The flight had no oxygen! Part2

I had been dying to fuck this woman soon as I laid my eyes on her. She had this look about her where you know she was ripe for the taking and I will have my fill I thought.
I lifted her up so she was facing the small mirror and her beautiful small feet perched on the sink basin. With that I ripped off her nylons and started to rub her pubis gently through the satin fabric slowly, then suddenly hard and fast. She moaned in excitement of my fingers rubbing the soft delicate skin of her folds. I could see the rips in her stockings in the reflection this just turned me on even more.
“Jack stop teasing me I’m ready I’ve been ready for some time!”

I was rock hard again and decided to rub my mushroom head between the folds of her lips, ever so gently then really pushing upwards to feel the friction between her ever so wet panties.
She struggled to take them off as they clung to her skin, but once I got them around her small ankles I entered her slowly and the rammed it home hard. It caught her breath and she started to push down upon my engorged head. She was dripping wet already and had entered her very easily and powerfully.
“OMG don’t stop it feels good, fuck me harder”
I penetrated her from an angle that made it hard work, but caused maximum knocking against her G spot. She started bucking up and down with f***e I struggle to hold her in the tight space. I could see she was looking into the mirror and she started to rub her clit in rhythm to my thrusts.
I was getting turned on from this angle as I could see the big vein on my cock bang against her clit and her fingers rubbing my cock at the same time nearly took me over the edge.
“Ann you feel so fucking good keep rubbing your two fingers” She had her fingers in a V formation and it sometimes gripped my cock as I went in and out at speed.
She bucked her head back and started to twitch her body I thought she was having a fit or a seizure of some kind?
“Jack keep it up I’m Cumming hard just a bit longer!”
I pulled out of her and she really started to kick the shit out of the basin. All of a sudden one of the largest streams of water came flowing out of her already dripping wet pussy, covering the whole mirror.
I’ve fucked a few women in my time, but this was a first.
“Ann you okay?”
“Don’t touch me down there I’m sensitive I’ve just squirted all over myself and it felt so good”
Fuck I thought she pissed over the place?
She was done, but I wasn’t!
So I put her down and shoved her head into the basin which was full of her cum at the time. With my still erect cock in my hand I started to push against her rear hole and she screamed in pleasure.
“Jack you want to fuck me there? Go on then fuck my dirty black hole and don’t hold back”
I started to enter her ass and it was tight she winced as I ploughed her dirty hole with full f***e she sucked my cock back in as it was held in there like a vice gripping every vein.
I touched her hilt and she started convulsing again and again I felt the wetness dripping down my thighs. This turned me on so much I started really grabbing her ass cheeks with my hands, slapping her rounded arse causing her to contract her ass muscles in time with my thrusts.
“Ann I’m Cumming baby where do you want it? I thought as this was only polite to ask as it was our first date, Fuck, whatever you wanted to call it.
“On my face, on my face give it to me honey”
I had reached my limit and pulled out not easily as her ass was like a vacuum in full power mode. Her little ass hole was little no more, it was gaping and winking at me after the pounding it just received.

She started to wank me off slowly and sucking my mushroom head swing her head from side to side. I was getting delirious with the pleasure she was giving me. The thrusting was becoming harder in her mouth as she moaned in delight.
Suddenly the inter com came on.
“We are experience turbulence, and please return to your seats and fasten your seat belts”

The plane started to rock side to side this shit was not happening now?
We rolled side to side and my cock was being f***ed down Ann’s throat choking her as I put my full f***e of my groin weight into her poor mouth.
She started to clamp down on my cock and it was half way down her throat choking her and she started to drool with her own saliva.
With that extra rocking it made me really hard. I couldn’t stop now and started to really pound her throat. I had my hands around her throat as I was in ecstasy.
“Jack stop! I can’t breath” I just heard gurgling after that.
I started to cum hard and fast and with the last few thrusts I really did some damage and came down with such f***e she spat up loads of my cum, clearly not able to swallow all of it.
Bang, Bang, Bang “Jack you okay in there?”
Fucking Marcy banging on the door! “I’m okay just go back to your seat I’m not feeling too well that’s all”
Ann Marie eventually cam up for air looking a bit worst for ware.
She kissed me hard on my lips and whispered in my ear..
“You fucking a****l, you nearly fucking killed me my dear”
“I thought to myself dam there is no fucking Oxygen on this flight, I was light headed with the best fuck I’ve had in years”

Part 3 The hotel
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3 years ago
awesome they only pressurize to 10,000 feet lol thats tree-line
3 years ago
LoL, very good