Black Diamond

It’s the week before Christmas, and the weather is cold and snowy. Work has been really slow for some time now, and with the economy still slumping the wife and I have agreed not to spend any money on each other for Christmas this year. It’s Friday evening and the two of us are preparing to sit at home by the fire and just enjoy a nice quiet evening together. I am in my sweats and she in a sweatshirt and pajama bottom, as we get comfortable on the couch. As we begin watching TV and sipping a beer, I hear a vehicle pull into the driveway. I’m not really in the mood for company, as she quickly gets up and goes to the door at the garage entrance. “Who is there honey” I ask, as I hear her and a male briefly talking in the laundry room. She then enters into the great room with a very handsome, nicely dressed black male following. “Honey, this is Jerry, a friend of mine from work” she says. I stand up and introduce myself and invite Jerry to come in and warm up. He sits down by the fire and begins telling us that he has dropped by to deliver a gift for the two of us, and apologizes for interrupting our evening. He says that the wife had explained how she and I aren’t exchanging gifts this year, but that she has gotten something for me and had asked him to drop it off at our home tonight. She begins smiling and asks him to stand, as I wonder what the hell is going on. “Honey I thought we had agreed not to buy each other anything this year” I say, as the two of them approach my recliner. They both walk to the right side of me as she suddenly goes to her knees, lightly kisses me on the lips, then turns to him and begins unzipping his pants……“What the hell are you doing”??? I ask.

She tells me to calm down as she unzips his fly, unbuttons his pants and takes a monster cock into her hands. I am in absolute shock as she begins taking this cock into her mouth.

She backs off as he eases closer and his cock is only inches from my face. She pulls me closer to his cock and says “Merry Christmas baby”…..this is my gift to you this year!!!!

She then sucks him briefly, pulls away and takes off her sweatshirt exposing her huge tits. By now I am almost in shock and ask her again just what the hell she is doing. She kisses me once again, tells me to calm down and begins explaining. “Honey this is my friend Jerry from work. I have fucked him several times recently” she says” “As you can see he is very attractive. He is 100% clean, D/D free and is very bisexual. I know that you love watching porn, and also enjoy a hard cock from time to time “she says. She tells me that she has wanted to do this for me for some time now, but had decided to wait until the holidays to do it. She wants me to watch the two of them fuck for a bit, and then joins in for a fun threesome for all of us. She explains that she hasn’t spent any money. And that they are giving me a night of sex, with pussy and a cock together. This is starting to sound good, as my cock is beginning to get hard now. Jerry explains that he certainly doesn’t want to cause any problems for us, and that she had said that I would love this. “
The wife explains that she and Jerry had been working together since summer on a project at the office, and the two of them had became close friends, and had been fucking regularly for several months now. She had informed Jerry of our open relationship, and that we both were bisexual.

She’s right,” I say as my mind is now going crazy with thoughts of what this night may produce…. She smiles as her and Jerry begins telling me how they have discussed and prepared this night for me. “This is a night of total sex for all of us” she says, lets’ just let go and enjoy a night of cocks and pussy all together, and make each other feel good all over” With that she turns back to him and begins sucking his monster cock. She sucks for several minutes and then raises up and has him start tit fucking her. I am starting to undress now as I watch him continue to tit fuck her, as he is pulling off his jacket and shirt and stepping out of his pants and underwear.

