Chris and Cock

About 2 months ago I and my wife, Kat, joined an adult dating website; initially it was because we had developed an interest in swinging and we had some successful meetings with other couples that we met through the site. I found myself being more and more turned on at the sight of Kat being fucked by someone else and whilst I enjoyed having sex with other women, started to wish it was just me, Kat and the other guy. I told Kat about this fantasy and she suggested that maybe I wasn't just into watching her with the other man but wanted to join in with them both. I had never really entertained the notion that I might be bisexual but found myself aroused by the thought and we went on to have fantastic sex as Kat described how she would love to watch me with another man, sucking his hard cock and eventually taking his cock up my ass.

We started to email single men on the website who were bisexual or bi-curious and wanted to meet other couples, however, most of those that responded were unsuitable, either too far away or just not the sort of person we were looking for. After a few weeks of no success, we got a response from a guy called Chris who lived about 50 miles away, he said in his email that he had experience with men as well as women and would love to meet up sometime. The pictures he sent with his email showed him to be a good looking guy with a toned body and a large cock.

Kat was really excited at the prospect of meeting with Chris and we exchanged a few emails and pictures with him but our agendas just never seemed to match where we were all free to meet up. One evening, having received another email from Chris, Kat and I were discussing our frustration at having this good looking bisexual man wanting to have sex with us both yet we still hadn't met him. Kat thought for a few minutes and then said to me that maybe I should go and meet him alone, that she would love to watch but just knowing what I was doing would turn her on a great deal. I was a bit nervous about meeting another man alone, I had always imagined it being me and Kat with someone else but at the same time I knew I had to explore my bisexual feelings and an opportunity like this might never come around again.

We emailed Chris and suggested that I travelled to his town to meet him alone, and that if things went well then we would do everything we could to all meet together after this. Chris replied later that night and said he was definitely up for meeting just me, suggesting that I come to his house the following Friday. A few more emails were exchanged and I had Chris' mobile number and address. Over the next few days Kat could not stop talking about Chris and me meeting and on the Thursday made me call him. It was quite awkward but also clear that Chris was fairly confident and he was almost dominant in the way he spoke, telling me what time I should be at his house and to ensure I was scrubbed clean, everywhere, and that he wanted my cock, balls and ass shaven completely; as he spoke I found myself getting hard as I realized that in less than 24 hours I would be at his house. Kat noticed the bulge in my jeans and started to rub my cock over the material as I received the last of Chris' instructions about the following evening.

Most of what he had said had been normal enough I supposed, except the final instruction which was to make sure I was wearing a pair of Kat's sexiest underwear when I came to his house. I told Kat this once I got off the phone and rather than refuse, which I had expected her to do, she went to her drawer and pulled out a pair of light blue satin French knickers and handed them to me, saying that they should do.

I was so turned by now that Kat and I fell onto the bed and after stripping naked, Kat made me try on the knickers and as I laid on my back, she pulled them to one side and lowered herself onto my cock. She then rode me hard, at the same time telling me how she hoped that Chris used me like a slut the next day and that she wanted me to come home with a sore and stretched ass and full of his cum; I could barely hold back at Kat's filthy talk and soon shot my cum into her but rather than rolling off me and going to the bathroom to clean herself up, Kat moved off my cock and immediately positioned herself above my mouth and told me to start practicing eating cum and made me lick her pussy clean of my own sperm. Once I had done this I concentrated on her clit and Kat had a massive orgasm, forcing more of my own fluids, mixed with hers, into my mouth.

The following afternoon, after preparing myself as instructed, I kissed Kat goodbye and set off to Chris' house. The feeling of the satin underwear was strange but in a nice way and I found myself with a constant semi-erection as I drove the hour or so to Chris' place. When I arrived and approached the front door, it opened and I recognized Chris from the pictures he had sent, though he seemed even better looking and I found myself looking forward to the next few hours and my nervousness ebbing away. Probably for the neighbour's benefit, Chris shook my hand and invited me in; once the door was shut he turned to me and asked if I had done everything he had said. I told him I had. He then pushed me against the wall and kissed me on the lips; feeling another man's lips on mine was a new sensation but I quickly got used to it and kissed him back, our tongues probing each other's mouths. Chris had his hands around my back and I felt his fingers slipping under my waistband and rubbing my ass over the satin knickers, murmuring "good little slut" to me as he pushed his groin harder against mine, letting me feel his hard cock pressing against my own.

Chris led me to the front room and having shut the curtains ordered me to take off my clothes, except the underwear; I did as instructed, my cock was solid and was fighting to break free of the knickers. Once undressed, Chris sat back and told me to kneel between his legs. As I did, he undone his trousers slightly and released his gorgeous cock from them. His balls were shaven and his pubic hair trimmed and as I looked he told me to suck him off like the dirty whore I was. As I licked at his balls and then took his cock in my mouth, Chris told me that I sucked cock like a pro and that he might even get some friends over so I could see to them as well; this just turned me on more and I took his cock deeper down my throat as I fondled his swollen balls. After a few minutes Chris started thrusting gently as he held my head in place, I could tell he was near to cumming. Suddenly his cock jerked and he filled my mouth with his thick cum; I swallowed quickly as he continued spurting and I managed to eat every last drop of his fluids, licking his cock clean afterwards, before Chris pulled me up to him and I straddled him as he sat back on the sofa, his semi erect cock now between my legs.

