Bi-Curious Couple

I have a long-standing ad on a website that states my desire for bi MF couples. Sometimes I'll get a reply from the bi-curious, and once in a while from an experienced bi couple. This is a story about a 'curious' guy and his babe.

Victor and Ursula appeared to be a couple that were bored in their relationship, from what I could gather. They'd been to some swinging events and had enjoyed them. In his lengthy second email, Victor said that she'd actually crossed the line and went down on several women, and had gotten her pussy well licked. The picture of Ursula was intriguing, a very tall brunette with showgirl's legs. But what really got me going was Victor. He was taller still, and had a gym bunny's bod with a beard, bearish hair, and a very thick cock. It almost looked unreal. He explained that he got 6" out of it and that it was as big around as a beer can, maybe slightly thicker. What made it look even bigger were a pair of very hairy low-hanging balls.

He further related that Ursula was now encouraging him to try cock sucking, since she's put on several girl-girl shows for him. Fair was fair. I emailed him back, and we agreed to meet at a bar not far from where they live. When I arrived, Ursula gave me a big hug and after quickly looking around, gave my cock a squeeze. Victor did the same, but didn't give my cock a handshake. I wondered.

We hit it off really well. Ursula seemed to be leading the show, and suggested we go back to their place. When we arrived, Ursula made us some drinks and went to their bedroom to change. She came back wearing a sheer robe, and was naked underneath, her titties lifting the front of the robe nicely. Victor was watching me, glancing down at my crotch to gauge my reaction. His reaction was pretty clear as his fat cock was trying to rip a hole down the leg of his jeans. Thick doesn't describe it-- it's an amazing cock!

She knelt down in front of him and took a sip from her cocktail, then unbuttoned Victor's jeans as we all looked in anticipation. It was worth the wait! When she finally fished his weapon out of his pants, it was just as he described-- super-thick with a long tapered tip. It was already wet with anticipation.

Ursula could only get about a third of it into her mouth, but she slurped what she could and jacked his shaft slowly. Then she looked over at me and beckoned me to help her out. This would be a challenge. I got quite a bit, probably more than she had. I tried further and gagged. His cock throbbed when I did that, so I plunged again. I got maybe another inch when it met the challenge of my throat.

Ursula got behind me and removed my sandals and started to work on my pants. I was now bottomless, and to my great surprise, she buried her face in my butt, then worked down to my cock, licking long lines from my cockhead to my ass and back again. I got maybe another half inch of Victor, with a solid 2" to go.

Victor had his eyes closed as I worked on it, a small smile on his face. I got up, whipped off my shirt, and started to pull off his jeans and shirt. His rock-hard 8-pack was plainly a work of art, and I brushed my hands over it as he flexed it. I almost came. Ursula sensed this and told me to switch places with Victor.

It was plain that Victor had never sucked a cock before; he had told me as much. He seemed eager, just inexperienced. Ursula watched as Victor licked my shaft and balls, then softly chewed the head of my cock before slowly starting to bob his head, getting about a third of me into his mouth. He twirled his tongue and kept looking up at me to gauge my reaction. Ursula left momentarily, a lusty look on her face.

When she returned, she had taken off the robe and had a strap-on, thick red cock between her legs. Victor looked at it nervously, but kept smiling. Ursula started licking Victor's butt, which made him moan on my cock, and distracted him a lot. She got up on her knees and rolled a lubed condom onto the shaft of her pegger, then got behind him and started to work that thing into Victor. He flinched several times, gripping my legs. Fortunately, my cock wasn't in his mouth!

Then, in one long plunge, Ursula was 'balls deep' up Victor's butt. His eyes were alarmed and he started licking his lips a lot. She slowly started fucking his butt and Victor's grip on my legs started to relax. Then he took my shaft into his mouth and bobbed down on it as hard as he could-- and his nose now rested on my pubic bone-- he'd taken the whole thing! He stayed down, and then came up to breath. Ursula was lost in a lust haze; I could hear the vibrator make weird sounds as she boned him. She was obviously squishing it against her clit.

Victor was also in a lust haze, plunging down on my cock, now that he knew that he could without gagging. The harder she fucked him, the harder he sucked me. As Ursula was grinding, she started to cum, noisily, holding her pubis against Victor's ass. It was a long one. Victor tried to inhale my cock. The next time he plunged down, I warned him I was going to shoot. He gripped my legs and nodded his head. Two strokes later, and I started squirting, long squeezes of my cum into Victor's throat. He swallowed as Ursula came again as her husband swallowed my man juices.

