Caught by The Wife!

I got an e-mail at the start of the week from a guy who wanted to try some bondage. He was inexperienced and wanted to try being controlled. John was a regular kind of guy. Worked at a Bank had a couple of k**s wife etc. We exchanged pictures and we both liked what we saw. We agreed to meet up at a Cafe near his work and check each other out. When I got there John was already sitting down looking around trying to see me. I waved and got my usual and joined him. John was good looking you could tell he made good money. Nice watch, diamond ring and smelt great. We shot the breeze and we discovered we both lead very similar lives. We finished up and I wanted to take a piss.

I went towards the washrooms. The washrooms were down a long hall I was texting and not paying attention. When I got to the door John was right behind me. Nobody was in the hall so we both ducked into the washroom and locked the door. John stood there waiting. I unzipped and John dropped to his knees. I pulled down my pants and underwear at the same time. My cock sprang free as it was quickly getting hard. John leaned in and kissed it and licked it. I rolled on a condom and told him to open up.

I then proceeded to fuck his face. The guy sucked it like a trooper. John took direction well. He had worked a finger up my ass and was hitting my prostate perfectly. I could feel my balls tighten up. I was going to shoot and started to cum hard. John was sucking like a pro. I pulled out panting and sweat was rolling down my forehead. I flushed the condom and took a leak. John stood up I noticed he had huge wet spot in his pants.

I pushed him up against the wall and kissed him deep. I stuck my tongue down his throat and he was returning the favor. I reached down and felt his hard cock throbbing. And undid his belt and pants and they dropped to his feet. John has come to our meeting commando so I started stroking his cock. John had a nice cock and it was really hard and pulsing. There was enough pre-cum coating John’s cock I needed no lube. John’s cock started to throb I told him to catch the cum and eat it. John grabbed his cock and shot into his hand then ate every drop. I told him to email me when he had time for a longer session. I left the washroom and John locked the door behind me.

I got an email from John three minutes after I left the washroom. He wanted to meet up Friday at his house. His wife was away and the k**s were in a University in another city. John reminded me about the bondage and wrote him back confirming everything. Several days later I drove up to the address John gave me. It was a pretty nice house in an old historic part of town. When I knocked on the door John was right there and practically pulled me in the house. Inside the house was decorated professionally and I commented on how nice it looked. John wasn’t interested in small talk. John made us some drinks and lead me up to the second floor.

The bed was a four poster bed which is perfect for what we were going to do. I asked John if he was prepared, he told me he was totally clean in and out. We got undressed and we both were sporting wood. Our cocks were almost identical in size and width. John had shaved his cock and balls and he still smelled great. I walked up to John and grabbed him by his cock and led him to the bed. I could feel his cock jumping in my hand. I proceeded to tie my new friend to the bed. I love the look of someone tied to a four poster bed. I asked him about the ball gag he shook his head yes. I put the gag in and tighten it I asked him to speak. All he could do was groan and moan. His cock told me he was having fun.

I started to lightly work on Johns inner thighs with my nails. His cock was jumping and he was moaning. I was lightly rubbing his cock and squeezing the head. Little drops of pre-cum were forming and John was groaning and shaking his head. I kept up the cock play for about 10 minutes. I looked up at John and his eye’s were bulging out of his head and kept shaking his head towards the door. I didn’t really put two and two together. I proceeded to tie up John’s cock because I noticed his erection was fading. I then rolled on a condom and brought his cock back to life with my mouth. John was in a frenzy and I reached up to pull off the gag and heard a small cough. I looked over to the door and there stood a women dressed in a business suit. He hands on her hips and she looked pissed.

She told me not to take off the gag quite yet. She walked over and introduced herself as Daphne, Johns wife. She asked me what was going on and sat down on the bed. She ripped off John’s condom then started to lightly stroke Johns cock and then slapped it. John’s cock stayed hard even after she repeated this a few times. By now my cock was soft and ready to go home. I started to tell Daphne what was going on and how I met John. She wanted to know more about Squirt so I showed her on their computer. She was reading John’s profile and started to laugh. She told me to stay and in fact to continue she wanted to watch. I looked over at John and his cock was rock hard leaking like a tap. His eyes said to untie him but his cock told a different story. She said if I didn’t continue she would call the Police. Daphne said she would tell the police I broke in and assaulted John. She went on to say John would do anything, and agree too anything, to get out of this mess so I better get started. She said to make sure John got everything he wanted. She said she would tell me when he would be allowed to cum.

