There's alot to be said for experience!

Two posts in a week… Maybe I’ve rediscovered my muse!?!? Though more likely is a certain ‘reader’ chastising me for being so lapse lol, either way I think I should blog about our most recent ‘visitor’.

For reasons that are not all that cryptic, I will call this one ‘nipples’ (both to protect his identity and as a good mental reminder for me). We met, as many of my conquests do, on an adult social networking site.

Very laid back, not at all pushy, easy going, genuine bloke, who seemed to grasp the whole concept of NSA fun, he has at least 10 years on me but there’s a lot to be said for experience!

The first time we met it was just the two of us, not our usual arrangement but he didn’t seem to mind having me all to himself. He was a bit nervous which is understandable, but didn’t take a lot of coercing to get ‘stuck in’ so to speak. Now, as a female, you hear a lot of people (especially men) boast about how much they enjoy giving oral, but in my experience this isn’t necessarily the case as it’s usually very regimented and minimal. However, ‘nipples’ was one of those chaps that genuinely seemed to enjoy nothing more than burying his head deep between a pair of legs, ravenously lapping up every inch, alternating techniques and speed to send radiating shivers across your body. So, all in all a jolly good first meet!

Unsurprisingly he was invited back! This time though I made sure that we at least had a photographer. Initially the evening was supposed to entail having a few gentlemen round (at the same time) but for one reason or another it turned out that only ‘nipples’ could make it (still well worth the lippy). Anyway, he turned up, with wine (good man) and looked even more nervous than the first time bless him. I think this was largely due to the fact that we were not alone, and the idea of an audience can be rather daunting. So me being the gracious host (not) I decided to ease the tension and whilst chatting removed my knickers! Yep that’s right, without stopping what I was saying I reached up under my skirt, took hold of the lacy material and pulled them down and off, and with a very unladylike flourish at the end flung them over to Eeyore. Now I should add that at the time I was sitting next to ‘nipples’ on the sofa with my legs across his lap, so there was little he could do to pretend he hadn’t noticed lol. To keep the momentum going I slid down and rested my head on the arm of the sofa making my skirt ride up. Slowly I began to run my hand down the inside of my thigh, until it reached the freshly shaved smooth flesh, and began to stroke my clit. Groaning, I tilted my hips to allow my fingers full access to my dripping cunt. Before too long ‘nipples’ had slid out from under me and onto the floor so he was kneeling between my legs. Again he wasted no time in delving his tongue into the warm moist folds of my pussy, until I could bear it no longer, and unnoticed to me somewhere amidst the fun he managed to loose his clothes, and I was wearing only my skirt! We spent a lot of time rolling around in different positions kissing, licking, sucking, rubbing and teasing each other before he donned the condom! I must admit that I particularly enjoyed rubbing his hard, throbbing cock against my soaking pussy and arse, not only because it allowed for some interesting photos, but also because it prolonged the tantalisingly exquisite sensual excitement. I’m not sure if it was the alcohol, relaxed environment, fact that I had been vigorously fisted or what but I did something that for me is almost unheard of… whilst straddling him I lent forward and whispered those magical words into his ear ‘you can stick your cock in any hole you want!’ Naturally this resulted in some good old-fashioned doggy style anal (much to Eeyore’s delight!) If only some of the others had turned up I could have had every hole filled simultaneously. That said I still thoroughly enjoyed it (and again later with Eeyore when nipples left… well fairs fair). I would have liked to spend more time sucking his cock, but the man is far too attentive for his own good! Lol That said he did finish standing above me, wanking over my open waiting mouth, Egged on by Eeyore telling him how much I enjoy the taste of cum… charming! Another good night, and a text the following morning started with the word ‘wow’… so fun was had by all, lol…. Roll on round 3!

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1 year ago
yes please! make round 3 soon! enjoyed it!