My Former Gym Teacher Made Me Go Bi!

One Friday afternoon I received a call from Vivian, a best friend of mine who I have known since high school. She told me that she really wanted to go to a gay club that night. She was sick and tired of having to deal with the creepy straight guys at the regular clubs and just wanted to have a fun night of dancing. I hadn't had anything planned yet for the night and to be honest I hadn't gotten any in a little while so I wasn't hating the idea of dancing with some guys.

Viv came over to my apartment around 9:00 later that night. Luckily the club is within walking distance of my apartment, which is just off campus, so we decided to do some drinking before we went out. Before we knew it the time was 11:30 and we were both pretty d***k. Vivian had spent a good amount of the time talking about the oddities of her sex life: gangbangs, guys who couldn't fuck, and her love of dirty talk were all highlights.

We started walking towards the club when Viv asked me if it would be alright for her to sl**p over my place as she was planning to get very d***k and wasn't sure if she could drive home later, which of course I told her was fine. Quite d***k at this point I commented to her that I was kind of hoping to hook up with a guy at the club as I was feeling very horny. "Eh, if worse comes to worst I'll just suck you off," she joked. "Somebody's gotta take care of that cock." She seemed to be clearly joking but I still found it a little weird for her to say that.

After not too long of a wait in line we found ourselves in the packed club. I must say there were a plenty of hot guys this night. We went straight for the middle of the dance floor where we stayed for awhile. I danced with some cute guys, some not so cute guys, but was still looking for a guy to hook up with. Vivian had to go to the bathroom and told me she would be right back, as I continued dancing. A few minutes later she returned with an ecstatic look on her face. "Guess who is here!" she asked me. Before I even had the chance to guess she blurted out, "Mr. Knoth!" Mr. Knoth was our high school physical education teacher. No one would ever have guessed that HE, of all people, would be at a gay club. "And he is looking fine!" she followed up.

Mr. Knoth is a tall black man in his mid-30s, with an ex-football star's body and a great wide smile. Viv grabbed my hand and dragged me to where he was standing. As we approached his eyes caught mine and he expressed with open arms, "Hey! Look who is here!" He came off a bit d***k and sexy as ever! We talked for awhile, obviously dancing around the elephant in the room of why he was here. Finally Vivian, who could wait no longer, asked THE question, "So Mr. Knoth, why are you here?" With a brief smile and sway of his head he told us, "Well, I still love women but every now and then I just love to touch of a man, you know?" Vivian and I both understandingly nodded in unison.
He soon asked if we wanted to dance, to which we granted. We danced for a long time, only stopping to get drinks. Mr. Knoth was even kind enough to buy us both a few. Out of nowhere I realized I was extremely d***k and having the time of my life. I also noticed that the sight of so many attractive sweaty guys had started to harden my cock. Mr. Knoth, who had accidentally brushed his hand across the tough bulge in my pants, quipped, "Feeling good, huh?" A little embarrassed that my high school gym teacher just grazed my cock with his hand I responded with a nervous, "Yeah, I guess so." He told me not to worry and to just keep having fun.

A few minutes later, as we were dancing, Mr. Knoth and I locked eyes. He had a very erotic look in his eyes. I then felt his hands grasping my ass, as he pulled me closer to him. His tongue was soon in my mouth, as was mine in his. I couldn't believe it, I was making out with one of my old teachers! My cock was now hard as a rock. As we were going at it I spotted Vivian out of the corner of my eyes. She had a look of "excitement and shock" written all over her face. Mr. Knoth turned me around so his crotch rubbed up against my ass. His cock felt HUGE! My level of horniness was through the roof! We danced for a little while longer until I couldn't wait any more. I whispered in his ear that I lived close to the club if he wanted to come over. He made my sexual fantasy come true with a simple, "Okay."

Feeling a bit guilty that I had previously told Vivian she could sl**p over, I told her the situation real quick. She was fine with it and told me she was so d***k and tired she would probably just pass out the moment we got back to my apartment. She gave us a little bit of an early start on the way back as to not make the walk as awkward.

Mr. Knope and I started to go at it quite hard in the stairway up to my apartment. I opened the door and we headed straight to my bedroom. I sat him down on my bed. He unbuttoned his shirt while I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. To say it was "amazing" would be a tremendous understatement. His thick black cock pierced the air right in front of me, slapping my cheek from already being somewhat erect. I couldn't resist any longer and plopped it into my mouth. As I sucked him off I pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles.

He had such a smooth, shaven pubic area. When his cock reached full erection it was one of the hottest things I had ever seen. It was easily 9 inches long, thick as a soda can, and had the perfect powerful-looking veins running up the sides. The amount of pre-cum that oozed from his cock into my mouth was almost as much as most guys’ full cum shots. It tasted so good.
I took a brief moment to step away so that I could remove my clothes, as well. I looked at Mr. Knoth's body, which was a true work of art. A completely hairless muscular build with smooth, shiny chocolate skin. Even the straightest man alive would want to fuck him.

I went back down on my knees, still having the need to suck on his cock a little longer to slicken it up before he fucked me. I sat myself down on his cock, his huge piece of meat drilling deep into my hole. I swear I could feel it in my stomach. I moved my hips for awhile, making sure his cock reached as deep as it could get. Soon I heard him said, "Hi there." I looked up to see Vivian standing in the small opening of the door. She must have shown up back at my apartment without either of us noticing. She was wearing a silk red thong and an old vintage Boston Celtics t-shirt of mine I had left in the second bedroom of my apartment.

