my first milf

I had a friend in high school whose dad worked on the railroad. This meant that he was gone most weekends. His parents had divorced long ago and his dad had remarried a woman around ten years younger than him. They had two k**s together.

Blake and his stepmom, Jen, were very close and she would allow him to have house parties during the weekends his dad was gone. It was one of these weekends, which me and my best friend Collin never missed. Our parents knew we were staying at Blake's house, but had no idea about the parties. It was usually around one in the morning when the rest of the party had to go home. This would leave just me, Collin, Blake, and Jen there and we would always hang out until early in the morning.

This weekend was a little bit different. My friend Blake, who always was with a good looking girl, had a new girlfriend, who was with us. The five of us sat around and drank as usual, until Blake's girlfriend said that she needed to get home soon. Blake then left to give her a ride home.

Collin and I went upstairs to the sectional where we always slept when we stayed. We put in a movie and Jen decided to stay up and watch it with us. There was plenty room on the sectional and she sat in the curve of it, with me laying to her right and Collin sitting up to her left. She had changed out of the jeans she was wearing that night and had put on some running shorts. She was only about 5'8" but she had long, tone legs and I always loved to watch the outline of her calve muscles appear with every step she took. She had also taken out her contacts and was wearing a pair of reading glasses. Her shoulder length, light brown hair and green eyes were a perfect match for the glasses.

As she sat down she curled her legs towards my side and they stopped just shy of my head. The light scent of body lotion on her legs was enough to arouse me but when I looked up and saw her freshly manicured toes, painted a carnation pink, I had to make sure the blanket concealed my throbbing erection. After a while I was able to get myself under control and started watching the movie. I was pretty tired and it wasn't far into the movie when I dozed off.

I awoke to some whispering,"But what if Blake comes home?" "He is with Chrystina, he's not going to be home tonight." I heard Jen let out a little sigh, but didn't hear another word. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Collin leaning back on the couch. Jen's hand was under his blanket and I could see it slowly moving up and down. As I layed there watching I began stroking myself making sure not to be noticed.

Soon Jen slowly pulled back the blanket, I could see the outline of Collin's erection as the friction of the blanket pulled it downwards. As the blanket slid off of him, his rock hard cock sprung back to its usual position and they both giggled quietly. Collin had already taken off his shirt and Jen slowly kissed his chest as she made her way down. After kissing the head, her mouth opened and began to envelope his cock. Collin gasped in pleasure and his eyes closed as she worked her way down. Soon Collin opened up his eyes and began working his way up Jen's shirt. By this time Jen's feet were still by my head and her knees were resting on the couch. Jen's shirt rested loosely on her body and I could see perfectly up it from my position. As Collin tugged her bra both of her breast fell out simultaneously. They were a good handful in size, as I could tell from Collin's hand groping them. He squeezed her left breast firmly and then worked his finger to her nipple. I could see that it was already hard, but when the tv flashed brightly I could see that she now had goose bumps around her nipple.

I couldn't handle laying there any longer. I gently kissed the sole of her foot. She was startled and her head popped up and she looked at me. She must have seen the hunger in my eyes because she didn't speak; she gave me an inviting smile and went back down on Collin. I slowly kissed my way up her legs, making my way to her shorts. I pulled her shorts down to her knees. I was too anxious to take them the rest of the way off. I began teasing the lower part of her lips with my tongue. I pulled my head back and noticed a wrinkle of skin leading from the bottom of her pussy to her asshole. I knew from my limited experience that girls my age didn't like their asses played with, but I followed the wrinkle with my tongue. She moaned as I did this so I traced around her ass and worked my way back down. I then took her shorts all the way off as Collin took her top off. She was now able to spread her legs enough for my head to fit in between. As soon as my tongue reached her clit her legs began to shake and within a minute she came.

She then sat up in between me and Collin and began kissing me, while she stroked on both of us. She then took turns sucking, kissing, and stroking us as we both touched her all over. I wanted to be the first one inside of her, so I stood up and pulled her legs towards me, laying her on her back with her head in Collin's lap. Like every high school boy, I always kept a condom in my wallet. I got my wallet out of my pants and took out the condom. Jen's legs were spread apart and I sat in between them, taking the condom out of the wrapper. Jen sat up a little and gently grabbed the condom from my hand and set it on the floor.

By this time Jen was dripping wet and her hand guided me inside of her. This was my first time without a condom and I could feel every inch of her pink flesh as I entered her. After about a minute I knew I couldn't stay in her a second longer without cumming, so I pulled out. Collin was more than eager to be inside of her and didn't waste any time. I began kissing her and with Collin inside of her, Jen's legs began to shake again as perspiration rolled down her forehead. I put my dick back into her mouth and as she moaned it sent intense pulses through me. I couldn't hold any longer and I began to shoot my load. I came hard in three throbs. The first time my cock throbbed suddenly in Jen's mouth, I tried to pull it out but she grabbed my ass forcing me to leave it in. The next two throbs were much stronger than the first and I could feel my hot cum as it filled her mouth. She then pushed my cock out of her mouth, took a breath of air, and swallowed. Soon after this Collin pulled out of her and shot his load. Right when Collin pulled out Jen began to stroking him vigorously. The first shot landed between Jen's breast as the subsequent ones fell shorter and shorter making a trail to her pussy with the rest dripping onto her hand as she continued to stroke him afterwards.

Collin and I were very competitive with each other (in everything from school, to sports, to sex) and I knew his dick had made her cum and mine hadn't. I was hard again within a minute after cumming and as soon as Collin wiped his cum off on a blanket I was back inside of Jen. Even this second time around my cock was extremely sensitive, still not used to being without a condom. After a minute or so I turned Jen over and we began to have sex doggy style. My dick was in her far deeper than before and Jen buried her face in the couch to keep her moans down. Soon I felt her legs shake and I was glad because I knew I couldn't last much longer. As she came, the inside of her vagina gripped tightly around me. I pushed inside her as far as I could, burying my seed. I gave a few more pumps to make sure I got every last drop inside of her, then I pulled out.

To my suprise, Collin wanted to take her doggy style too and shortly after I pulled out he was back inside of her. By this time she whimpered,"Collin, I can't handle any more." Collin was the most selfish person I have ever met though and after she said that he went harder than ever. Luckily for Jen, Collin couldn't last much longer. I saw him give a final thrust, trying to get his cum deeper inside of her than mine. He then pulled out and Jen rolled onto her back exhausted.

We all just laid there for a while, taking in what had happened. Finally, Jen reached down and touched the stream of cum that was leaking out of her. She gave us a worried look and made us swear over and over again that, "This would be our secrete, because you know what would happen if anybody found out." Collin and I never mentioned it again, but I still stayed the night at Blake's house many times after that ;) (as I am sure Collin did too)

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very good
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Lucky bastards !
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That is great!
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What a good milf!
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Wow, I need a friend like Blake.