my life part 1 true story

In my teens I was into football. I was desperately trying to get into the school 1st team.
My friends b*****r who was a year older then me was in the team, he would often have a kick about with us
In the park after school and in the holidays.
One such time in the holidays he told me he was going training with a man who run a youth club on the estate and invited to go with him.
He told me he was circuit training and swimming. I got my swimming trunks and a towel and eagerly went along.
We met this guy called Frank he was about 40. He put us through our paces for a hour then we went to the local swimming baths after a hour, we finished Frank invited me to go again and be part of his team. I jumped at the chance, him and Paul went off together and I went home.
For a week the same routine would happen we would train Paul and Frank would go off together.

The last day of the holidays we just finished swimming and Paul said if I wanted I could go with them back to Frank's.
When we arrived Frank offered me a beer and gave me a cigarette, I felt so grown up.
Paul opened a draw and took out a couple of porn mags ,very tame by todays standards and showed them to me, Frank was doing some paper work at the table.
After another beer Paul started telling me he had shagged a girl at my school and she was a part of our youth club.
He described in great detail how he had fingered her and played with her its. I was still a virgin and asked more and more questions.
He sat next to me and said how she had sucked his cock.
Frank then asked if I had ever had my cock sucked I said no, Paul asked would I like to, being very embarrassed I said I didn't know.

Frank who was standing in front of us undid his trousers and pulled his pants down . His cock was huge compared to mine . He said to Paul show him . Paul started to lick his cock up and down the shaft Frank's cock got really hard, Paul then opened his mouth and stated sucking while rubbing Frank's balls. Frank reached down and started rubbing me through my trousers and asked if I liked it. I replied yes.

He pulled his cock out of Paul's mouth and pulled my head towards him. Paul was undoing my trousers when Frank's cock slid into my mouth . I didn't know what to do and tried to pull back but Frank held my head firm, next I felt Paul's mouth swallow my cock,
I could feel his tongue rolling round the head , what he did to me , I did to Frank , after a few minutes Frank pulled out, he told me to suck Paul. I bent over and wanted to pleasure him the way he had me . I then felt my bum cheeks being parted a frank started probing with his tongue he was very slow licking up and down and the tip of he tongue going inside me. Paul pulled my head away saying he was going to come gripping his cock really hard. I watched him trying to hold back..
Frank to me to lay on the floor. Him and Paul knelt either side of me taking it in turns to put their cock I'm my mouth.
Paul's cock exploded I choked and spluttered on th salty fluid and try to spit it out. He cock just kept pumping. Then Frank straddled my chest and came in my face I was drenched in cum. Welcome to the team Frank said. To be continued

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