You're Mine

Michael knocked on the bathroom door, after a hard day studying all he wanted to do was get a quick shower and be on his way out to his date with Kate. Michael had transferred university, because he was too far from home his parents claimed and they missed him. So Michael transferred; but as he knocked on the door he realised any time he spent away from Uni was spent in his room studying and any time away from his room was spent with Kate; someone he had quickly learnt his younger s****r disliked.

“Come on Josephine! I need a shower!”

“As do I....hence why I’m getting in!”

“Josephine, I’m meeting Kate soon. Hurry up!”

“You had all day Michael!”

“I was studying!”

“I’ve been at work! You had all day!” Josephine yelled though the door, dropping her purple bra down on the clothes pile.


“You could have been in and out by now!” She says, switching the shower on. She stands to the side waiting for the shower to heat up.

“Just wait till I go out!”

“Too late now! You snooze you lose!”

“Josephine! My degree is much more important than your fucking job! Now let me in! You’ll have all fucking evening!”

“Go to hell Michael!”

Michael hammered on the door loudly. Yes, he had come home to be closer to his f****y. Unfortunately for him, this was months after he had banged his s****r. Michael could remember every second of it, and had become increasingly aware of Josephine’s irritation when it came to Kate.

“Michael, go away!”

“Fuck this!”

Michael pushed the door open, glad the lock was broke. Josephine stopped, her mouth falling open as he barged in. She stood there in nothing but lacy purple underwear and quickly covered her chest. Michael fought back a smirk. Nothing I haven’t seen before. He couldn’t help the smug feeling the rose as he saw just how shy she still was with him, despite everything they’d done together.


“You get out!” He said wrapping a hand around her upper arm, brushing his fingers against the side of her breast as he did so.

“You had all day Michael! Just get out!”

“I didn’t have all day; I was studying, as I’ve told you.” He said pulling her to the doorway, “You can shower later now out!”

“Fine! Just don’t expect anything you left in your room to be in its previous condition!”

“What do you mean?” Michael asked, holding on to her arm. He knew his s****r had no problem going into his room; she had done so when he was away and he was pretty sure she still did it.

“Nothing.” She answered in a fake sweet voice. “I’ve said too much already!”

“Fine.” Michael said stubbornly pulling her back in the room and pushing the door shut, before pushing her back into the hot shower. “Shower. Get on with it.”

Michael then proceeds to pull his top off, throwing it down next to her pile of clothes. Again he had to fight back the smirk that threatened to spread as he saw her eyes widening, and he continued to strip, before stepping into the shower with her.

“What are you doing?”

“Give over Josephine. I’m naked, you’ve seen it before. And I’m showering; you’re welcome to do the same!”

“We can’t.....not together. We’re siblings!”

“That’s pathetic!”

“Excuse me?”

“After what we did?”

“Stop it! I’m getting out.”

“You’re staying here! I’m not risking you in my room.”Michael stepped forward forcing her to take a step back, pushing her back against the wall. “Get on with it!”

Josephine stood, why did he have to mention that? She enjoyed it, when they had sex. Fuck, more than enjoyed, she fucking loved it! It made her wet to the core thinking about it. Even now in the shower she could feel herself heating up and she blushed as she looked down seeing his cock; remembering about how it had been inside her, how he had taken her virginity.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have shouted.” Michael smiled down at her. “Can you forgive me?”

“I wasn’t going to take very long.” She mumbled, taking the sponge and soap and beginning to wash herself, turning away from him. “No, Michael.”

“Please?” He said, taking her hand and kissing her knuckles. “Why not?”

“Just because.” She said, pulling her hand back and pulling at the soaking panties which were sticking to her now.

“Just take the off Josephine, I’ve seen it.”

“Piss off Michael! Just hurry up and have you shower!”


“Kate will miss you if you’re late!”

“You don’t want me to go? On the see Kate, I mean?”

“Why shouldn’t I?”

"Why shouldn’t I? It’s no business of mine" I turn my head to you.

“It’s clear you don't like her. Tell me why..."

“I just don’t like her! I don’t need a reason! I don’t like you!”

“Why would you say that? I know it’s not true!”

“Are you done Michael? Or can I get out?”

“Tell me why you don’t like her...” He said moving closer to his younger s****r.

“I told you! I don’t came home to be closer to us...and we barely see you.”

“ because you miss me?”

“You’re mine!” Josephine growled, and then quickly realised what she said. “Ours, I mean. Mum and dads...we barely see you anymore.”


“If you’re not here or uni, you’re with her.” She spat back bitterly.
“I’m sorry.” He said, wrapping his arm around her. “I didn’t want you to feel that way. I’m not leaving you.”

Josephine turned, and Michael squeezed her tightly as she blushed at their embrace.

“You’re mine, not hers.” She mumbled stubbornly as she nuzzled his neck.

“Yours?” Michael asked as he kissed his s****rs neck.

“Damn straight.” She giggled, kissing under his jaw line.
“Michael....something’s poking me.”

Michael said nothing as he leaned down placing a trail of kisses along her neck.

“You’ll be late.”

“Not going. I’m yours, let me show you...”

