Camping By The River

Standing in the shallow ice cold water of the rushing river, I closed my eyes and felt the sun warm my bare skin. I reached down and felt my thickening cock as it hung down over my chilled, taught scrotum. It had been the first time I had skinny dipped in many years. I had gone into the river wearing my bathing suit but the warm summer day, the beautiful natural surroundings and the cool water rushing over my skin had made me feel sexually charged. Slipping my suit off in a small swirling pool, I had laid back, feeling the moss covered rocks under my hands and enjoyed the sensual feeling of my cock being bounced around in the current. I had stayed there for about 10 minutes, enjoying the freedom of being on my own, not having an agenda and being naked outdoors. The cold had finally gotten to me and I went back to the shore to stand in the sun.
As I warmed up, I continued to lightly stroke my cock until I felt it begin to throb. I looked down and marveled how it seemed to look larger, arching out over my shrunken ball sac. Because the area appeared to be hidden from the other campsites and because I was so horny I decided to lie down on a nearby boulder. The feeling of the warm rock under me, the hot sunshine and the light breeze blowing over my arched body was so erotic! Without touching it, my cock continued to harden until it flipped back onto my stomach, pulsing as it hovered about an inch over my belly button. I took my time, running my fingers over my thighs and pulling on my warming scrotum. My body felt hyper sensitive. With one hand I began to lightly tickle my cockhead and with the other I caressed my abs and teased my nipples. I squeezed the head of my cock and felt a glob of precum ooze out onto my fingers. I rubbed it around my cockhead and began stroking the sensitive underside. u*********sly, I slide my hand down my cock, over my balls and down to my asshole. I circled my asshole a few times and slid my hand back up circling my slippery cockhead. As I repeated this motion, my hips began to thrust, my hand stoked faster and the fondling of my asshole and cockhead became more urgent. I finally lost control, wrapped my fist tightly around my cock and began to jack off rapidly. My head twisted from side to side in ecstasy as my ass bounced frantically up off the rock, my slippery cock pistoning in and out of my fist. With a final violent hip thrust I began to cum. Load after load of cum launched out of my cock, arcing first over my head and then landing on my face and chest before forming a large sticky pool on my abs. I dropped my hands to the side and lay there, tasting the cum that had landed on my lips. After a minute, reality sunk in. I self consciously looked around then rolled off the rock into the river to clean up.
I put my swim suit back on, went back to the truck and began setting up my tent. On one of my trips up the bank to the truck I noticed a guy, at the next campsite getting some stuff out of an SUV loaded up with windsurfing equipment. Being a windsurfer myself I walked over to ask him how the wind had been today. We got to talking about all things windsurfing and I learned that he was up for the weekend with his wife Annie. I asked where she was and he said she had gone off on a run. His name was Steve and he very much fit the stereotype of professional suit during the week and outdoors adventurer on the weekends. He was strong looking, tanned and had a nice laid back personality. I told him I was up for the weekend alone because my wife was traveling back East to visit with her daughter. He said that I was welcome to come over later for a beer and more windsurfing talk if I wanted. I thanked him and went back to finishing up my campsite set up.
When I was done, I decided to go for quick ride on my mountain bike. There were trails up into the nearby hills and I zipped along loving life. I reached the top of a large hill, stepped off my bike and gazed across a beautiful valley at the still snow covered Mt Hood. My cock began to swell as the bl**d that had been blocked by my long climb on the hard bike seat flowed back into my groin. I reached down tracing my finger along the outline my hard cock made in my bike shorts. I had the urge to get naked again but decided instead to just continue my ride along the ridge enjoying the friction on my cock caused by my pumping legs.
By the time I got back to the campsite it was starting to get dark. I downed a quick sandwich and a beer and then went down to the river to rinse off. This time I didn’t hesitate, I took off my clothes and waded into the cold water. The feeling was still erotic but with the sun down it was a bit too cold to hang out and jack off again so I washed up, went back to my tent and got dressed. I came out and began to set up my camp fire, when I heard a rustling in the woods followed by “Hey windsurfing neighbor, want to save a tree and drink free beer?” I said “Absolutely! – You sure it’s fine with Annie?” Steve said “No worries. She’s an extrovert and happens to windsurf too – matter of fact, she was a pro for a while.” “I’m there! “ I said and followed Steve through the woods to their camp.