I was spent. Big time. Ursula removed the shaft from Victor slowly. He rolled over on the floor, his super-thick cock covered with pre-cum goo. She unsnapped the harness and hovered over him, lunging down on his cock. In two strokes, she was impaled and started riding him, pinching her nipples.

Cum for me, Vic, she said. Shoot it! Do it, baby! She reached around and started fondling his balls as her tits swayed back and forth. C'mon, Vic, honey, fill me up! He had already been breathing hard, now it was harder. Vic, I want your squirts! I wanna drip out your cum for days! That's what did it I watched his shaft pulse as a big smile broke out on Ursula's face. She reached down with her other hand and jilled-off another small orgasm as he finally slipped out of her.

I got off the chair and came over to them as she lay atop him. I started cleaning up all of Victor's cum, first from his shaft, and then from Ursula's pussy as she opened her thighs. There was tons of it, and I took my time to get it all. Then I took Victor's shaft into my mouth again, sucking it with popping noises. He started to grow again. That was my intent.

No matter how I tried, I wasn't going to get the whole thing. Ursula watched with fascination as I tried, occasionally brushing her clit. That, however, wasn't what I wanted. I asked her if she'd put another condom on the peg, and her eyes lit up. She got behind me quickly and after a few grunts, was boning me with fervor as I slurped on her husband. I was totally rock hard, and she'd occasional reach down and stroke me. I asked if she had another condom. She looked at me quizzically and handed me one. I wrapped it on her husband's pecker. Her eyes got really wide. So did his.

I hovered my ass over his thick dick, my own drooling precum, slapping against my abs. Then I tried it-- holding his cock and sitting on it. Damn, it was thick! I tried, really tried. I put my weight into it, and that seemed to help, but it was a no-go. I was getting frustrated. Ursula asked me to stop for a second. Using hand lotion, she started spreading my assuring. It was already a little sore but the lotion felt good. After about of minute of this, while I was keeping Victor hard with my hand, she told me to try it again. I hovered over his cock as she held it. I got it centered, and then just dropped, hoping I could catch myself if it didn't go in- I didn't want to hurt Victor.

To my surprise, however, he sank in! There was definitely some pain, but not as bad as I thought it might be. I sank down more. Victor's eyes were wide open in shock. Slowly I sank down until I rested on him, all the way! It took some getting used to. Ursula was shocked, and she stared at us, her mouth wide open as I started slowly moving up and down. She bent her head over and licked the drool from my cock. I almost came right there.

Victor started humping up and down, slowly (thankfully) as I got used to him. Oh, the sensation! Ursula would lick me while Victor started picking up speed. Then Ursula yelled for us to stop. We both looked at her. She said she had to get some of this, and proceeded to straddle Victor, and impaled herself on my cock! She yelled out when I filled her, and Victor plunged his hips upward, into me, and then I into Ursula, a strange looking but very satisfying fucking machine.

We went along for about a minute like this until Ursula started breathing hard and came, squeezing my cock. Again, I nearly shot off but she quickly pulled off me and turned around, swallowing my cock as her husband fucked me deeply. I knew I was going to blow, but I just kept peaking at the edge. Victor was now grunting into his wife's pussy. Then I felt him twitch in my ass. He was cumming!

That set me off-- I warned Ursula just before I started shooting my cum into her mouth. She moaned as wad after wad splashed into her mouth. It was almost painful, as my butt twitched on Victor's thick cock. He slowly pulled out of me, and I rolled off onto the floor, next to Ursula, exhausted. Victor's cock was red, and he'd long ago torn the condom apart. I knew my ass was full of his cum. I didn't care.

Ursula rolled us over, still panting and we lay there until we could regain some energy. Then she looked over at her harness, then to me. I can't get Victor's cock into my ass as you can probably guess. But yours, yours might fit. Wanna try?
87% (63/10)
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2 months ago
Nice initiation!
6 months ago
that was hot!!
6 months ago
So amazingly hot!
7 months ago
7 months ago
I so want to be the middle in a bi sandwich!
10 months ago
Glad you enjoyed
10 months ago
Very hot, I loved it
10 months ago
second reading is even better
2 years ago
got so wet reading this.. more please sir
2 years ago
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
Incredible story. I would have traded places with any of you.
3 years ago
nothing better than bareback bi mmf action. you get the best of both worlds as the story points out.....;)
3 years ago
ooooooooooooooooo ouchy smile :)
3 years ago
Great story, thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Vry gud story...nice & horny.
3 years ago
Seems Victor needs a bigger condom. I had the same issue do to my thickness, they would either try rocketing off or just tear.
Bottom line: Magnum XLs, ROCK!
3 years ago
Excellent post. Reminds me of quite a few threesomes I've had.
3 years ago
yes please!!!