Michael realised as he continued kissing his s****rs neck just how rolled up in her he was. Kate was every Josephine wasn’t; so whenever he did anything with Kate he didn’t think of his little s****r. Well, not subconsciously; he knew deep down the only reason he ever came with Kate was because he always thought back to the first time he slept with Josephine. He slid a hand up her back, moving her forward; pressing her almost naked body against his as the hot water continued to pound down on the two.

“You’re gunna....blow her off? For me?”

“For you.” He replied as he looked into her blue eyes and then kissed her nose.
He slid a hand round her front, cupping her breast.

Josephine moaned as she felt his lean fingers tease her nipple. Her fingertips trailing down his slippery body; she’d thought about having him again for so long. She just didn’t know how to get him back, especially after he started seeing Kate. She’d confess to anyone, it was Michael she thought about when her fingers plunging inside her hole, she dreamt of him Cumming inside her again. Michael leaned down, kissing her pink lips slowly. Michael was shocked when he felt her taken one of his hands and placed in on the panty clad crotch, clearly forgetting about her drenched underwear. Michael pulled the underwear to the side and slipped a finger inside her hot hole as she kissed his neck. Michael pushed her against the wall as he rubbed her G-spot, grinning into their kiss as she moaned loudly. He could feel his cock stiffen more as she got wetter and as she slowly reached out wrapping her fingers around his cock. She bit down on his shoulder as he pushed another finger into her, and smirked as she tried to push her hand away as they felt her legs shake. He knew she was close to cumming.

“S-stop it! I’m gunna...”

“Cum for me.”

“You’ll get wet.”

“I’m already wet.” He said smugly, fingering her faster. Smiling as she moaned in his ear.

“N-noo...this different. Stop it!”

He kept fingering her, making sure he hit her G spot with every stroke and started rubbing her clit. Michael was a little disappointed as he felt her hand leave his cock but he kept going.

“Cum for me Josephine. Cum over my hand, come on sweetheart.”


“Let it happen!”

He shouted back at her, going deeper, fingering her harder.
Josephine brought her leg up and Michael wrapped her slender leg around his waiting, pushing his weight against hers, holding her to the wall as he fucked her tight hole with his fingers. She began to shake. She bit down on his neck as she felt her juices squirting out and she began to moan loudly again. Michael nipped her ear, whispering into it telling his sweet s****r to cum over his hand. He kept coaxing her to cum as his pace got faster and faster. Her leg dropped as she squirted hard, Michael kissed her neck softly.

“Feel like I’m yours yet?”

“You were always mine!” She replied kissing a bite mark on his shoulder.”I want you in me. Please Michael; I’ve thought about having you in me again for so long please!”

“Anything....but I want your mouth again.”

Josephine slowly slid down onto her knees, and took hold of his erect penis. Michael moaned as she flicked the end with her tongue before slipping it into her mouth, sucking on it. He stroked her hair, moaning as he felt her slid further and further down his cock. For a moment she stopped as she reached her gag reflex, Michael grabbed a hand full of her hair feeling as he pulsated in her mouth as she pushed further down. Michael moaned as she looked up at him, tears forming around her big blue eyes before she quickly pulled away catching her breathe. Michael smiled, she knew her limit on him yet she was so eager to please she didn’t care.

“Fuck! Josephine...”

She slowly placed him back in her mouth, rubbing her tongue on his cock as she bobbed her head along his cock. Michael moaned, as pulled her head faster up and down his down, pushing her further down with each stroke. He smirked as he felt her tug her head back as pre cum oozed in her mouth, he face fucked her hard. The sounds of her gagging...he was going to cum hard. Looking down at her again, Michael felt his cock twitch as he stared down at her dewy eyes and heard her gag on his cock.


Michael pushed her head all the way down; Josephine could feel his ball under her chin. His tip deep in her throat, she gagged and her eyes widened as she felt his hot cum squirt down her neck. He let go of her hair and placed his hand on the shower wall in front of him, propping himself up. He panted and felt himself harden again as he watched her look up, tears fallings and cum dripping down her chin. He laughed as he watched her dip her head and spit it out, as she stood Michael took hold of her arm pressing her against the wall and kissing her, smiling as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“I like your taste better Josephine.” He mumbled into their kiss.

Josephine then kissed down his neck, as Michael started rubbing his cock. Michael reached behind her, switching the shower off and pulled her out. Laughing, he allowed her to push him onto the floor and he watched as she straddled him. She giggled as his cock twitched up and brushed against her wet slit. Josephine took hold of his cock and slowly slid herself onto him. Gasping as she got halfway, Michael wasn’t going to let her stop there and started thrusting up into her and grabbing her waist, he slammed her down onto him. Throwing his head back, moaning as she screamed and her walls clamped round him; He knew this wasn’t going to last long. Josephine fell down onto him and bit his shoulder as he thrust up into her getting faster and harder. And just as he predicted he felt her hot walls clench round his hard cock, and as her juices gushed over him he thrust up into her, shooting his hot cum up inside her.

“Enjoy that?” Michael asked, turning to look at her. He smiled seeing the blissful look on her and then scowled slightly as he saw a bright red bite mark. “You marked me!”

“Well...” Josephine leaned up and kissing him full on the lips, “I did tell you, you’re mine!”

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amazing story looking forward to the new ones xx
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mmm great story :) x
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great story! love it!
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Very Good!
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yes more a nice story
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