Annie was gorgeous. She was about 5’ 3” tall with long brown hair, blue eyes and a body that looked strong but feminine. She smiled a big smile and said “You must be Jim! Grab a beer and you get the good chair if you can tell me why windsurfers drink beer.” I smiled and said “Because they can?” “YES!” she yelled and we all laughed. Steve and Annie were very easy to talk to and we drank and laughed for hours. We talked about work, f****y, windsurfing, politics and just about everything. Finally, I stood up and said my thanks and goodnights and headed back to my tent.
I took off my clothes and laid on my air mattress thinking about Steve and Annie. They were the perfect couple. My wife was not very athletic, didn’t like to camp and ever since her hysterectomy hadn’t had any sex drive. I pushed thoughts of her out of my head and reviewed the perfect day I’d had. My mind immediately went to the intense jack off session I’d had on the river. My cock began to lengthen as I remembered the erotic sensations. For the next 15 minutes or so I lightly touched myself, loving that I had no time table. At first I thought I was hearing things but when it became clear I was hearing a woman’s moans my heart began to race. The moans slowly got louder and I gasped when I realized they were coming from the direction of Steve and Annie’s campsite! Holy Shit! This was so unbelievably hot! The moans got a little louder and in my buzzed state of horniness my curiosity and hard cock got the best of me. I had to know if I could somehow see them! I unzipped my tent, not even thinking to put on clothes, and made my way through the dense woods. All the while I could hear Annie making the most sensual pleasure filled sounds! It was really dark and in my d***ken state I tripped a few times. Luckily Annie’s moans must have covered up my stumbling noises. I finally came to the clearing of their campsite and what I saw almost made me moan. The light was on in Steve and Annie’s tent and it was behind them! I could see a perfect silhouette of the two of them on the wall of their tent! Annie was lying on their mattress and Steve was licking and kissing around her large breasts and pointed nipples! She was moaning and wiggling her body under him. Steve kissed his way slowly down her flat stomach until he must have found her clit because she stopped moaning, sucked in air and said “Ohh fuck! Oh! Yes! YESSSAAAAAHUUUUGGGG” She arched her hips up and came for a long time. When she was done she seemed to be even hornier! She jumped up and said “Give me your cock! I need your cock in my mouth!” Steve got up on his knees and the silhouette of his cock jutting straight out made me catch my breath. It may have been a trick of the shadows but his cock looked huge. Annie grabbed it and began to devour it! Steve moaned as she worked his cock as though her life depended on it. She then moved down and took his balls into her mouth one at a time. He was groaning continuously now. She moved back up to his cock and after deep throating him a few times pulled off and said “You know what I want to do to you Honnie.” Steve turned around and got on his hands and knees. Annie reached between his legs, pulled his fat cock back and began licking his cockhead like a Popsicle. She licked up the underside of his shaft and began lapping his balls. Steve groaned loudly. Annie then moved further up and began slowly licking up and down Steve’s ass crack. When she began working his asshole he gasped “Oh Fuck Honnie!”. She began alternating between his cock, balls and asshole. It was by far the hottest thing I’d ever seen. What happened next blew my mind. Annie was sucking on Steve’s cock when she pulled off and said “Honnie, do you wish Jim had stayed and was fucking me from behind right now?” Holy Shit! Her mouth went down to his asshole again and he gasped “I do Honnie, that would be so…uuuuggghhh…. fucking hot!” Annie said “Then after he made me cum we could switch and I could lick his asshole while you fucked my pussy. Would you like to see me suck his cock?” Steve groaned and gasped “Yes! Fuck yes!” Annie was really getting into this and continued “I bet he would love getting his asshole licked. I wish I had just grabbed his big cock while he was sitting with us. Would you have liked it if I had just pulled out his cock and sucked him off while he was sitting by the campfire?” Steve just groaned and Annie dove back to licking his cock and ass. After a minute, with horny desperation in her voice, Annie said “Steve, I can’t stand it anymore! I so fucking need Jim’s cock!” Then Annie shocked the hell out of me and said “Jim, if you’re out there watching us, I need you to come in here right now and slide your big cock up my dripping pussy! I need to be fucked soooo baaaddddddd!!!” It took me about 4 seconds to get to their tent and get the door zipper open. The look on Annie’s face when she saw me step into the tent was pure lust! The sight of her holding Steve’s big cock in her hand while he was on all fours was like sexual art. She and Steve both moaned and Annie said “Oh my God! Your cock is so fucking thick!” I stepped over towards her, intent