I turned to John and saw that his cock was still at full mast. I laid down beside him and started to pinch his nipples and rub his cock. I kept alternating between sucking and stroking and he was going crazy. Getting busted by his wife didn’t quell his horniness. I put a condom on two fingers and started to work lube into his ass. I started to rub his Prostate he started to thrust his hips up his cock was slapping on his stomach. I looked over at Daphne and she was rubbing her pussy and could not take her eyes off the action. I reached over to my bag and took out a butt plug lubed it up and inserted it up John’s ass. John screamed into the gag and was straining at the bonds. I kept tapping the intruder in his ass and his cock was dancing. I put on a vibrating cock ring on John’s cock and left it just at the base of his cock head so it was buzzing on the sensitive underside. John was flopping like a fish, the little vibe on the cock ring was driving him nuts. I sucked on his nipples and avoided touching his cock. He was panting and kept looking at his wife then at me.

I rolled over and looked over at Daphne, she was almost naked with one leg d****d over the arm of the chair. Fuck she was hot. I didn’t notice before because she was wearing a suit. Daphne was one hot MILF. She had on a push-up bra that made her tits look huge. She had pulled her thong aside and was rubbing her Clit. Her pussy was bald and moist. She had left on the heels and was really getting off. I walked over and offered her my cock and she sucked on it like she hadn’t eaten in days. She was a bobbing up and down on my shaft. Wow this gal could suck cock.

Poor John he was looking over at his wife give a guy a first class blow job. The little buzzer on his cock was keeping him super horny and unable to go over the edge. His cock was going purple because of the tubing tied around his cock. Daphne noticed this and got up and walked over to John, laughed then slowly ran her fingers up and down his cock. John was groaning, drool was running down his chin and cheeks. John was desperate to cum. She told me to come over a torture him some more. I took off the little vibe and untied his cock. I then started a slow hand job. He was bucking his hips trying to speed things up. I kept starting and stopping. He was yelling into the ball gag.

Daphne pulled out the gag and John begged too cum. I told him Daphne was in charge of that. Unfortunately Daphne was having too much fun listening to John scream. She was taking her finger nails and scratching John’s sensitive cock head. John was screaming for her to stop. She then took one nail and started to scratch the sensitive under side of his cock head. This made me cringe. John screamed, Daphne had his cock in a death grip and just kept running her nails over his cock head. John was starting to beg for his life or at least for Daphne to stop her torture. She kept her torture going for a few more minutes.

Daphne stood and turned to me and told me to finish him off by fucking his ass. She took out her cell phone camera and took a bunch of pictures of John and his cock. She asked me to stuff my cock in his mouth and she took a couple more. She then put the ball gag back in and kissed John on the forehead. She went back to her chair and continued to rub her pussy. I untied John’s legs one by one and tied them over his head. His was ass in the air and ready. I started to pull out the butt plug really slowly Johns was groaning. I rolled on a condom and slowly started to enter John’s ass. He was tight, I then felt a hand pushing on my back and without warning I impaled John’s ass.

John’s eyes shot open and he screamed into the gag, Daphne laughed and went back to her chair. I stopped to give John a chance to recover. He started to flex his ass on my cock so I started to pump my cock in and out of his ass. After a few minutes I was really pounding this guy’s ass. He was moaning like a whore and Daphne was also moaning like a whore. I looked over and she had the butt plug up her ass and was working a big dildo in and out of her pussy. I stopped pumping John’s ass and started to stroke his cock. I lightly stroked just the head of his cock. John had his eyes tightly shut and was thrusting his hips trying his best to cum. His ass was gripping my cock like vise. I was going to blow soon and was ready to. I clamped down on John’s cock and stroked him until he was cumming.

The first shot hit his face the next shots landed on his chest. His ass was flexing with each squirt and I shot a load into the condom. John was really milking my cock. I pulled out of John’s ass and he moaned his ass was slowly closing. Daphne was pounding away at her pussy with the dildo. She had her head leaned back with her mouth wide open. I took this chance to untie John and he thanked me. We looked over at Daphne and she was slumped on the chair like a rag doll, the dildo still in her pussy. She was breathing hard and there was pussy juice all over the Dildo.

John walked over to his wife and gave her a big kiss and pulled out the dildo and butt plug. She hugged him and walked over to me and hugged me and gave me a kiss. I was confused. They explained that this was their thing. They liked the role playing and found it worked better when the other guy didn’t know about it. I nervously laughed and agreed but was a little freaked out. They were both nice folks and we really hit it off. They had a big walk in shower so we all showered together.

I got to wash Daphne and John and my cock was at attention. Daphne gave me a slow soapy hand job while John tweaked my nipples and played with my ass. I felt my cock start to throb and told Daphne I was going to shoot. I shot all over her tits and felt John’s warm cum on my ass and back. Daphne got on the floor of the shower and grabbed the hand wand, and started to spray her pussy. Both me and John watched her bring herself to an orgasm, man it was hot. We said our goodbyes and I drove home thinking what a hot couple. John emailed me and attached a couple of the pictures his wife took. John thanked me and asked me keep in touch.

Don’t worry about that John.
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11 months ago
Great story, love couples
2 years ago
very good, like the couples twisted idea.
2 years ago
Very hot. More please