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OK I get it. Forget labels as we are all here for the same thing and I think most of us would do anybody we fancy? I'm at that point, I don't care nearly as much about being a pop-culture maven here I just want to meet kinkster's and perv's get of and shot camera"s. I thought I was slightly above this but as of this writing this is the horniest I been in years, just want to be productive and not get more frustrated watching porn or looking at my human zoo collection, it's high time some nice and perv-ish person with inside- or outsides does some questionable acts and I am pretty open to most things or I'll photograph. I don't wan't to be Mr. Virtue at a fuck site. Punch my ticket it needs major overhaul and I am a freak to wanting to look like a normal cause I am middle aged look younger and have lot's of stories, like people half my age but don't look it or act it as if I want to play with myself when I can play and maybe learn something and get of. What can I do for you? Remake/Remodel...Or Don't change...And get bored sick and death-like. You know what few people know me here or know of me know I am not the average Hamster dude. Ok we all have our lust and stupid demon's to feed and entertain or make piece with;. Or as Briggs said Harry in the 2nd "Dirty Harry" Movie "A man Has to know his limitations". Also if a man has any sense reason and self love he should be honest with himself and other's or at least do his best. Funny thing about me for the most part I am here to write and meet a few other weirdo's/Freaks from around California and the world. You know I think I've been in Los Angeles and at times I think it's Fucking with my good judgement. I don't know about you people but to be a age-ing Jam Guy that likes 20th century music/art/innocence/ the good old days that where never there The Golden Days of Analog, as I would call it. OK I know I Lost 2/3rd's of you already why am I going this route on a fuck site? why not it's good education of the human animal and all my friends are either Married and boring or too fucked up one way or another that it is not a good idea to hang out. Beside I get off mentally if I can write something half way witty and gain some strangers attention and at this point in my life I would not mind a little attention and notice and if you have questionable sexual tendancies that just makes you a more interesting person to talk with. Hell No matter how much of a equal opportunity slut I pretend to be... Truth capn now be told I'm a closet Normie, You see it boil's down to this as I see it... Lack of a normal sex life or the wrong push for a person at a wrong time in his life who would be pretty much Hetro and somewhat adjusted as far say Normal i.e. your parents your average friends non freaks... Again Lack of a decent sex life leads to light to medium mental illness in most people or Bisexuality what ever happens first. Unless you have a outlet or a hobby. Ok it is a over simple statement about people and people can be any thing but simple. I pretty much just hope to put this piece of cyberspace to good use, I am going to make that mistake of being sincere but careful when dealing with some types around these parts as it can be so easy to be misunderstood with ones actions. I am pretty accepting no reasonable offer will be not weighed and considered, A man has to know his limitations like I said and I've always been a bit less privy to sleeping around as something always gets in the way or I dismiss a lot of what I and only I have come across that a lot of this is a big game of ego, and I never thought sex should have rank system like a military for perv's freaks and people that need to need told what to do and people that need to tell some one what to do. That get's me at a gut level of No! but being a good liberal I am not going to make value judgement's for others, All I know is this sex is about melting into someone else at best and at worse like running around the track with a friend or a friendly boxing match. I may know the human situation and soul much better than I claim to know anyone's body than my own, And to warmly quote my very Favorite California band of the 1990's Pavement from Stockton, California "We are all underused-We are all under used..." well at least some of us and that may just be ok in some situations, Or everyone you know is more trouble than they are worth. again I only know my path my past and what I am willing to work with and play with...I not ruling much of anything out with in reason safety and on going self respect. I love waking up in the morning and finding out I had the wrong Idea about something for only most of my life but it does not happen much. OK I Had Fun venting to all my Hamster semi friends you know who you are and Maybe are not (And yes world I did Get a You tube page under my real name- I felt the love- Porn Uber alis ? En Die Wurd.. But I'm still here and I think I learned My lesson for now. Good Night Fellow Rodents, I well be updating this site as inspiration and spelling and English skills and something worthy to say. Oh yes And take this on face value if anyone wants to play Electric or un plugged in the Los Angeles area leave me a message I would leave a e-mail but for right now I don' think that the volume of emails I get from you the public is going to call for it. Good night and good luck. And I wrote that maybe about last summer say July, I come to the think I think about wanting even questionable sex to be somehow memorable. And special let alone if one ever rates in the normie world games which I think someone stole my hetro card when my back was turned or passed out. I deal with what this life gives me, once in a while I am able to take something special, but sex is like working out at the gym almost. I wish I felt more holy about the acts of lust and love and lud

, ludicrously. But that's what getting old does to ya...if you in Los Angeles and share some my views or you jut want to play look me up here with a message or uberhaus1@netzero.com
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6 months ago
what'a tasty lookin' cock! ya makin me hungry son!
1 year ago
you like to meet some time I like to lick suck your cock
1 year ago
Thanks for the add!
1 year ago
thanks for the invitation....
well stated, delightful and entirely unexpected "about me"...
1 year ago
Thanks for accepting the invite. I have a friend who moved to Bastrop and go there every now and then, small world. Have fun!
1 year ago
hi your cock pic is great
1 year ago
Like your cock, dude. Very sexy! Thanks for becoming a friend
1 year ago
Thanks for the invite
1 year ago
thx for yor invite
1 year ago
thanks for the invite!
1 year ago
Thx for the invite man!
1 year ago
Thanks for the invite...kisses:)
1 year ago
I feel the love or the indifferance already thanks Gang...
1 year ago
Thanks for the invite. :)
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