Serena turned me gay

I met this girl, Serena, at speed dating. I was getting a couple of different vibes from her. First, she was probably crazy in some way. And second, she was this brilliant ball of sexual energy. We matched up and I gave her a call. We decided to go out to a Mexican restaurant. With lots more time than at speed dating, I was able to confirm both vibes during dinner: she was definitely on the bizarre side. She also had such a tomboyish look about her, that if it weren't for the sexual energy I was definitely getting from her, I would have said she was gay.

Well, it turned out that I was partly right: she was bisexual. She blurted this out half way through dinner. She lived with two girls, her lovers from college. They definitely fulfilled her lesbian side. As a straight guy, I could barely contain myself. Fantasy galore, man! But as our conversation continued--well, she did most of the talking, and at warp speed--she started talking about guys. I finally clued in to what she was saying/proposing: she'll do guys one-on-one, but she far prefers a MFFM foursome. In fact, the only way she'll do a bisexual FFM threesome is if a second guy joins in. Serena then started whispering, and I leaned in close to hear her.

"I love women so much that I am just crazy in bed with them. I've had men cum without touching themselves and just watching us. If you want to see lesbian sex beyond your wildest dreams, I'm your girl, but there needs to be another guy there."

Serena assured me that she never expects anything sexual between the two guys in any foursome she participates in. At least, I think that's what she said. God, she talks fast. By the time dinner ended, she had me drooling out of the palm of her hand. Her sexuality so permeated my being that I was ready to do her right there in the restaurant. It turned out that I didn't have to wait much longer anyway. Serena had me follow her to a friend's apartment. Like something out of a porno, I followed Serena through the apartment door and came face to face with a MF couple naked and fucking their brains out.

Serena was out of her clothes in less than a second, and literally ripped the clothes off my back. We embraced there in the foyer. Locking lips with this woman was like sinking into her deep pool of sexuality. It was the most incredible kiss I've ever had. I followed her like a puppy into the living room. Serena dropped to her back and slid under the other woman, Ashley. Serena dove into that woman's pussy, and the cock pounding it, licking like her life depended on it. Holy shit!

A few minutes later Serena came out from under, and basically guided me to my back replacing her tongue on the busy pussy with mine. I happily obliged. Meanwhile, Serena swallowed my hard cock. There was a little bit of shifting around, and then Ashley connected with Serena's pussy and began tongue-fucking Serena.

I'd say, probably 20 minutes later, Serena got her face into the tight quarters of cock, pussy, and my head, and joined me as best she could at lapping on the pussy in question. She was also licking the shaft of Adrien's cock sliding in and out of Ashley's pussy. She kind of guided me to do the same. I didn't even mind, considering the pussy juices all over it. When Adrien pulled his cock out of Ashley's pussy entirely, somehow, with Serena's help, his cockhead ended up in my mouth. He started fucking my mouth, like he'd just been doing to the pussy. I was so relaxed and horny that I don't even think I gagged as he shoved his cock down my throat. It was an amazing feeling, actually.

With Serena's face pushed into Ashley's pussy an inch from my face, I watched her licking this pussy in a frenzy, like she was starving or something. Her mood was contagious, and I started sucking this amazing cock for all I was worth. First of all, his cock was so long and thick, with the most perfect head on it that you've ever seen, that I felt really attracted to it. I just loved putting my open mouth over his cockhead and taking it into my mouth, rubbing my tongue all over it and sucking delicious precum out of its slit. I slid it further into my mouth, and surprisingly again didn't even gag as it slowly moved deeper into my mouth and down my throat.

That's when there was another major body shift, separating the girls from the guys. We were still touching each other, but mostly separate. I barely noticed the change, to tell you the truth. My attention had long ago diverted from Serena licking Ashley's pussy to my sucking Adrien's cock. But I did notice when Adrien's wet, warm mouth enveloped my penis. He proceeded to give me the best deepthroat blowjob I've ever gotten. And I went to town on his penis as well. We were in a full-out man-on-man 69. I started licking Adrien's balls as well. I'd pull his cock out of my mouth and run my tongue downwards until I could slather a ton of saliva all over Adrien's massive balls. When Adrien's index finger started exploring the entrance to my asshole, rubbing saliva around and around the opening, I nearly died. No woman has ever touched my asshole. It was like no feeling I've ever experienced. When Adrien wiggled the tip of his finger in the centre of my opening, and into my opening, I think I almost came.

