Hands like shovels!

As always (… well not quite always… some peoples ‘nicknames’ kinda just come to me... no pun intended) it was taking me a while to come up with the new ‘visitors’ nickname. Obviously I wouldn’t ever dream of using somebody’s actual name in a blog as that would be indiscreet and very unladylike! (…. And I don’t always know it… but that’s beside the point!) I tried to look for rhyming or urban slang to describe big hands but was somewhat unsuccessful so for reasons I shan’t divulge I decided on ‘Sarge’.
Now I’d been chatting to ‘Sarge’ for a short while on a popular ‘sex-site’ and as often happens when we get on with people we arranged a meet. Now fair play to the chap, as he was understandably nervous yet never once tried to persuade me to meet alone…. Kudos! However as luck would have it ‘Eeyore’ was due to be out for an hour or so allowing us a good opportunity to meet up for a bit first so he could ‘relax into it’ so to speak… ooh er!
I didn’t want to scare him off so I just wore a little summer dress (with lingerie and stocking underneath obviously) hair down and straightened, no shoes. I am always vastly impressed when people use their real photos online (as it avoids the awkward ‘who the fuck are u?’ expression), and even more delighted when they are in fact better in the flesh!.... And believe me folks... this chap was smoking hot! To the point that I had a momentary panic of ‘oh my god… he’s gonna change his mind and leave!’(… and trust me when I say it’s not good etiquette to refuse to let someone leave without fucking u…. apparently lol). Anyway he didn’t run for the hills, and accepted a drink so I relaxed a little (whilst breathing in lol).
To begin with we sat and chatted for a while… all very civilised, despite the fact I was mentally undressing him (luckily I don’t think he noticed). Thankfully there wasn’t the awkwardness that can arise in these situations. I left my seat for a moment and as I returned he pulled me close towards him with an outstretched arm and kissed me! I do love kissing! Before long our hands began to wander and trace the outline and contours of each other’s body. His hands soon found the naked flesh at the top of my thighs and he squeezed and pulled me closer. I was getting more and more turned on the longer we kissed (though in fairness it doesn’t take much) and his kisses were becoming deeper and more passionate. When… suddenly… the door opened and in walked ‘Eeyore’. Oh how I laughed, poor ‘Sarge’ seemed to jump about a foot in the air. I felt like a naughty schoolgirl that had been caught whilst babysitting lol… classic! (I know it’s very cruel to laugh but I never claimed to be nice so there!!!) It could have all gone horribly wrong from there but I’m pleased to report it didn’t. We had another drink and chatted for a while together, and we were all relaxed again pretty soon. ‘Sarge’ felt comfortable enough to stroke my stockinged legs, which were laid across his lap, as we talked and I continued to enjoy my vodka, lol.
‘Eeyore’ popped out of the room for a couple of minutes and we began kissing again... only this time we didn’t stop when he returned. If anything we kissed each other harder as we lost ourselves in the moment. He wriggled round so that he was positioned in such a way that he could open my legs and begin to massage my swollen clit. His soft caresses sent rippling waves of pleasure up towards my stomach and I felt myself becoming wetter. He traced the edge of my pussy lips as we continued kissing and used his fingers (on his very large hands) to gently ease my pussy lips apart so he could slide inside the warm flesh. I was soon dripping wet as I tasted myself on his long fingers, and he made me cum over and over causing wave after wave of intense throbbing to ripple through my body. I can honestly say that I don’t recall at what point I lost my dress, but at some point during that I did! (As he did his top… not that I’m complaining!) So now, wearing just my lingerie and stockings (most of which was damp) I knelt on the floor and positioned myself between his legs as I undid his jeans to reveal his already stiff cock. I teased and sucked the end before slowly sliding the length of the shaft into my mouth. I kept one hand around the base and held my hair up with the other hand, to allow me full access to his cock and balls. I took in the whole cock gagging as I reached the base; sucking, licking and stroking his throbbing prick and enjoying every inch of it, pausing at intervals to kiss him before returning my attention back to it. After a while he gestured for me to sit on the edge of the sofa and gently yet forcibly pulled my arse to the edge until it was hanging off. (Looks like it my turn again then! Not that I’m complaining) He lower his head towards my dripping cunt and continued to use his hands, and now his mouth to make my body shudder and limbs quiver under the immense sensations that were pulsating through it. I groaned, and gripped the edge of the sofa as I arched my back. I took off my bra so that he could squeeze and caress my tiny breasts, and I regularly licked my dripping cum off his soaking wet hands. I couldn’t take much more sensual punishment (for the moment at least lol) so I made him sit back on the sofa so I could spend some more time on his cock and balls. Now in these situations (when you have an audience) there is the age old question of ‘when to put it in’, ‘Sarge’ simply uttered the words “shall I fuck you now?” which I have to say is one of the better approaches! Lol. Condom donned, I climbed on top of him straddling his lap, and eased his cock into my waiting hole. We continued to kiss and he licked and caressed my pert nipples as I lowered myself up and down his thick throbbing cock, gyrating my hips to stimulate my G-spot. I eased myself off and stepped backwards, ordering him to lie on the floor (don’t worry he had a cushion! Lol) where I straddled him again. He grabbed my arse with his massive hands, and squeezed my arse cheeks as he pulled me down harder onto him. I moaned at how delicious he felt inside me. We were a sweaty mass of bodies rolling around on the floor, and my pussy ached as he pounded his cock deep inside me. I could feel the weight of him pinning me to the carpet as he thrust harder and faster, his lips were on mine and I had to try to resist the urge to dig my nails into his back. I’m ashamed to say that at points I even forgot that ‘Eeyore’ was watching… oops!
Now as a woman of the world I am all too familiar with the effect condoms have on the male anatomy, so I am aware of, and sympathetic about mutual enjoyment.
He paused momentarily to catch his breath so I seized the opportunity to remove his ‘glove’ we kissed again for a few minutes while I stroked and rubbed his cock against my hot clit. He grabbed a handful of hair as I gagged on his stiff cock. Wanking and sucking. Waiting for him to cum in my mouth so I could swallow his thick, sticky spunk. Mmmmm. I could tell it was a good one because I could barely feel my legs and we sat panting and breathless for a while, composing ourselves and regaining equilibrium.
I certainly enjoyed myself… and by the taste of it he didn’t mind either! A definite invitation back for that one!!!

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7 months ago
Great blog!
8 months ago
beautiful meet by a honry woman very sexy as well:)