The two of them get fully naked, and the wife has on my favorite pair of red thigh high hose, and red leg warmers on the lower portion of both legs. She walks to the back of the couch and bends over and pulls her ass cheeks apart. Her pussy and ass are smoothly shaven and I watch as he approaches her from the rear. He begins easing his cock into her wet pussy. Slowly she stretches and takes this huge cock all the way inside her. She is moaning and loving it as I watch and begin undressing and jacking my cock. I watch in total amazement as he begins pumping her harder and harder. They get into a nice rhythm and he is literally lifting her feet off the floor as he shoves this monster cock harder and harder into her stretched wet pussy. I continue watching and loving every minute of what I am seeing, and the two of them fuck for several minutes in this position. He then pulls out and turns his cock back to my face. I quickly begin sucking and lapping up the taste of her juices, and is trying to get as much of this cock into my mouth as I can. I get into the floor on my knees as he begins fucking my face. His cock is now fully hard and the feel of it penetrating my throat is oh so good. As I continue sucking and jacking his cock, the wife goes into the bedroom and returns wearing a Santa clause hat, and has a bottle of lube in her hands. She now takes his hand and asks him to come lay down in front of the fireplace. He does so as she climbs on top of him in a 69 position, and lays the lube in the floor beside him. She immediately begins going down on his cock and I watch in amazement as he shoves his tongue into her pussy. He is eating her pussy and licking her ass while I bend down and begin shoving my fingers into her wet cunt. This goes on for several minutes as she sits up and slides down his body taking her crotch to his cock. I take his cock into my hand and guide it into her pussy as she backs down onto him. Once she has him fully inside her she begins going up and down and fucking him harder and harder. I walk to her face and have her suck me as she continues fucking him. She has a cock in her twat and one in her mouth now, and is going crazy. “Slow down baby, I want his cum” I tell her. “You can have it” she says”

“But you gotta suck it out of me” Damn, this sounds good I think. With that she slows down, pushes me away and pulls herself off his cock. “Watch this” she smiles and says.

She gets up, takes the lube, bends over and begins rubbing it into her asshole. She lubes herself fully, approaches Jerry and crawls on top of him and begins kissing him. She now reaches back and takes his cock in her hand and begins guiding it into her ass. I watch as she begins to back down onto this huge cock. I love the sight of her tight hole being stretched wider and wider. She is moaning and working his cock inside her tight hole. As she gets him deeper and deeper on each stroke, she tells me to go sit on his face. I do this as he begins licking and rimming my hole. She is going crazy bouncing up and down on his cock, and he is shoving his tongue deep inside me. I start sucking her titties as my hole is getting tongued and feels so damn good. Within minutes he begins filling her ass with loads of hot cum. My manpussy is soaked and loose now and my cock is rock hard and Jerry is screaming as he cums like crazy. I watch as she begins getting off him and then shoves a butt plug up her asshole. I lay down now with my cock at his face, and my mouth open for his cock and begin sucking the remains from him. It has cum oozing from it and the sweet taste of her is covering his cock. He now takes my cock into his mouth and in no time sucks me to completion. I fill his mouth with cum and cover his face with my load as he swallows a mouthful of cum.

The three of us are sweating and out of breath, as she smiles and asks if I am enjoying the evening??? “It’s a dream cum true” I tell her. She then says” Well its only just begun baby, we have a lot more in store for you tonight” Yea?? What’s your plan for the remainder of the night “I laugh and ask. “Well, now I get to watch the two of you fuck each other, then both of you have to fuck me” And……I am keeping this load of cum that fills my ass nice and hot and am going to feed it to you shortly. That’s why I shoved the butt plug in me” she explained. “Wow baby I like the way you think” I tell her. Jerry says that he is free all weekend, and that the wife has invited him to spend the night if he wishes.” I hope you will” I tell him, and he agrees to do so. The wife goes to the refrigerator and gets us all a beer, as we sit naked by the fire, relax and talk with each other for a bit. As we continue talking, I can’t take my eyes off his cock, and know that I must have this monster inside me. I now move my mouth down and begin licking and sucking him slowly, doing my best to deep throat him. As I love the taste and feel of him, I felt his cock becoming hard once again. This is a cock lover’s dream as I suck harder and faster and am jacking him. The wife then tells me to lie down and she will help him fuck me if I wish. I quickly lay on my back, not sure what to expect as she stands over me, bends over and pulls out the butt plug, squats and places her ass over my face….

