Fantasy Fucking Game

I meet a terrific guy at the bar one evening. We talked for hours and he never made an overt sexual move on me. The next day we got together again, and the evening went great, a little kissing and heavy petting. On Friday night we got together again t his place. This evening thou he wanted to play a game, he said it helped in getting to know each other better. He would ask very suggestive questions and you are suppose to answer honestly.
He asked how you like your breast played with, do you like your ass played with, have you ever taken a dick in your ass, did you enjoy it, have you had two men at once, why or why not, do you like giving head, do you like being ate out, do like to be teased, have you ever been tied up, do you watch porn, will you undress for him, do you like top or bottom, have you done it in a public place, in the shower, in your vehicle, do you have a vibrate or dildo, why or why not, how big is it, how often do you use it, have you ever used used a fucking machine, why or why not.
When he was done asking all these questions, he proceeded in undressing me, he used my answers to turn the next day into a fucking marathon of pleasure, until he invited friends over to play as well. At first he watched as they played the game on me and then he joined back in. His friends never get to fuck me, but they get to tease me, hold me down, make me squirm, make me cum, and then he takes over for the fucking.
Best weekend spent ever. We meet up the following weekend to play again, and again, and again.
75% (6/2)
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