Uncut Gym Encounter

Just got back from the gym
I go during the middle of the day because usually there is no one there at that time and I have the steam room to myself. I was working up a nice hardon in the steam after my workout, rubbig my dripping precum all over my glans, corona, and frenulum. I knew I had gotten my cock to a point where it was going to be nice and swollen when I walked out into the shower. Usually after I get a really good hardon in the steam room I can start to control the bl**d flow to my cock a bit better, making it as easy as a couple quick pulls to bring it right back to attention.

I could hear that a couple shower heads had turned on so I decided to go out and rinse off, still at half mast. As I walked to the shower I saw one small dick guy, and a guy that I hadn't seen before. He was tall, wore glasses, and like me was uncut. Most of the guys at this gym are short white trolls with tiny cut cocks, making it fun for me to show off my fat black uncut meat. I took the shower across from him to get a good view of the new Guy.

As he took his glasses off and turned on the water, I pulled on my cock a few times to see how he would respond. He didn't, so I decided to beds back to the steam.
He and the other guy followed. I continued to pull on my cock from time to time as we sat there in silence, glancing over to see if my uncut b*****rs cock was perking up also. I could see he was starting to take a bit of interest, so I decided to head back to the showers.

I didn't have to wait long for him to follow. The uncut guy soon took the shower right next to me. I turned to hi and nodded, looking at his cock as I bobbed my head. He said in a European accent 'have a good workout?'. I said yes, and began to pull on my cock. I turned around to see that there was another guy in the shower with us now, across the stall. These showers are open but somewhat boxed which creates two open areas with 4 heads each. Mean and the uncut guy were in one cubicle, both facing the same wall so the guy across could only see our ass if we both faced the wall. I was now starting to get a full blown boner so I turned the water to cold and retraced my foreksin to let the cool water slow me down. I looked over to see the uncut guy pulling on his foreskin as well, and I heard him let out a mmm as he did. I really love watching uncut guys retract their foreksin, and he was doing just that. It was as if we had the same technique also. His dick wasn't getting especially hard, but I probably didn't give him long enough too. I got hard so fast I got embarrassed, and decided to get out of there.

I decided to head to the dry sauna to dry off. I grabbed a fresh towel from my locker and headed there to towel up and start the process of changing. I kept massaging my cock to make sure it would still look good if he came in. The uncut guy soon opened the door, and asked 'did you by chance grab the wrong towel? One with a key?' I said no, and opened the towel to show him that there was no key, and also to see if he'd look at my cock. He did, and smiled.
I went back into the locker room and began to rub lotion on my naked body in front of the mirror, making sure to retract my forskin to rub some on my glans. What happens net is really hot.

The guy was now wandering completely naked through the locker room asking the other guys who were in there if they'd seen his towel. Some guy finally agreed to go out to the front desk to get someone(they rent locks at this gym so they have master keys for them). As soon as he did, the uncut guy wanders back over to me to watch me dress. I didn't mind, I kept my eyes on his cock the whole time hoping that I would finally get to see it fully erect. He asked 'so where you headed to next?' I smiled and said 'nowhere', and glanced down to make sure he saw me looking. To my surprise he reached down and retracted his foreskin all the way back, and then let out a slight mmmm. It was as if he knew that I just needed to see if one time before I went, and he did it for me.
Hopefully he's not a statmeger and il see him again soon.
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