on moving behind her but she reached out and grabbed my cock, pulling it to her mouth. She attacked my cock so lustfully I had to pull back so I wouldn’t cum. I said “Annie I need to fuck the shit out of you.” She jumped up to her hands and knees and said “YES! FUCK ME!!! SHOVE THAT FAT COCK UP MY PUSSY!!!!” I moved around behind her, reached down and dragged my middle finger up between her dripping pussy lips, up the crack of her perfect ass and over her exposed asshole. She moaned, reached back, grabbed my cock and guided it to her entrance. I growled, grabbed her hips and slammed my cock all the way up inside her. She gasped and her whole body tightened in an orgasm! I began to fuck her like I was possessed! She must have been having smaller orgasms or maybe one continuous long orgasm because she moaned and swore and slammed her ass back on my cock violently! I closed my eyes for a minute so I could last a little longer and when I opened them Steve was no longer on all fours in front of Annie. He had moved under her and was licking her clit while I was fucking her! She engulfed his swollen cock and began to whimper and moan as his tongue launched her into another series of orgasms. I had imagined this exact situation but the real thing was far hotter. I continued to fuck Annie, slowing my pace when I was close to cumming and then slamming her hard when I was back in control. She was insatiable, bucking back into me while bouncing her mouth up and down Steve’s large pole. I finally hit the point of no return, growled loudly and shot a huge load of cum deep up inside of Annie. I felt her inner muscles clamping my cock as she shook again in orgasm. Spent, I pulled my cock out of her and sat down next to them. She sat upright and straddled Steve’s face while still holding onto his engorged cock. I couldn’t believe how hot they looked! Annie said “MMMmmmmm yes Honnie like that. MMMmmm do you like the taste of Jim’s cum?” Jim groaned, as Annie lifted her pussy off his face, reached down between her legs, scooped up some of my cum and then brought it to her lips. “MMMMmmmm Jim your cum is sssoooo gooooood.” I felt my cock twitch and start to come back to life. Just then Steve began to buck his hips bringing my gaze to his large cock and balls. I had never seen a hard cock in person and was surprised at how erotic it looked. Like me, Steve seemed to ooze a lot of precum and it made his whole shaft look shiny. His thrusts became more f***eful as he fucked Annie’s small hand until he groaned loudly, held his hips up high and began to shoot huge cumshot after cumshot all over Annie’s face and tits! She rubbed his cum all over her chest and abs, making her hard body glisten like a statue. My cock was now fully hard again, standing straight up from my lap. Annie laid down on top of Steve and slid her slippery cum covered body back and forth while she licked up the cum around Steve’s deflating cock.
After a few minutes they both sat up, looked at me and we all laughed. Annie smiled and said “Jim, did you like watching Steve cum?” I said that I thought it was very erotic and loved the way his cum had coated her chest. She said “Have you ever had sex with another man?” I was a little shocked and told her I hadn’t. She said “Jim, Steve is bisexual and he was as turned on by you as I was.” Mentally backpedaling I said “That’s cool, no worries.” Steve said “Jim, would you consider trying it with me?” Panic gripped me and I said “No thanks. I’m really more into women if that’s OK.” Steve smiled and said “Well Jim, let me explain a little before you decide. We were hoping we wouldn’t have to use this but I just can’t pass up an opportunity this hot. Besides, I really think you’re going to like it.” My head was spinning – what was he getting at? Use what? Steve continued “Earlier today, while Annie was on her run, I saw you get naked in the river. You were so fucking hot I grabbed my video camera so I would be able to show Annie. When you laid on the rock and started playing with yourself I almost came! You are one seriously horny dude! When you shot your load it must have gone about 10 feet! “. As Steve talked, I couldn’t help but notice his cock had started to thicken and extend in his lap. Annie jumped in “Jim, after you hung out with us and went back to your tent, Steve showed me the video. Holy shit that was so fucking amazing! I knew I had to fuck you! We both just knew that if you heard us making love you would come closer and we hoped you would join in.” Steve smiled and said “By the way we heard you coming a mile away and did you like how we set up the lighting?” I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or run for it. Steve’s cock was now half erect and extended out over his crossed ankles. Steve said “Jim, here’s the bottom line. I uploaded your jack off video to my server and if you don’t have sex with me I’m going to send it to everyone in your company.” “Holy Fuck!” I said and buried my face in my hands. I felt Annie come over and put her arm around me and she said “Oh Jim, it’s a huge turn on for me and you might just like it. Don’t worry; I’ll still fuck your