My Fantasy for A Nice Guy to do

I am at a local pub, I met a really sweet guy, we enjoy each others company. At the end of the night he walks me out to my truck and invites me to follow him home. I do, we go out for a cigarette and pop open some beer. The man start getting frisky with my breast, as I try to stop him, he controls a hand, and continue playing. Then he goes between my legs, squeezing up tightly. My shirt starts going up, then off, then my bra. He has my breast gently in his month, as he softly tongues my nipple. My shoes and socks leave me, my pants are being pulled off, my panties follow. Now the guy has his fingers up inside of me, playing. My pussy is hot and wet, my nipples are hard, my body is waiting for him, but he only teasing me. The man stand me up in front of him, a finger in my ass, a finger in my pussy, they are both making me squirm, my clit vibrating out of control. He's enjoying my wetness, my moaning, and my cum.
We move into a bed room, he undresses in front of me, then pushes my torso onto the bed, pulls my hips towards him, and shoves his dick into my pussy. He starts fucking me, then fingering my ass as he goes. He gets me off repeatedly, then we move onto the bed, he fucks my pussy and then ass until the early morning.

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3 years ago
Can I walk you to your truck?