Wife's Surprise (a bi tale)

Since I hit puberty I have always been oversexed. I was fairly popular with the girls when I was single and could usually manage getting laid at least once a week. This, of course, was nowhere near enough for my needs and I would often masturbate up to four times a day. For years all my experiences were purely straight but an evening with some friends starting me thinking.

In my late teens I'd found a young lady whose sexual appetite was almost as voracious as mine. We would regularly meet at a friend's flat, have a few drinks and bongs then end up getting it on with our partners in a same room scenario. Often other friends who were less extroverted would sit back and watch us fuck and suck. We all found this a major turn on and I loved admiring my mate's girlfriend's body as I fucked my own girl furiously. One evening, in the middle of a session on my mate's king sized bed, his girl mounted him pile driver style, tapped me on the shoulder, and said; "Look at this man, his cock is right up me. Right fucking up my cunt!" I actually took notice of my mate's cock for the first time. It was around the same length as mine but much darker in colour and an extra thrill tingled through my body as I watched it slide in and out. From that moment on, whenever the four of us shared a bed, it was his pulsing meat I would stare at for that extra buzz. Sadly I only ever got to look. I never attempted to follow my balls and try it on with him. He was just so overtly hetero that I knew my lust for him would never amount to anything. I always regret never seeing his load spurt as we just about always blew up our girl’s cunts or in their mouths.

Many years and a few long term relationships later, I fell for a wonderful woman and we were married. The sex was and still is great but not enough for my needs. Not wishing to cheat on her with other women, I started to have clandestine meetings with guys. I've sucked quite a few men off but never came across a cock as beautiful as my mates from all that time ago.

When our c***dren had grown and we had our house to ourselves I started hinting to my wife that I'd like to share some sexual adventures. My wife is not entirely a prude but fucking around was something that had never occurred to her outside of fantasy. Ever so slowly I chipped away until she finally agreed to share a bed with a third person. I was so excited. We had agreed that for our first time we would hire a male e****t. Everything was arranged and fine until the guy rang back to confirm our booking. My wife answered the phone and was immediately turned off by the voice at the other end. "He sounds like an uneducated buffoon" she said "I couldn’t fuck someone like that". Try as I might I couldn’t convince her that his personality shouldn't matter. Surely we just wanted him for his cock. Seeing how disappointed I was, my wife changed our booking and we ended up having a threesome with another woman. As much as I enjoyed watching them go down on each other’s cunt, I couldn’t help but regret an opportunity missed. I really wanted to share a cock with the person I love.

A few more years passed and my hints became outright suggestions but my wife always said she was happy with one cock to play with and surely her pussy was enough for me. How could I reply to that. I truly love my wife. All I could do was wait a while until I felt I could make another suggestion without causing too much angst. I continued to fuck her three or four times a week, masturbated at least once daily, and secretly met men for blow and goes when I could. Then, one evening my wife brought home her big surprise.

It was a Friday evening and I was sitting on the sofa watching some bi porn, slowly stroking my cock and waiting for my wife to come home to fuck. Suddenly I heard the back door open and what sounded like two muffled voices entered the house. I quickly turned the TV off and shoved my rigid cock back in my pants. "What the fuck? This is weird" I thought as my wife usually came home through the front door. The only way to get to our back door however is through our garage which I knew was locked. "It must be the Mrs" I thought. And there she was a couple of minutes later. Entering the room completely naked leading an equally nude guy into the room by his hardened prick. My jaw must have hit the floor when she dropped to her knees and engulfed his member in her hungry mouth covering it in saliva with a slurp and a lick. "Oh my God" I groaned as without saying a word she beckoned me to join her. I threw off my boardshorts, which was all I was wearing at the time, and hurried to help her worship the cock she had brought home for us. It was simply beautiful. Longish and not too thick with a magnificent shiny head that almost glowed purple. Dripping sweet pre-cum and covered in my wife’s spit. I slipped it into my mouth and started sucking and licking its length while my wife lathered his balls. "It's very brown for a white guys prick" I thought to myself...."hang on!" I looked up into the face of the guy I was sucking. His eyes were closed but there was no mistaking it. I was finally enjoying the cock I had craved from all that time ago. He opened his eyes and I swear I saw the shockwave spread across his face in recognition.

