Flight Attendant Threesome

Recently I went on a business trip to Chicago. On the plane, one of the flight attendants caught my attention for two reasons; he was more masculine then most male flight attendants and he was wearing a necklace from which hung the hardware I’d seen pierced through the end of some of the cocks in porn pictures I’d browsed. The hardware piece was u-shaped with a round ball on each end of the U. What got my brain and cock twitching was the gauge of the bent steel U. It had to be about ½ a centimeter in diameter. I thought about how something that thick might fit in a cock which led me to thoughts about how large his cock might be if in fact he had an identical one pierced through his cock. This led my thoughts to how he would look naked with that large pierced cock hanging down. He was built like a football player, stood about 6 ft. 5 inches, was muscular and had a shaved head. Each time he walked up the aisle, I found myself glancing at his crotch, trying to catch a glimpse of the outline of his cock. As my imagination ran wild, my own cock started to lengthen down along my thigh. I didn’t dare jerk off but I did cover my lap with a blanket so I could slowly stroke myself for the last hour of the flight.

When the flight landed I got my rental car and checked into my hotel near the airport. I ate some dinner, went back to my room and decided to check out some porn sites on my laptop. I searched Google for jockstraps, cocks and underwear and found some great blogs that got my cock twitching. After about an hour of surfing, I clicked on the casual encounters link for Chicago. I browsed through a few ads and then found one that made my cock jump. The ad was for a couple seeking a man to join them for a threesome. The woman was very hot and the man looked well built. I scrolled down and there was a pic of her pussy from behind and a close up pic of his large cock….with a Prince Albert! The hardware looked large and my mind started racing! Was this the flight attendant? The ad said they would be in town for one night and would be staying in a hotel near the airport! Holy Shit! I immediately sent them a reply which included a pic of me leaning against a tree sporting a large hard on. (I don’t’ have model looks but I am proud of my body – work out religiously and am fairly muscular.) I mentioned in my note that I had always fantasized about having a mmf threesome and that their pics had really turned me on. While I waited I went to check out some online porn and watched a few videos of guys with Prince Albert’s shooting their loads. About 10 minutes later I got a reply. They said they were interested and asked if I wanted to come to their hotel room, have a few drinks and see how it went from there. I replied back that I was interested and almost immediately got a response with an address and Hotel name. It was my Hotel and was two floors up! In my excitement I had forgotten to ask if he was bisexual but I figured it would be very hot even if he wasn’t. Before I got dressed I looked down at my hard cock and noticed it was dripping with precum. I squeezed my fingers up along the underside of my pulsing cock causing a large blob of precum to drip onto my other hand. I brought my precum coated fingers up to my mouth and licked them, swirling my precum around my tongue, pretending it was from his cock. I threw on clothes and headed for the elevator.