As Adrien continued to push his finger deeper into my ass, I alternated between deepthroating him and licking his balls. On one of those ball licking excursions, I let my tongue continue to Adrien's perineum, and further on to his own anal opening. I licked around and around his rosebud. I was in some kind of altered state. I was full out making love to this man's asshole opening. Then I penetrated Adrien's asshole, pushing my tongue into it as much as I could. Meanwhile, Adrien had replaced his one finger with two, and was basically finger fucking me. When he began paying a lot of attention to massaging my prostate, I did everything I could do to hold off ejaculating.

That's when Serena caused another shift, guiding our bodies into a different position.

She whispered in my ear, "Go for it, submit, take the submissive position and finally see what that is really like."

I didn't really understand her (what's new?). Adrien leaned down and began eating out my asshole, depositing massive amounts of saliva on the outside and inside of my anal canal. Meanwhile, Serena deepthroated Adrien's cock, depositing loads of saliva all over it. I didn't even know when Adrien's cockhead was mushing itself around my opening: I thought it was his fingers. But then I felt pain like I've never felt. I knew it was because his large--beautiful--cockhead was entering my body, entering me. Even once his cockhead was past my sphincter, the pain did not subside, probably because there was still a very thick shaft stretching my ring. But the pain did eventually subside, and when it did, the most incredible pleasure overcame me. By now, Adrien was pulling his cock up until his cockhead was at my sphincter; and pushing down harder and faster. And the pleasure I was feeling was increasing more and more. The feeling of being totally open, vulnerable and submissive to this man and his huge cock arose just like Serena foretold. It was a feeling like nothing I'd ever experienced before. It was beautiful. I had never felt so close to another human being--much, much closer than I've ever felt fucking a women's pussy or ass.

Ashley was sucking my cock during this, and Serena pulled her off, whispering something into her ear. They then got into a 69 position and sucked each other like mad. Later I asked Serena what she whispered to Ashley: "They need only man-on-man time right now." She was so right.

Adrien continued pounding my ass, a gentle in and out at first, but slowly pushing and pulling faster and harder. Tears were sliding down my face. But not because of any pain--and there was some as Adrien pulled his cock entirely out of my ass and all the way back in again, thus forcing his cockhead through my super tight sphincter time and again. No, instead I was crying tears of immense pleasure, happiness and contentment. I now knew that my asshole was made for another man's penis.

I don't know how long Adrien fucked me. The girls helped us through several different positions. The missionary position that we started with was still my favorite. But I loved being on top and sitting down over Adrien's cock, as I loved the reverse of that. I loved all three doggie styles we tried, the traditional with me on my knees, lying on my stomach and standing up. And that was just this one fuck session.

Serena later told me that she and Ashley had gone through several orgasms each (by clitoral licking and vaginal tonguefucking, fingering, fisting, and double-dildoing), before Adrien finally came. Adrien and I totally turned them on with our lovemaking. Our gay fucking spurred their lesbian fucking. Of course, I was completely unaware of all the lesbian screaming right next to me. No, I was relishing the complete sexual transformation that I was going through, from a completely straight man to a completely gay man.

When Adrien finally felt that he was getting close, we switched back to the missionary position. He was kissing me deeply and sensually when he made his final thrust, shoving his huge cock as deep into my bowels as it would go. And he came. I couldn't feel the actual semen filling my ass, but I sure felt his convulsions and saw the intense pleasure on his face. There was also something else, in his eyes, I had never seen in a woman's eyes. I was not sure what it was. We talked about it later, because he saw it in my eyes as well. It was love. Yes, this was just our first fuck--my first with another man, his and my first with each other. And we were both men, a gender that is all about casual sex. And we were both gay or bi men, the epitome of casual sex. So it couldn't have been love. But it was--at least physical love. We had shared such intimacy with each other, for hours, that we connected at a very deep level. Yeah, I could buy that.

When Adrien pulled his cock out of me, a blast of semen came with it. This definitely provided the evidence that he had completely filled my hole with his hot cum. I felt so complete. Adrien's semen and sperm was spreading through my body. I couldn't have been more turned on. My cock had never been harder. I swear, it was at least an inch longer than ever before. This was my excitement for another man, my need to have sex with another man, my desire to make love to Adrien. He invited me over to his place. I didn't know what was going to happen, but I left it all to Adrien to guide me further along this magnificent gay path.

Serena was in the living room, sitting on the sofa, with Ashley's head between her legs, her nose and mouth in Serena's snatch, and her asshole sitting on a vibrator on the floor. I sat down next to Serena to thank her.

"You knew this, didn't you?" I asked.

Serena smiled and nodded. "I can't say exactly how, but I just got a strong homosexual vibe from you at dinner. You didn't even have a clue, did you?"

"I had no idea," I replied. "I just loved girls, loved fucking them, loved making a life with them. I don't understand it, but that's completely gone now. