Work Experience - part 2

We finished our lunch, her foot on me or rubbing my leg for most of it, and as we were at a table in the corner with no-one near us, the conversation turned to sex, more specifically her experience of it. This was without too much prompting from me, either.

She technically wasn’t a virgin, as speculated, mainly because her boyfriend had managed only once to get his cock right inside her once before he started to cum. She had been with him for four months, and that was as far as he had been able to get with her before he had an orgasm. Normally as soon as she touched him he was off, and the sight of her topless had even done it once for him before he was even out of his boxers.

He apparently wasn’t too bad with his fingers, but the idea of licking her either hadn’t occurred to him or he didn’t want to do it. As a result of this, she hadn’t given him a blow job, even though she wanted to see what it was like. He didn’t take time to get her aroused, she said, it was all about him. One of her friends from college had started seeing a man aged around 30, and had told her that the sex was amazing, so she thought she would see for herself, hence what she was doing today.

I liked where this was going, although I’m a bit older than 30, and asked her where we should go after lunch. “Back to your office” was the reply.

I paid the bill, and off we went. There isn’t anyone around on a Friday afternoon, so I let us in and locked to door behind us. We went into my office, where she took her shoes off and sat on the edge of the desk, with her bare legs crossed. Her skirt rode up as she did, revealing smooth, slim thigh, and she made no effort to pull it down. I sat in my desk chair, and smiled at her.

“Do you want me to take my top off – I saw you looking at my bra earlier” she said. All I could do was nod as she opened the buttons from the top down and slipped it off her shoulders and on to the desk. She cupped her breasts, and pushed them together and up “do you like them, I think they’re too small” she said, looking down at them and then at me. “They’re about perfect” I replied, not taking my eyes off her white lace bra.

She slid down off the desk, and sat on my knee, one arm around my shoulders, leaned in, and kissed me. I kissed her back, tasting her lipstick and the warm, soft feel of her lips. Her mouth opened, and her tongue met mine in a deep kiss that seemed to last forever. My hands moved to her smooth body, and up to hold her right breast in my hand. She moaned as I did, and I found her nipple beneath the thin material, and rubbed it with my thumb, feeling it harden to my touch.

She pulled away from me, and I thought I’d gone too far, and she had changed her mind. Instead, she reached behind her and unhooked her bra, setting it on her blouse. She sad nothing, and returned to kissing me. Her breasts were young and pert, with beautiful pale pink nipples. I slid my hand back onto her now bare breast, and rubbed her nipple between my finger and thumb, not too hard, just enough to intensify the passion of her kiss. Her hand was on the outside of my thigh, rubbing it, and her bum was moving gently on my lap, right against my straining cock.

We kissed intently for a few minutes, my hands all over her body, her skirt now pushed up as far as it would go, not quite far enough for me to reach between her legs, which she had opened as far as she could, given the tightness of the material. She stood up, unzipped her skirt, let it drop to the floor, then stepped out of it. Her panties matched her bra, white and lacy, and almost see through. She sat on the edge of the desk again, and put one foot on either arm of my chair. “That’s better, now you can explore me better” she said.

I sat on the edge of my seat, and put a hand on each of her knees, and slid them up her thighs towards her pussy. With my left hand I pulled her panties aside, revealing her mound, covered in downy, dark, pubic hair. I slipped a finger just over it, and she put her head back and exhaled, I then started to rub her pussy lips with my finger, round and round, feeling the wetness as she pushed against me, straining for my finger to enter her. I pushed one finger inside her, slowly and surely, she moaned as I did, “Oh yessssssssss” as I pulled it back and repeated the movement, feeling her tight and wet around my probing finger.

She was now leaning back on my desk, her hands gripping the back edge, head bent back, gasping as I slowly and firmly probed her with my finger, rubbing her tight clitoris as I did so, not hard enough to make her cum, but with enough pressure for her to enjoy the sensation. This was all about her, and I was determined to give her an orgasm she’d remember for a while.

I speeded up, and she brought her head forward and looked at me “I’m going to cum, don’t you dare stop now.” I fingered her harder, feeling her pussy gripping my finger tighter as her orgasm built. She started to cry out as it broke over her, her head right back, all her muscles tense as the waves of pleasure took her. I kept my finger deep inside her, and after a moment she relaxed, and I slipped it out of her, gently stroking her thigh.

“Wow – that was intense” she said “you certainly know how to do that. Now, lets see what I can do for you.”

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