"Well ,come on in," he said, gesturing with one hand for her to come into the room, while his other hand remained on my shoulder. She strutted into the room with a slight bit of embarrassment on her face. She sat down on the cushioned chair I had placed just off to the side of the bed. "Sorry Mr. Knoth, but I've fantasized about you since I was a little girl, and well, given the current circumstance with my best friend here, I HAD to see what was up." Positioning her feet steady on the ground and her head on the back of the chair, she slipped her fingers down the front of her thong. As I rode Mr. Knoth's massive cock she flashed me a quick smile before tilting her head back and moaning in satisfaction as her nimble fingers played with her clit. I had never found a woman so attractive but dare I say it, I was having VERY sexual thoughts about Vivian! The way the front of her thong pressed tightly against her crotch to outline the lips of her pussy and my Celtics t-shirt exposing the pointy nipples that lay perfectly on her full 34 DD breasts.

Over my shoulder I heard him ask her, "Would you like to join us?" For some strange reason I was greatly hoping she would agree. She nodded and then got up, walking towards us. "Why don't you take care of Sam's cock?" he asked her. It felt so weird but at the same time so good to have one of my best GIRL friends take my cock and slip it into her mouth. To have my former gym teacher's cock deep in my ass and my cock deep in my best friend's mouth is about the most taboo experience of my life, yet it felt absolutely amazing! Vivian sucked my cock off for a good while before Mr. Knoth wanted to get sucked. "Hey Viv, can I get sucked off like those boys on the football team you used to fool around with?" Vivian had always had a reputation for being a slut. Back in high school it was well-known that she was loose, and had fucked just about every guy on the high school football team. I love the bitch but she's a ridiculous whore.

I got up off Mr. Knoth and let Vivian have a ride. She took of the t-shirt and her thong to reveal her beautiful naked body. Vivian was half-Latina and it certainly showed in the curves of her body. She has a tight stomach with a pierced belly button and perfect bubble butt. She raised one hand and placed it on the back of her head, closing her eyes, as she rode up and down on Mr. Knoth's cock.

Stroking my cock, without awareness, I approached her and shoved my rock hard cock into her mouth. Her lips were so soft as the head of my cock pushed through them. Her mouth a cozy warm shelter for my dick. Mr. Knoth was clearly enjoying himself, owning Viv's pussy with his monster cock. Her mouth felt too good! Soon I was clasping onto the back of her head as I shot my load deep down her throat. It took several pumps for me to drain my balls but I made sure to shoot every last drop into her mouth. "Well, well, I never knew you could shoot such a big load!" she quipped.

I continued jerking my cock post-ejaculation, watching my former gym teacher pound away at my best friend. They fucked missionary, doggy style, reverse cowgirl, and everything in between. After Viv came a few times, Mr. Knoth asked that we change up, as we wanted to fuck my hole now. I bent down on my bed, down on all fours, and took his huge cock. He fucked me rough and hard for a good 20 minutes in many positions but mostly doggy style. The both of us taking turns to eat Vivian's wet pussy out, based on the position we were in.

As Mr. Knoth slid his never-ending cock in and out of my longing asshole I looked up at Vivian in a look of ecstasy. She cracked a smile, fingering her wet and stretched out pussy, and with her other hand, rubbed the top of my head as if to say, "Good boy." Leaning over to get a better view of Mr. Knoth's cock injecting my boy hole Viv commented to me in d***ken excitement, "He's so big, isn't he?!" Feeling so good the only response I could muster up was to nod my head with a faint peaceful smile. Soon I heard Mr. Knoth's voice from behind me. "Fuck! I gotta shoot!" He quickly removed his cock from me, which felt like he was removing an entire baseball bat from my ass, and both Viv and I dropped to our knees in anticipation. We put our faces together, cheek-to-cheek, with our mouths wide open. As he stroked his long and powerful cock the thick streams of his cum began to shoot out all over our eager faces and in our mouths. I had never seen a man shoot so much cum! I looked over at Vivian and I could barely recognize her face as it was completely covered in Mr. Knoth's semen. When he was finally done busting his nut, I licked all of the cum on Viv's face off and then she did the same to me. Our mouths now filled with cum we began to make out, swapping the thick load in our mouths. Mr. Knoth chuckled to himself, "You guys are too cute!"

The three of us climbed into my bed, completely naked, cuddled until morning. My head on Mr. Knoth's chest and my right hand on Vivian's gorgeous ass! Mr Knoth was caressing both of our backs while Viv's left hand found its fingers playing around with my asshole.

When we woke up the next morning Mr. Knoth went back to his place, but thanked me and Viv for the fun, kissing us both delicately on the lips before he left. Since it was the weekend and we didn't have school or work, Viv and I stayed in bed all day, nakedly caressing one another.
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2 years ago
hot story, rock hard now, thanks
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Any more great bi stories?
3 years ago
Great story !!!!
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I'm rock hard!
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This is very hot!
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glad you enjoyed
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This story is so HOT! Such a turn-on.