My First Time

I can’t really say when it started. I just know that I have been fascinated by the sight of cum shooting out of cock for as long as I can remember.
My first attempts at masturbation were pleasurable enough. In the dark, under the covers. I first time I ejaculated in the daylight I was hooked. I could not get enough of that feeling and the sight of that cum!! I jacked off everywhere- home, school, woods behind my house, everywhere. I soon discovered the various magazines that my Dad had “hidden” in his room. Naked women where great to look at and jack off to.
As I was able to talk that first girl into dropping her pants, I discovered I liked pussy. But times were a little different- no way was she getting on the pill and we did not uses condoms so it was the old with draw and shoot form of birth control. The fact of the matter was I was still finishing that last few moments by masturbating.
All that being said, I will tell you a story. I entered the US Army in the early 70’s. I was assigned to a base in Alabama. I was 20 years old and had been no and had seen nothing, that was all about to change. I met my friend, BJ, in electronics class. She was a sergeant and I was a private. We got along. I know she was different, I just could not figure out way. She finally told me she was a lesbian. OK, I cool with that. We stated hanging out and one she says let’s go to my bar. OK, I’m a GI, I like to drink. The bar was the only gay bar in a redneck town. I was a little freaked. But the night wore on, I became more at ease with BJ’s friends. One in particular, Samantha.
Samantha was a beautiful redhead and was in her mid 30’s. We got on well, I got liquored up and Samantha offered me a ride home. Bj said be careful but I thought, “what could happen”?. Sam took me to her house. We talked, drank some more and Samantha kissed me. A deep “ we are getting ready to get busy” kiss. I felt her cock press against my thigh. I back away and said I don’t do that and she said I did not have to do anything. In the back of my mind I wanted to see the cum shoot out of her cock but I was “gay”. I had a raging hard on, but I wasn’t gay, I kept saying to myself.
Samantha turned out the lights and undressed me. Fondled and caressed me. She started to suck my dick. No the way a girl does it. Like someone who had a cock of their own and know just what to do. She brought me to the edge several times, when I finally cum it was the best orgasm I had ever had. I was cumming, she was using her tongue underneath my cock head. Unbelievable!!
I told her that I was not going to suck her off. But if she did not mind, I would like to stroke her cock for a while. She said OK. I asked her to turn the lights on. She became a little hesitant, “my tits are fake”, I said I know that. She turned in the lights and exposed a beautiful erect cock. I put my hans on her cock and she shivered a little, she was as excited as me!! I stroked her cock slowly. I watched the precum run out of head cock head. I would go fast, then slow. Samantha was laying on her back and I was beside her. When she came, it shoot up to her neck – 5, 6 times. The amount of cum was fabulous!!
She allowed me to stroke her cock three more times over the next six hours. I have never had another chance like that since. Not that I haven’t wanted to, the opportunity never seems to come up. I hope it will again. I love watching cum shoot out of a cock!!

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6 months ago
that is hot i want a experience like that as well id be her slave for life
8 months ago
nice story!
1 year ago
Thank you. I would like to have another adventure like that!!!
1 year ago
Nice story!