I begin eating her pussy as I see and taste the cum starting to ooze from her cum filled ass. I am loving the taste and start sucking and licking her tight hole as Jerry begins sucking my cock. Her pussy is hot & wet, and is being soaked with the cum that is now gushing from her asshole. I suck and swallow every drop, and quickly get her going by sucking her quivering clit. As he puts the finishing licks on my cock, the two of them begin lifting my legs and lubing my hole. She keeps her crotch stretched over my face and helps him ready my ass for entry. As I feel his cock head begin to enter me, it hurts a bit as my hole must stretch to accept this thick cock. She backs off my cock and is telling him to fuck her whore, as she has a close up view of him entering me. He is very gentle and she begins sucking my cock as he is now getting deeper with each stroke. The pleasure quickly overcomes the pain and it feels so damn good to be fucked by this man. She now sits up as he pushes my legs up to my shoulders and penetrates me even deeper and fully fucks my hole, and I am loving it more with each stroke. After just a few min I feel his cock begin to pulsate and I am feeling a warm sensation inside me as he is filling me with cum. I suck her clit wildly and bring her to climax as well, as she showers my face with pussy cum. I beg him to stay inside me for a bit longer so I can savor this great fucking until the very end. As he starts to soften and withdraw his cock from inside me, she gets off my face and lies down beside me on her back. Jerry and I now standup as she makes a very kinky suggestion. “Honey I want you to squat over my titties and empty his cum all over them” she says. “And then I want the two of you to suck my titties and eat the cum off them” Damn baby, really losing control aren’t you?? I ask. “Yea, and you guys need to do the same” she says. I then squat my ass over her and cover her tits with what seems like a pint of cum that gushes from my ass. She begins moaning and rubbing cum all over her tits, as he and I begin licking and sucking each of her cum soaked titties. As our faces become covered with cum, we clean her tits completely as he and I begin to kiss each other. We share the taste of his cum as we gently rub her tits while we kiss each other. Ok guys she says, let’s get a shower, then the three of us will crawl in bed together. We shower and soap each other’s bodies, then step out and dry each other. The three of us now crawl into our king-size bed
After a good night’s sl**p, I am woken by movement in the bed. She is now pulling back the covers and is wasting no time in getting the action started once again. I have my usual morning hard on, and she is waking him up by sucking his somewhat limp cock .I reach down to her crotch and begins fingering her as she has a mouthful of him. Her pussy is already hot and wet, Jerry as getting hard quickly. She backs off his cock and says that she wants something really kinky this morning. “What’s that baby”??I ask. She says that she wants the two of us to double penetrate her and then she wants to lie in the tub and have us both give her a golden shower. He and I kinda laugh at her idea, as she begins mounting him from the top, as I help in guiding his cock into her cunt. As she is getting this monster inside her I am licking his balls and start licking her ass to get it ready for entry. He is sucking her tits as I begin working my cock head into her tight hole. I rub lube from her pussy on her ass and am getting the head inside her. I can feel his cock against mine through her pussy wall, and know that I can’t last long with this awesome feeling. He and I begin pumping her in a nice rhythm, and in a short time I am shooting my wad into her bowels. I stay inside her as he is starting to cum, and she is screaming and telling us to fuck her harder. I keep pumping as Jerry fills her cunt with cum, and then the three of us begin to relax a bit, and I slowly begin withdrawing my cock. She begins getting off Jerry as I watch cum is ooze from both holes and begins trickling down her legs. I go down and suck the remaining cum from his cock as she is now heading to the bathroom. I clean him up and she is asking the two of us to come to the tub and give her a morning shower.” I love your wife’s kinky desires” he says. “Me too” I tell him,” It keeps me excited”. Now the two of us get up and walk to the tub, as she is laying there rubbing her cunt, which is soaked with cum. “Are you sure you want this babe??” I ask her. She states that she has always wanted to lose all control, and do something as crazy as this. With that Jerry and I look at each other, shrug our shoulders and aim our cocks at her, and begin emptying our bladders all over her. He is soaking her tits, as I am wetting her legs and pussy. She is moaning and fingering her pussy as she brings herself to a quick orgasm as we finish. He and I now get into a hot shower and soap each other’s bodies thoroughly, as we rinse off and step out. I go to my knees for one final mouthful of his clean cock, as I dry his inner thighs and crotch. She now has a hot bubble bath going as he and I go to the great room to get our clothes. We dress, and walk back to the bathroom as he prepares to leave, and he kisses the wife goodbye. “Can you spend New Year’s Eve with us??” she asks. “I would love to” he replies……………And that my friends is another story.

I walk him to the door, thank him for a wonderful night, kiss him goodbye, and then watch him drive away!!
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What a great present!
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Simply hot.
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That was fucking fantastic.. Great story
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