Suzzane Gangbang

when I arrive at the house I was led into the lounge there was 6 men in there all talking

I was given a drink and sat next to one of the men he put his hand on my leg I was in a summer dress so was flimsy

he slid his hand up my leg when he reached my g string he rubbed my pussy through the material

the drink I was given had made me relax I was dragged to the middle of the room where I had my dress ripped from my body I was now standing naked in front of these men except for my g string

they started feeling my tits squeezing and pinching them one of them grabbed my g string and ripped it off and pushed a finger into my wet pussy

he worked two fingers into me I was soaking I was f***ed over to the back of the settee and bent over I then felt someone put their cock into my pussy

my head was lifted and I was looking at a cock that was pushed forward I opened my mouth and it was going into my mouth but it kept going down my throat

as they both fucked me I could feel the others groping me then the one in my mouth cum shooting right down my throat I had to swallow it all

the one fucking my pussy tensed and cum in me deep and filled my pussy with cum

he withdrew from me I was grabbed and f***ed onto the lap of another guy who pushed her cock into me in one thrust it made me cream he then pulled me back so I was lying on his chest

he was fucking me when I felt hands on my legs I looked down and there was someone between my legs then the guy fucking me said have you ever been DP

the guy in front of me lent forward and I felt him touch my but to my surprise he was at my pussy and he started to push but it would not go in he keep push in and then it started to enter my pussy stretching it

he deep going until he was all the way in he leant forward and said now we are going to fuck you hard

they were fucking me hard and deep stretching my pussy all the time it was getting loose from the pounding it was getting they fucked me for 10 mins like this both cuming in me

I had now fuck 4 of them and was being used by them as they wanted then I was grabbed and held down so I could not move then I was told that my pussy was to stretching for one cock now so I would need to be fucked in the ass

my legs was pulled up over my head leaving my ass to their mercy

they rubbed some come from my pussy over my ass then I felt pressure on my rose bud then it opened and his cock head was entering me

he pushed and it slid in further till his balls was resting on me he pulled it nearly all the way out then pushed it back in all the way this went on until he cum in my ass he was pushed away and the last guy placed his cock at the entrance of my ass but this felt different much bigger

as he pushed I could feel it forcing its way into my ass fuck he was big about 12 inches and like a coke can he kept on pushing until he was in then he started to fuck me slow at first but he got faster until he was fucking me like a steam train he went tense and he cum in my ass when he pulled out it stayed gaping

they used me for the rest of the night but was DP in both holes they had ruined me.

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