her one of these days and decided to go across which was out of the norm from our group. Max was shouting at this point
“Dude where you going?”
“Wait for me until I get back I’ve got someone to see”
“Cool” Back then we were too cool for School and people looked up at us, but never really knew who we where. Our group consisted of five members, but females had tagged along for their own insecurities we all later realised at a later age.

This girl was different she was so pure and innocent in my eyes that I had to make contact. I spotted one of the lads from my Econ class and shook his hand and sat down in there foreign land.

“Hey Don what’s up?”
Nothing mate you have the notes I need them fella!”
“Yeah chill with us, I’ll grab them for you.” Even though we had tight groups I wasn’t stupid enough to not make friends with the boffins of the year I had my own agenda regardless of my own tight group.
I sat next to the girl in question, our eyes had met right away.
“Hi Dom”
“Hi I’m Monika” She looked even better up close and personal.

Liked the sound of that, Dom & Monika chuckling to myself and smiling.

Monika nice, dam nice!

I made my excuses and took the notes and left.

It didn’t take long for Monika to start asking questions about me and no one said anything about me, as they knew nothing except I liked to smoke.

I did some digging myself and she had a boyfriend in another campus which didn’t bother me for a dude to leave this girl alone for too long, deserved to be taken away.

I didn’t have a dorm room as I crashed around various sites, sometimes outstaying my welcome.
James was my solid friend we were more like b*****rs after we became friends and still are many years after graduating.
I found myself tonight in the company of Marcy she was a young clever girl with very little friends, but regardless of my own status I got to understand her and in some profound way wanted to protect her.
Many nights I would sl**p in the same bed and hold her. She was a virgin after all, she confessed to me and I told her straight I wasn’t interested. She could trust me as I personally had ended a long term relationship that left me a bit….. What’s the word? Fucked!
I was still thinking about Monika and started to get hard under the covers couldn’t sl**p for love or money. It had been awhile since a female had gotten to me like this.

“Dom you awake?”
“Yeah what’s up babe?”
“You Horney?”
“I can feel you’re hard on LOL or it’s your base ball bat” I realised and apologised.
I was thinking dead kittens and all sorts of shit Ann Whittcome!
“Sorry been thinking about a girl”
“I don’t mind” I felt a bit uneasy about Marcy and she decided to stroke me through my boxers.
“Not a good idea babe?” Fuck it was a good fuckin Idea! But I had principles NO Fucking her absolutely No fucking her.
My fucked up ideology was never to fuck with another girls feelings without it meaning something. I’ve gone through way too many women and fucked them up mentally and was to stay strong and silent through out Uni.

Her breathing and mine were in sync and she managed to grab my cock and really gripped it hard trying to strangle the life out of my head.
“Easy Marcy it hurts babe take it slowly…..”Fuck what the hell? I’m teaching my friend how to give hand jobs Suck no I mean Fuck……..!

Marcy was a good friend and never held back to give me grief, but never crossed the line when in public she knew who I was and my group, so stayed relatively back in the crowd.
Many of the lads would say I was fucking her and I never saw her that way as she was more like a little s****r I never had.

My cock was getting larger and pre cum was already glistening covering her small hands. We had talked about her virginity before and she had wanted me to take it before the final year was out.

Such soft hands I thought, she slowed the motion right down and I thought to myself this wasn’t as hard and big a year ago. She started throwing the covers off the small single bed we slept on and started to rub herself at the same time.
The heat coming off us was immense. I started to sweat and both reaching a state of ecstasy.

Moving closer just about hovering over my cock I felt the hot breath and she started to lick the pre cum off, moaning at the same time.
I thought about touching her, but decided not too. She moved her hand over mine and gripped between my fingers, pulling me towards her already moist snatch.
It didn’t take much for her to arch her back as I skimmed the folds around her untouched secret place. The tip of my index finger rubbed ever so lightly over her clit responding to every touch and flicker of my finger.
I clearly wasn’t going to last any longer as the last girl I fucked was many months ago.
By this time her small mouth started to pick up pace and she locked her lips greedily on my rim and tucking and pulling around the head.
“Marcy I’m going to cum babe” she paused and simply said “me too Dom”
With that I felt her tight hole and the delicate Hymn skin at the entrance so I back it up a bit, worked on her clit some more.
“Baby that’s it more harder please?”
She was clearly inexperienced and I took my time with her, building up the pace and slowing it down at the right times. Her long tongue started to rub against the bridge of my head in motion with her lips.
“Fuck Fuck”
I exploded into her mouth and not stopping the rubbing which quickened as I was climaxing.
“Yeah Ohhh my fucking god I’m Cumming”
Marcy did well she wasn’t skill full enough to deep throat me, but she sucked my dry not a drop spilled and I came hard in her mouth.
She had suddenly arched and convulsed her back on her side and twitched uncontrollably holding me tight whilst my cock still twitched in her mouth.

Part2 when I decide to start it...wink
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3 years ago
very good story.
3 years ago
Great story! Thanks!