brains out.” I felt her warm hand wrap around my half hard cock and begin to stroke me. I suddenly became very aware of her large breast pressed against my side and the smell of sex on her skin. She lifted my chin up and French kissed me passionately. My body responded immediately and I felt my cock spring to full erection in her hand. She pushed me slowly down to my back teasing me with her tongue and then straddled my stomach. I could feel her hot slippery pussy on my stomach. Our tongues wrestled with each other and then she pushed herself up and slid one of her large breasts over my face before feeding me her pointed nipple. I moaned, amazed at how quickly I had gotten horny again. She was grinding her pussy across my hard abs and obviously getting seriously worked up herself. Suddenly I felt my cock being lifted and then engulfed by a very warm mouth! I was about to protest when the most amazing sensation shot through my body. Steve’s mouth sucked my cock with a suction I’d never felt from any woman! All I could do was moan loudly around Annie’s nipple. I felt him take my cock down his throat and begin to massage it with his throat muscles! “OH FUUUCKKK” I moaned, my hips involuntarily grinding. He slid my cock out, teased my piss hole with the tip of his tongue and then slid me back down his throat. He repeated this cycle a number of times, always slowing when I was close to cumming. Then Annie said “Mmmm I’ve got to see this up close!” and she spun around into a 69, planting her pussy over my mouth. I felt Steve’s mouth move down to my balls while Annie took my cock into her mouth. She was moaning and grinding her clit onto my flicking tongue. Steve took both of my balls into his mouth and began gently fondling them with his tongue. I felt Steve’s powerful fingers squeeze the base of my cock and then slide up its length, producing what I’m sure was a large glob of precum. Annie moaned and I felt her and Steve both licking it up with their tongues. Steve returned to licking my balls and then began to move lower. I felt his powerful hands lift my knees up and out to the side as his tongue slid down to my asshole and began to expertly circle it. At the same time Annie clamped her mouth hard on my cock and began to cum. He pussy gushed juices into my mouth and she screamed around my cock. Steve began to push his tongue up my asshole, sending waves of pleasure through my whole body. I had never felt anything like this! I moaned loudly. After driving me crazy with his tongue up my asshole for a few minutes, he stopped and lowered my legs. I expected his mouth on my cock again but instead Annie rolled off of my face and I looked up to see Steve’s huge hard cock hanging down toward my face. “Jim, do you want to suck my cock now?” Steve lustfully breathed. “YES! OH FUCK YES!” I groaned. Steve smiled and lowered his big cockhead to my lips just as a large drop of precum oozed out of the end. He slowly pushed his large head through my lips until I they closed around his mushroom shaped tip. I moaned, relishing the warm, smooth, slippery feeling with my tongue. This was amazing! I was consumed with lust and all I wanted was his cock! I grabbed the base and began to lick all around his cock, rubbing it on face as the smell of his skin and precum filled my nostrils. He positioned himself above me in a 69 and I felt his mouth engulf my throbbing cock again. I reached up, loving how soft, smooth and heavy his shaved balls felt. I circled my fingers just above them and pulled them down, away from his cock. He moaned with my cock deep in his throat and slid his fingers down to play with my asshole. I could hear Annie moaning as she masturbated while watching us. Steve then pulled off my cock and I felt him milking my precum again with his hand. Inspired, I did the same causing a large shiny drop to drip down onto my waiting tongue! I felt his now cum coated fingers massaging my asshole and moaned when he slid a finger all the way in. He began to slide his finger in and out stopping every few strokes to do something inside that caused an explosion of pleasure! “OH FUUUUCKKK” I grunted as my body writhed and jerked. I felt Annie next to me grab my hand that was fondling Steve’s balls; guide it between his legs and up to his ass. I got the message and began to play with Steve’s asshole. When Steve began massaging inside again I gasped and slid my middle finger into his asshole. He stopped for a minute and gasped “Fuck Yes! Jim, press your finger tip down and rub inside me!” I did and he groaned “YYYYEEEEEESSSSAAAAAHHHHHH”. I felt Annie push a finger in above mine causing Steve to growl a deep growl that I felt vibrate my cock in his mouth. Steve pushed a second finger into my ass just as he began to cum. The feeling of his cock convulsing on my tongue as warm jet after warm jet of cum filled my mouth was too much and I began to cum too. I thrust my cock up into Steve’s throat, cutting off his orgasmic groans and exploded. I must have cum for at least 30 seconds (I’m not really sure) and was just coming down when Steve massaged inside my ass again launching me into another smaller orgasm!

