Working Too Hard Part 4

They laid down together and started to kiss each other tenderly and obviously enjoyed each others company before? IS had wore black suspenders with belts and stockings very milky white pale skin and lovely red locks of hair, flowing down to her face. I remember thinking this was a Kodak moment!
IS liked to be dominating and started parting P's legs she licked her softly and attentively like a cat. Purrs coming from lady P's rising pleasures. I could see her clit had started to throb and after intensive sucking the clit was large and twitching.
I took my shirt off and walked up to them.
"IS take down his flys with your teeth"
IS had scrambled over to me and started biting the fly zipper down with speed.
She started to nibble on the black briefs I was wearing and pulled them down slowly feeling her soft hair hit my already large cock.
"Someone is happy to see us?"

With that IS started to gobble me down slowly then all the way. She choked slightly, but liked it.
"You're getting bigger my dear?"
I'm not small about 7" and felt even bigger tonight due to the delays.
Lady p started to suck me as well.
All I could think is wow both of them sucking, wanking and massaging my balls it was like a competition to get me off. Both tonguing the ridges and the mushroom head like it was going out of fashion.
I pulled back and demanded Lady P show me her arse. She of course complied. It was perfectly rounded and she was shaven except some blond curls at the top.
IS carried on sucking me hard rimming my shaft for all it was worth. She had done something I never felt before as she gripped her lips over the head and sucked her cheeks in tight and pulled back and forth with suck f***e it unbalanced me.
I decide to turn IS around too when I felt I was close.
"Both of you play with yourselves and show me how you get off?"
They parted there lips and started to rub down over there holes trying not to put fingers in just yet. But pressing hard over there already swollen clits.
I started to push myself into Lady P she screams with delight and IS's arse still in the air I stuck two hard fingers into her and it caught her by surprise, moaning she wanted it harder!
I pumped into Lady P and started to get about three, then four fingers into IS stretching her plump pussy, by bending my knuckles back and forth. She started screaming more, more!! It felt like a huge vein on my cock was about to explode and after an hour of ramming my engorged cock into lady P, my writs were aching as I had my entire hand up IS's pussy stretching the walls to there limits. IS grabbed my arm and tried thrusting more. I truly thought I was going into her womb at this rate.
"I going to cum soon ladies" With that I pumped even faster and harder, IS was cumin hard already I felt my hand being sucked into her deeper and not letting me go.
Lady P started to twitch from a massive orgasm "Fuck me, fuck me harder" an orgasm well over due especially with all the teasing with my meat pole earlier.
"IS come over here now!" She turned around facing me and knew exactly what I wanted. She took the whole length down like a champ I pumped her throat with each thrust gagging and moaning at the same time, Lady P decided to join in, sucking on my balls like lollipops. IS decided to grabbed my arse at the same time shoving an index finger into my arse, this was too much even for me to hold back on. I must have pumped harder down her poor throat unleashing a gallon of cum down her, as it was spilling out over her pretty red lipstick.
Lady P greedily licked the cum running down IS’s face and over my balls.
I looked down briefly after coming back to my senses Lady P was still licking, eating the cum off IS's face kissing each other at the same time.
I settled back in the single chair and watched them both for awhile.
IS had Lady P on all fours and she started to lick her from her slit to her arse.
"Ohhhh stop that IS"
"Shut up you love every time I do it"
I was getting hard again. "Look he is hard already" IS suddenly spurting out with a laugh.
I could clearly see Lady P was innocent in the beginning and later on learned Catholic Boarding School was not so!
IS stuck her entire length of tongue into Lady P's arse and she withered in pleasure from it. Watching both in an act of passion really touched me as stroked my cock in one hand LOL.
I decided being a bystander was enough for me so I sat next to them. They got into a 69 positions and licking each others pussys' frantically. I started to lick IS arse hole then pushed two fingers in there, she wasn't expecting that. But hey I needed to get back at her from earlier.
"J its time you fucked me P's had all the fun I want some now"
So I started to fuck her slowly she groaned in ecstasy.
I thought I might have stretched her a bit too much as she was so wet and large juices flowing down on to lady P's face and lips. To break it all up I withdrew and stuffed it down lady P's throat she loved licking the juices off my head and she could taste both our creamy cum.
IS had started to wink her arse at me and I asked if it was alright to fuck her there? She agreed quickly and asked me not to hold back.
I didn't have to do much just position my cock in the entrance and she backed up on to it with ease. She bucked and convulsed as she started to cum hard. I hardly moved, but her ring was like a vice and milking my cock for all it was worth.
I started to speed up like a jack hammer, lady P sucked both my balls and her clit simultaneously.
All I could see was IS burying her face deep into Lady P muff. Both started to buck their hips uncontrollably.
I could feel my balls had stiffened up and could only hold out for a little while longer as she gripped my cock even harder. I pulled IS's long hair towards me and pumped even harder with each thrust she screamed at me "OMG don't stop, don’t stop you fucking a****l"
By this time my full length was pushing her to her limits and surprised me that she could handle the speed I was going at. To cool down once in awhile I pulled out to let Lady P clean my cock juices off, then continued to plough into IS's red rose.
I grabbed her behind and continued to bounce her like a huge masturbating tool, Lady P was sticking her hot tongue and finger up my arse massaging my prostate then sucking her finger to get the juices off. I couldn't hold it any longer, with that I exploded my cum in IS's arse hole. She screamed in delight “fill me up please, fill me up!”
I pumped so much it must have lasted about three minutes of uncontrollable flow of cum. I pulled out and her gapping arse hole it looked like a freight train had ploughed through.
We both collapsed on top of lady P tired out from my long fucking session. Lady P was sucking out the dripping cum like a river fall from IS’s arse hole.
P had been Shoving her long tongue in and out to get every drop, and they both kissed each other tasting and exchange the cum in their mouths.

Final to cum
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3 years ago
hot sexy very good a part 5, 6...???