I never thought I would

I was asked a Truth or Dare about my sexiest fuck. Well this is I guess one of the sexiest moments of my life as I never expected it to happen.

OK, there have been a few and my favourite changes with my mood. So one evening I was having a drink at my local. I was sitting next to a guy who was fun and we joked and laughed. As it got to closing time he asked me if we could perhaps go back to his place for a drink. There was no suggestion of anything odd, he was just an ordinary guy in an ordinary pub and I certainly didn't fancy him. Anyway we went back to his place, a small flat in town. He poured me a drink and said that he was going to get changed out of his office clothes. I sat and watch telly and we chatted through the rooms. The door was behind me so I heard him come back in. But I didn't see him until he stepped in front of me. Wow, I my jaw dropped. Standing in front of me was not the guy I came back with, but a sort of cute naughty figure dressed in stunning lingerie. I guess you would say a trap. He was dressed in a red basque and thong with red fishnet stockings, a colour of lingerie that he had asked me earlier when we joked about what we thought was our favourite lingerie on a girl.
I became hard instantly and I could feel my cock straining in my pants. He saw and asked if he could help me. I just nodded and he knelt before me and undid the button on my jeans. I felt the zip rasp down over my bulge sending a tingle through my cock and spread across my whole body. This was unreal. Then I felt the sides of my jeans being held as he pulled and tugged them down. They slipped past my knees and my legs relaxed. He had obviously had this planned all evening and I had no idea. My pants fitted snugly and I felt his fingers struggled to prize under them. Then the tip of his finger brushed my right ball and my cock bolted, he looked up and smiled before looking down again and then he lightly touched the tip of my cock a high voltage jolt powered through me lifting me from my seat. I could feel the precum oozing from me. He knew too and deftly pulled my pants down to my jeans. There I was naked from the waist down in front of a guy that only ten minutes earlier was just a drinking companion and now I was sexually helpless to his wants. I was mesmerised, as his hand wrapped around my hard cock. His head then dipped and his tongue appeared, hardly touching my cock but adhering itself to my sticky precum. He lifted slightly and the fluid strung. He moaned and turned his eyes up to my gaze, that was it that trap look, he could do what he liked. His head dropped again and his lips wrapped around my cock and gently sucked. The warmth was burning, his fingers wrapped around my balls and his thumbs were slipping up and down below them. One of my most sensitive areas was being explored, making me thrust my cock into his mouth. He now had my cock all the way in his mouth and he attacked me up and down. Then it happened, his right hand slipped just a little lower and I felt the nub touch my bumhole. It drove me way beyond anything before. He knew what he had done and grasped the backs of my legs pulling them up to my shoulders, my cock slipped from his mouth and he looked at my vulnerability. He was so close and then down he went. His tongue swirled around my hole, brushing, slurping and then slipping into my hole. The sensation is nearly to much and I announce that any more of that and I will cum. So he lets go of my legs and they drop either side of him and his head ducked down onto my cock again. Its getting to much and when I feel his finger again at my hole I know it wont be long. It slips in, all the way in and he wriggles it inside. Its all to much and I groan loudly, then I cum in his mouth. So much, he gags and pulls away. I squirt again and this time it fly across his satin red basque. It lands with a splatter and darkens the material. He looks up and I notice that my cum is dribbling from his mouth. His tongue swirls and picks it up.
He then stands in front of me and suggests that perhaps, now that he knows I am interest whether we should perhaps slip into the bedroom. Oh and perhaps I might like to share some of his lingerie.
That was my sexiest moment ever. Why, cos I didn't expect to be drinking with a guy who ended up a trap and then to be completely unprepared to have fun with a twenty odd year old tart. Not sure what happened next was my sexiest fuck. But it was fun.
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