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Evening all!

Now then, no self respecting whore can possible consider herself truely openminded if she hasn’t herself sampled what the ‘fairer sex’ has to offer!

I have always been in to the idea of experimenting with other girls, and to be honest I think that any women who tells you that the idea has never crossed her mind is lying!… Even if the very thought of it did ‘nothing for her’ or infact actually turned her stomach… she has at least thought about it!

Anyway, not counting the random female kisses that I’ve encountered over the years (and a brief ‘fool around’ with a close school friend), I reckon that I’ve probably only slept with about 3 women.

The first was when I was about 18 I suppose. We met through the age old medium of the ‘freeads’,

‘bi-curious female seeks similar for fun & friendship’… that kinda thing

There were a few scary replies, some were alltogether enough to put me off entirely, but the most normal one seemed ok! We chatted a few times on the phone and decided that it might be a nice idea to meet up in a pub. I took my bf and she took hers (strange I know) and it was fine, I mean it was obviously a bit awkward at first but she was easy to get along with a little younger than me and unthreateningly attractive! We carried on speaking on the phone and met a few times before me and (lets call her ‘cast’) decided on a night out clubbing. We thought it best if I stay over at hers, as she lived alot nearer the club so I took my things round and got ready there too. She ran me a bath, and other than your usual girly messing around - dressing infront of each other, doing each others hair and make-up etc, we got ready as normal. We visited a few pubs on our way to the club (like you do!) and as the evening went on, and our bl**d alcohol content increased we soon began to relax and loose our inhibitions! We danced in the dark club, giggling as we clumsily bumped into each other on the cramped dancefloor. Soon after we had gotten into the taxi to leave I felt her lean in close to me, I turned my head to look at her and she kissed me softly on the lips. We let our lips linger on each others for a while and as I pulled away in a d***ken haze she smiled and let her hand slowly move across my stomach before grabbing round the waist and pulling me in closer. We kissed again, this time more passionately. Our tongues explored each others mouths and all I wanted to do was rip her clothes off! Much to the poor taxi drivers dismay we left the real raunchy stuff for when we got home. She pulled me up the stairs to her flat, and no sooner was her door shut we were all over each other again. The advantage to fucking a woman is that the design of the clothes is very familiar so within no time at all we had taken each others clothes off. We carried on kissing as we flopped down onto her bed, our hands exploring each others body. Her body quivered as my hands moved over her smooth naked flesh, and she let out a small murmur as I gently kissed all the way down he body toward her pussy. I can still remember how sweet she tasted and the f***e of her pushing my face to her clit as she let her hips grind against me still makes my pussy moist now. We rolled around on the bed for what seemed like hours, exploring each others body, bringing the other to climax repeatedly in a such soft sensual way, that I have yet to experience with a man. We lay shivering in the dark, but not because we were cold, but because our bodies were still electric with the intense excitement and exhausted at the same time. There way lay until the morning.. and my bf came to collect me! We met a few times, but we didn’t stay in contact for a great length of time afterwards.

The second time the opportunity arose was quite a few years later. I was alot less nervous this time, but I still felt the tingle of excitement when we spoke on the phone. Now I met this lady (lets call her Gin) on the internet, some website or other, anyway as with before we spoke a few times on the phone but I made the mistake of not actually meeting her somewhere neutral first. Now people… be warned, never trust a static photo or peoples descriptions of themselves! I’m no oil painting myself, dont get me wrong, everyone has their flaws.. that’s what makes life interesting, but for that very reason I always make sure that I give people as much information as possible to avoid disappointment! Now, Gin didnt lie about how she looked, she just omitted a few key features!… Regardless of that small fact however I didnt not want to seem like a rude host, so I did the next best thing posible… and got bladdered!!! Once I was relaxed and blury eyed the whole thing seemed more doable…. (something which I have since learnt is never a good thing… trust your gut people!) Needless to say the whole thing from start to finish was enough to turn a girl straight! The good thing about her boobs was that they covered her stomach so I busied myself and attempted to distract her attentions from me by burying m head between her legs. She was clumsy and heavy-handed in her efforts to the point that she caused physical pain… nobody likes serious biting people!!! Learn it… know it… nibbling yes ‘biting’ NO! So as not to suffer alone I dragged ‘eeyore’ in on the action… but his surprised excitement was soon replaced with a look of distress and the words ‘get her off me’… lol small revenge but didnt leave him to suffer for long. Needless to say, we didnt meet again, and I’m ashamed to say that I was a real ‘bloe’ about the whole thing… ‘I’ll call you!’…. Sorry Gin!

The most recent wasnt nearly as eventful or exciting, it was with a mutual friend (again not necessarily advised) that I’ll refer to as ‘polo’. Now this woman, managed to get me into bed on the pretence of a 3some with my bf. It became clear very quickly that she wasnt alltogether fussed with ‘girl-on-girl’ fun, but I saw my chance and enjoyed lapping at her soft wet pussy. find it incredibly horny having a sexually aroused woman clitting herself off against my face, tasting, sucking, licking and nibbling every inch of her. She however was more taken with my bf it seemed, and it was soon apparent that I needn’t have been there… he’s easily as good at me at cunnilingtus (he’ had more practise … lol) so other than a reshuffle my absence may not even have been noticed! That said a pussy is a pussy.. and I got my fun out of it too!

Although my experiences with women hasn’t always been hugely successful (neither have all my fucks in general actually) I am still very open to the idea of sampling more…. though I prefer my women on a 1-2-1 basis. So much so that when left alone to my own devices I favour lesbian porn…. maybe these things are best left to fantasy in the future… time will tell, one thing I do know though… no matter how soft wet and smooth the pussy… I can’t get enough cock!

Love Lou


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