She answered the door wearing a see through body suit that showed off her amazing body and her large pointed nipples. Before I could say anything she pulled me in, shut the door, reached out and grabbed my hard cock that was trapped along my leg and moaned. She was so fucking horny! She slammed in close and we french kissed while I reached around and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand. I pressed my leg between her legs and she ground her pussy against it. She broke off and pulled me by the hand into the room. There, naked on the bed and blind folded was the flight attendant! He was on his back; legs and arms spread eagled and tied with silk to the 4 corners of the bed. His pierced cock was huge, extending up past his belly button and pulsing with a life of its own. As I stood staring at his magnificent cock he said “Honey, who was at the door?” She pulled off her body suit and said “it was room service – wrong room. Now where were we?” He arched his hips off the bed and said “you were making me crazy with that tongue of yours!” She seductively looked me in the eye, crawled up onto the base of the bed, put her knees inside of his legs and began to slowly lick his balls. He moaned (I almost moaned) and began to slowly grind his hips. I dove for her dripping pussy and ran my tongue up between her pouting lips. She moaned and I could tell from the sound that she had his big cock in her mouth. I looked under her and could see her mouth bobbing up and down on his shaft while she fondled his balls. I moved underneath her and licked my way up to her clit. She moaned again and said “honey I’m gonna make myself cum.” I latched onto her clit and flicked my tongue rapidly bringing her over the edge. “Ohhhh, Yes! Ahhhh FUUUUUCCKKKK OOOOOOHHHHHH” She bucked her pussy against my mouth hard, over and over again. When she came down she said “Oh my God honey! That was a strong one!” He was so turned on he was still slowly grinding his hips, trying to rub his cock against his chiseled abs. “Suck my cock babe! I need your mouth again!” he said. She looked up at me with lust in her eyes. “Noooo honey I need that big fat cock up my pussy now!” she said. She climbed up on the bed and facing me, slowly lowered herself onto his huge cock. “Oooohhhhhhhhh. Yeeesssssss” she moaned, until he was all the way up inside her. “Oh! Oh! I’m gonna cum again!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH” she yelled. She shook, bucked and bounced on his cock like some kind of possessed sex goddess. I almost came watching her. I quickly took off my pants and noticed my underwear had a big wet precum spot on it. I pulled down my underwear and my cock sprang up and slapped my stomach. I had never been so hard. He was thrusting his hips up, fucking her hot cunt faster and faster. “Fuck Jen I’m close!” he said. She replied “Not yet Rusty. I’ll make you cum but not yet.” and slid up and off him causing his wet cock to make a slapping sound as it hit his stomach. She came over to me, got on her knees and took my cock into her mouth. It was all I could do not to groan. She moved down and took my balls into her mouth one at a time. Precum was oozing out of my cock like a faucet! She moved up, licking it up and squeezing my cock to get more. When I started to get close, she pulled off, slid her body up mine and kissed me. Her mouth was slippery with cum, his and mine. She whispered in my ear. “Do you want to suck his cock?” I nodded yes, completely consumed with lust. “Rusty, do you want me to suck your hot cock again?” she said in a sexy voice. “Fuck yes! I need my cock in your mouth! Lick my balls! Lick my asshole! Fuck! Honey I’m so horned up!” I moved in between his legs and took one long lick from between his balls up to the tip of his pierced cock. The scent was amazing and his cock became my world. I picked up his cock and marveled at how thick and tall it was standing straight up. I ran my tongue around his cockhead and he moaned like and a****l. I slid my mouth down over his cock until I felt his cock head hit the back of my throat. It was smooth, warm and I could feel the underside pulsing against my tongue. I pressed my mouth around the shaft, pulling my lips toward the head and was rewarded with a gush of precum. It tasted salty and I loved how slippery it made his cock head against my tongue. I suddenly felt her hand grab my cock from behind, pulling it back. She began to stoke me and then run her tongue up and around my asshole. This was so fuckin hot! I could tell Rusty was getting close so I pulled off, squeezed a big glob of precum out of his cock and rubbed it into his asshole. He groaned loudly and began bucking against my fingers. I slowly slid my middle finger up his ass as I took his cock back into my mouth and sucked hard, flicking my tongue on the underside of his cockhead. He began yelling “AAAAHHHHH FUUUUUCCCCKKKUUUUUGGGGGGG”. I felt his asshole clamp down on my finger as he thrust his hips up and exploded in my mouth. Shot after shot of cum hit the back of my mouth. Instead of swallowing it I let it run out of my mouth and down his cock so I could spread it all around his shaft and balls with my tongue. I took his cock fully back into my mouth just as I felt her mouth slide up my cock and her finger push into my asshole! That was all I could handle and I began cumming harder then I had ever cum! Lost in the intensity of my orgasm I practically collapsed. When I regained my senses I realized Rusty’s semi-hard cock had slid down my throat! I began slowly sliding it up and down while I pressed up with my finger still in Rusty’s ass, massaging Rusty’s prostate. Within a few seconds I felt Rusty’s cock start to harden again. Holy shit! I was deep throating my first cock! I looked up to see Jen climb on to the bed and remove the blind fold. Rusty lustfully looked down at me and I felt his cock jerk in my throat. Jen then swung her leg over his face and purred “Eat me honey. Lick my dripping pussy.” She said “Do you like having your cock sucked by a man honey? Oooooh baby it looks so big and h Oh! FUCK! AAAAAHHH”. She must have been hugely turned on because launched into a huge orgasm, bucking and cumming for about a minute! She collapsed off to the side of Rusty and Rusty said “I need your cock in my mouth! I need to suck you cock!” I flipped around and lowered myself in to a 69 with him. He gobbled my cock and brought me back to an erection in no time. His mouth was so powerful! I’d never felt anything so amazing! Rusty pushed his big finger up my asshole and began copying my prostate massage. We were both moaning around each other’s cocks and grinding our hips more and more frantically. I was so incredibly horny I pulled off Rusty’s cock and decided to try something I’d never done. “I need to fuck your big cock!” I said. I stood up, positioned myself over Rusty’s oozing cock and lowered my ass down. I let the tip of his pulsing cock push farther and farther in until finally I just dropped down, impaling my ass with all of his cock. Rusty moaned loudly and I yelled “AAAAHHHHHHHHH FUUUCKKKKK!” After a minute I started moving up and down his shaft slowly. The feeling was unbelievable! Jen moved over and took my dripping cock in her mouth. Rusty increased his hip thrusts, pounding harder and harder up my ass. I screamed “AAAAHHHHGGG IIII’MMM CUMMMMINNNNNGGGG!” Jen pulled my cock out of her mouth and I shot volley after volley of cum up over Rusty’s chest, face and tongue. Rusty slammed up into me and cried “FFFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK AAAAAHHHHH! And shot his cum up inside of me. His orgasm lasted about 30 seconds. I swear he must have cum a few times! I collapsed down onto Rusty’s muscular, cum soaked chest.

We ended up trying all kinds of new things later that night. I fucked Rusty while he fucked Jen. We double fucked Jen until she literally passed out from the loudest orgasm I’d ever heard! Jen and Rusty let me know they had both known I was coming over. The blind fold was to make it more exciting for me.

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2 years ago
one of the best stories on here.
2 years ago
That was amazing. Thanks for sharing
2 years ago
Very Hot!
3 years ago
Absolutely fantastic. Would love to be in a scenario like this.
3 years ago
Very very raunchy...i can feel the raw lust!!!!! xx.