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Hi All!

Long time no see! I’ve finally ‘got my arse in gear’ and feel inspired to write. The only problem was, because it has been a while what should I blog about? After some careful consideration I thought it only polite to keep you all up to date with ‘recent events’ so to speak lol.

I suppose the best place to start (as with all stories)is from the beginning. I had been chatting to a chap, lets call him Colin (rhyming slang ‘Colin Firth’ - girth ;-P) for a short while, when the delightful boy suggested we meet. Now a lot of the people I talk to either play around with the idea of meeting but it never actually manifests itself or they are far too ‘full on’ airing on the side of dare I say, ’desperate’ far too quickly. Infact as I recall it was along the lines of ”how would you feel if I booked a hotel next weekend?” Good on you I thought, not too needy yet decisive, and despite the fact that we hadn’t been chatting for that long, I decided ‘what the hell… might be worth a punt’

Anyway, the evening arrived and it felt weird ‘meeting up’ with someone in just normal everyday clothes (usually visitors come to us so I can be a little more daring with the outfits if I wish). I sent him a short text to let him know I’d arrived and he dutifully met me at the door…. lol… bless him he looked so surprised when I turned down his offer of a drink in favour of going straight to his room… he kept checking all the way up, and again when we got into the room.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I completely understand how nerve-wracking and uncomfortable it can be when you meet up with someone for the first time, but he genuinely had a look of panic in his eyes, ‘rabbit in the headlights’, he had that same look on his face that bungee jumpers do that split second before they jump when they are still frantically trying to decided whether or not to go through with it… that instant when they alone control their next almost inevitable act….. he jumped!!!

In view of his understandable shyness, he responded admirably and I was quite taken by surprise with the passion and vigour with which he lunged forward and kissed me. Our lips locked and our tongues explored ever deeper, I felt him f***efully (not violently) ease me backwards onto the bed. As I fell back he laid against me for a moment and let his hands wander, with his body weight holding me down his fingers soon found their way up under my skirt to the scant lingerie which could ‘almost’ be called knickers lol. Effortlessly he pulled them off and in one movement managed to slide down to his knees and plunge his tongue into my already wet pussy. He certainly knew what he was doing and I couldn’t help but groan as my clit began to tingle. We carried on for a while rolling around on the bed kissing, caressing and licking while we pulled at each others clothes until we were both naked… then it was my turn. I must admit, given his ‘girth’ I knew I wouldn’t be able to go straight into anything so I kinda warmed myself up first, everyone has their own particular style and technique (as with everything) but this time I had to take extra care so as not to either make myself gag or dislocate my jaw! Oh my days…. did I enjoy that!

It didn’t take long before we were both gagging to be fucked, he grabbed his condom (extra points for him!!!) and before I knew it he was easing his thick throbbing cock into my soaking wet pussy. It felt fantastic as I writhed about groaning, trying desperately not to bite or scratch him (a previously mentioned ‘dislike’ of his). Our sweaty, hot, lust fuelled bodies took advantage of all the space as we utilised a few good positions, before collapsing in to a panting heap.

Being the civilised individuals that we are we took a ‘herbal comfort break’ (well he had a fag!), and I took him up on his offer of a drink this time… very strange order in which to do things but hey… who wants normal! We returned to his room shortly after and wasted no time in getting all hot and sweaty again. As is often the case ’seconds’ always last a bit longer, and although I was obviously grateful for the fact, I’m not sure the hotel room office chair will ever be the same again.

I was even wetter than before and I could feel myself gush against the grinding of his cock. He still felt tight but I was able to ease a finger (or two) inside my pussy at the same time that I was riding him to massage my G-spot, which for me only added to the pleasure…. and he didn’t exactly complain!

Although my stay in the hotel room was limited to only a few hours, I left there feeling very satisfied (if not a little damp). Unsurprisingly upon my return home (with pics) ‘Eeyore’ , feeling rather pleased with the evenings events so far, gave me what is commonly referred to as a ‘right proper seeing too!’….

Needless to say that night I was well and truly fucked!!!

Love Lou


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