Steve rolled off me and I laid there in a stupor, shocked that I had just loved having sex with a man! I looked over at Annie who was lying on her back rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples. She said “Oh my God that was fucking hot watching you guys suck each other! Oh fuck I need to cum again!!! Both of you come over and eat me! You got me so horned up!” Steve and I moved to each side of her and began to lick and stroke her all over. She really was horny and began to groan and erotically grind her body. She said “Jim, I need a fat cock in my mouth! Steve, lick my pussy like I like! Use your finger in my ass too!” I moved up, positioning my flaccid cock next to her face. She moaned and took the whole thing into her mouth. I found myself hardening and reached out to lightly pinch her perfect nipples. Steve must have pushed his finger up her ass because she let out a high pitched squeal around my cock. I looked down at Steve who was licking up and down Annie’s slot and wondered if he was hard again. I found I wanted to see and feel his cock again! Annie was ramping up to an orgasm again. She screamed “Suck my clit hard!!!!” and started to cum. When she was about half way through a long climax, Steve quickly moved up and sank his very hard cock into her wet pussy! This launched her into another long bucking orgasm. When she had come down a bit, Steve said “Jim, take my place!” I moved over and slammed my thick cock up her, causing her to begin to thrust her pussy against me. Steve moved behind me and I felt him applying some king of slippery lubrication to my asshole. I knew what was coming and I so wanted it! “I need you to fuck me Steve! I need your big cock up my asshole!” I gasped. I stopped fucking Annie and felt the head of his large cock rubbing against my asshole. He slowly pushed and then pulled back, each time stretching my asshole a little more. On about the tenth push his cockhead popped past my ass ring and was in! “UUUUuuuuuhhhhhhh!” I moaned. It hurt a little but it also felt amazing! I actually had a guys cock up my ass! Holy fuck! I began to slowly fuck Annie causing Steve’s cock to slide further and further up my ass with each stroke. His cock hit that spot that he had massaged before and again my body flooded with pleasure. I picked up the pace until I was slamming into Annie and then slamming back into Steve! We were all groaning and swearing and moaning, lost in the ecstasy of a****l lust. Annie came again and then reached up and pinched my nipples! I slammed up inside her and Steve started fucking me hard! It felt like my whole body came! I arched back, clamping my asshole around Steve’s cock and lost myself in the most intense orgasm I’d ever had. I have a vague memory of Steve cumming up my ass at the same time but my orgasm was so intense I think I passed out.

In the morning I woke up with my hard cock inside Steve! He was sitting on my cock and grinding it up inside his asshole. He smiled and said “Saw you were hard and didn’t want to waste such a nice thick cock!” He was facing me and his hard cock was bouncing up and down as he slid up and down my cock. Smiling I reached out and grabbed his cock, stroking it in rhythm with his fucking. His asshole was nice and tight but lubricated. Annie poked her head into the tent and said “I thought this might happen!” She came over, straddled Steve and hugging him, sank down onto his cock. The sight of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy was intoxicating. I reached out and fondled Steve’s balls for a while and then moved my hand up to her dripping pussy. I could feel Steve’s fat cock sliding between her wet lips and I slid my middle finger up next to his pistoning cock. Pulling my finger out, now coated with Annie’s juices, I positioned it at her asshole and slid it slowly in. She groaned and began to buck violently, fucking both Steve’s cock and my finger as fast as she could. She came hard, collapsed back and rolled off of me, Steve’s cock making an audible pop as it was freed from her tight pussy! I now had full access to Steve’s glistening pole and I wrapped my hand around it and began to jack him fast. I also began to slam my cock up his ass rapidly. I was obsessed with cumming and also making Steve cum! He put his head back, lost in the pleasure and groaned. I came first, pumping my morning load up his asshole while jacking his cock. He growled and shot his cum all over my face, chest and abs. I scooped it up and licked into my mouth, wanting every last drop.

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7 months ago
Wow! So far,I love this story the best of yours. I would so love to be involved in this sort of scenario!
1 year ago
So nice!
1 year ago
Pumping my dick so hard and fast to that story soooo hottt!
1 year ago
I am soo damn hard after reading that!!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
hot fucking damn, guy...
you can write a hot ass story...
very descriptive..felt like i was in that tent
with them...and camping stories are one of my
favorite scenarios...
used to do a lot of camping with the wife...
nothing like that ever ever ever happened to
me..DAMN IT. !!!!

2 years ago
Great story - thanks - now K and I need to find the perfect camping couple in the UK to share some of this erotic fun.
2 years ago
Great to meet friends like that,awsome
3 years ago
hot story my friend
3 years ago
Very hot story, I loved it.