“Fuck me!” “It’s you mate. How have you been?” “Shhhh!” exclaimed my wife and I realised the silence was planned. As if in an effort to maintain it, she pushed him to the ground and mounted his face. This was almost too good to believe. Here I was sucking a cock I’d fantasised about for thirty years whilst watching it’s owner part my wife’s juicy cunt lips with his tongue. I licked and sucked and nibbled to my hearts content as my mate’s lips teased my lover’s clit to it’s full extension. After a short while my wife positioned us into a triangle on the floor so she could engulf my cock in her hungry mouth. All this still without uttering a word. I’d been jacking furiously and was already fit to burst. Twenty minutes of this three way oral action was all my wife could take. I felt her body start to tremble and her hips began to buck and I realised my mate’s mouth was getting flooded with her juices as she came. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” The first real words she had said the whole encounter. And between each word she spoke I fired a stream of jism into her open mouth all the time still managing to alternate between lapping the balls in my face with my tongue and stroking and sucking the wonderful cock they belonged to. My girl rolled away from our new lover and continued to suck at my deflating cock, cleaning away the cum whilst making small mewing sounds. Now that I had shot my load I was able to concentrate even more on bringing my mate to climax. I shuffled up closer and taking my tongue from his piss slit, where I’d been happily enjoying his pre-cum, I thrust it up his arse and wiggled for all my worth. His groan of ecstasy was confirmation I was doing something right. I alternated between rimming his tight arse and slurping the length of his circumsised cock. He started to gently pulse and I could sense him getting close when my wife pulled me away wagging her finger.

Spreading her cunt with one hand and holding his cock with the other, she mounted my mate in one engulfing squat. Here was the sight that had turned me on all those years ago. This magnificent brown cock covered in fuck juices, sliding in and out of a wonderful cunt. Except this time the cunt was my wife’s and there was nothing to prevent me enjoying the pleasures of that stiff brown rod. As my wife bucked harder and faster my mind went back to the threesome we had enjoyed with the female hooker years ago. I remembered how mind blowingly good it was when my wife licked my balls as I was fucking the whore, so naturally I dived into some ball licking action for myself. Our friend started to make sounds like he was getting close again and my wife’s chorus of groans told me she was going to cum as well. I took my tongue off his balls and started to lick up his shaft as it disappeared up my wife’s cunt. Long strokes up his cock ending in a flick or two of my girls distended clit. I decided then and there that this was something I wanted to do a lot of. I love licking a couples fuck. “Unghh!” There it was, my wife’s second cum of the night. She dismounted quickly as juice flooded down his turgid shaft, some of it pooling in his pubes, where I hungrily lapped it up. My wife was working on his cock with her mouth now. Sucking and licking the head and alternating between feeding me and chowing down herself. Our tongues flicked each other over that prick until it erupted in stream after spurting stream of sticky cum. We must have been a sight. Both faces covered in jism. Eagerly lapping the man juice off each other’s face, enjoying the musty taste. I’ll never forget the first time I saw a rope of load burst its way through his cum slit. Pure heaven.

Smiling, our new found lover opened his mouth to say something but my wife pressed her finger to his lips in a gesture of silence. We cleaned up and dressed in complete quiet and before he left, my mate handed me a business card. IT Consultant, it said.

“New systems installed at work today” was the first sentence my wife had said to me all day. I turned the card over. My friend had written on it. “next time maybe we can fuck each others arses raw”. I certainly hope so.
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9 months ago
Incredible story
9 months ago
sooo good wished it was me
1 year ago
2 years ago
very fucking hot!
2 years ago
You were right it did get me going,
Hot story, your profile rocks thanks for the add!
2 years ago
my little master got stiffened and started throbbing in my trousers while reading and cerianly i have to blow off!
2 years ago
Hot story.
2 years ago
3 years ago
luv it! reminds me of a guy i wanted to suck and fuck when i was yung.
3 years ago
our dream come true
3 years ago
A very very horny tale.
3 years ago
Very hot and kinky!
3 years ago
Now that was a fucking awsome story, made me as randy as hell, will have to go and masturbate now!