Chris kissed me and sucked on my tongue as his hands again went under my underwear and I felt his fingers probing at my tight ass. He then brought out one hand and held two fingers to my lips which I took into my mouth and covered in my saliva. He returned to his attention on my ass and his now lubed up fingers slipped inside me, first one and then the second. It felt fantastic as I sat straddling this guy, feeling his fingers inside my ass and his cock growing hard again between my legs. I desperately wanted to cum but at the same time did not want to change what was already happening so I resigned myself to the fact that from what had happened so far, this night was going to be all about Chris and him treating me like his own personal male-whore.

Chris continued to talk dirty to me as he fingered my ass, kissing me and biting at my neck as his cock grew to full size, pushing up against me. He then told me to get on all fours; I moved off him and got into position, leaning against the sofa's arm, facing off the side of it. Chris got behind me and I felt his tongue rimming me and then entering my ass. I pushed back, wanting more of it inside me and he obliged, straightening his tongue and probing my now looser hole. I groaned in pleasure at his licking, reaching back and spreading my ass wider for him. As he tongued me he used one hand to wank my cock and after just a couple of minutes I came, shooting my cum over my underwear and his hand. Chris told me to turn my head to face him and held his hand covered in my cum to my mouth, forcing his messy fingers inside, making me eat my own cum. I sucked greedily at each of his fingers until they were clean as Chris continued licking at me.

I suddenly felt the tonguing stop and Chris shifted his position behind me. I looked around and saw that he had removed his jeans and whilst holding my girly knickers to one side, he told me to get ready to take his cock and that he was going to give my ass the fucking that a dirty bitch like me deserved. I felt his cock against my lubricated and slightly stretched ass; he entered the head of his cock into me gently at first, letting me get used to his size and then, without warning, rammed the full length of it inside me. I felt his balls against mine as he held his cock in place, deep inside me, before he took hold of my waist and started to thrust into me, almost taking his cock out entirely before shoving it back in. I was moaning in a mixture of pain and pleasure, though slowly the pain subsided and I just wanted more, to be this man's whore and take his creamy cum in my ass, mouth or anywhere else he decided. I pushed back against him, matching his thrusts, loving the feeling of his thick cock stretching me and totally filling me. Chris fucked me with absolutely no concern for my own pleasure, focused on his own and using me to satisfy his urges.

He moved position slightly, standing behind and above my ass so he was driving his cock down into me, occasionally slapping my behind or reaching down and squeezing on my balls, leaving me with no doubt that he was in control. He too was groaning now as he approached orgasm and then with a cry he released his second load of cum deep into my ass. I could feel the heat of his fluids shooting inside me and pushed back hard, wanting every drop of his cum up inside me. As he finished cumming his cock began to soften and he slowly pulled out of me, leaving my ass feeling empty. I stayed on all fours as I enjoyed the feeling of his cum in my ass, Chris stepped off the sofa and walked in front of me and told me to clean his cock, I hesitated at first but then he just pushed it against my lips and I opened my mouth to take it inside, licking the length of this gorgeous cock which just seconds before had been fucking me. Chris laughed as he said that he'd never been with such a cock-hungry slut before and I just looked up at him as I sucked the last drops of cum from his helmet.

Whilst I sucked on him Chris reached over to a small table and picked up a mobile phone; I was puzzled as he dialed it but as I went to ask what he was doing he just told me to keep sucking. I done as I was told and Chris' cock started hardening again, I could not believe this guy's stamina. Chris started talking and I was shocked to hear him saying the name Kat. I suddenly realized that he was speaking to my wife and telling her that her husband was currently sucking on his cock, having just took a load of cum in his mouth and ass. I could imagine that Kat's pussy would be wet at the thought of me being fucked like this and heard Chris end the call, after saying that he would ensure that he took some pictures.

Once he'd cut off the call he turned his phone around and I heard the sound of the phone's camera shutter clicking and then a moment later he told me that Kat would soon be getting a picture sent to her of me, her cock-sucking husband. He went on to say that as far as Kat was concerned I was his for the evening and that the only condition was that I was sent home fulfilled and with an ass that she could use her largest strap-on with. It looked like I was in for a weekend of being fucked, first by Chris and then by Kat later on. Chris dressed himself and told me to go upstairs and get a shower. When I asked why we weren't going straight up together, he just said that he had some phone calls to make; that he had some mates who would have had a few drinks by now and would be horny as hell, that he was going to offer me to them if they fancied a good blow job or tight ass to fuck. My cock hardened again at the thought of being gang-fucked and I asked Chris how many mates exactly. He replied 4 or 5, maybe more. I went upstairs and got into the shower where I wanked myself off, thinking of what the remainder of the evening would bring and the thought of having 4 or 5 men using me like a cheap slut. The last thing I heard before I came was Chris on the phone downstairs saying to someone that he would see them in about an hour...
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1 year ago
hot stories
2 years ago
nice story Chris used him good, and I bet Kat did too
2 years ago
Very hot stuff...loved it!!
2 years ago
Great story - thanks for sharing an amazing experience
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Mmm. Pumped my throbbing hard to this and popped a load before the end. All over your ass.
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Great story made my cock rock hard to read!
2 years ago
good story had to stop a few times
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great story. i would make u my cock whore too, slut.
2 years ago
Great story I hope there's a second chapter. This one made me cum so hard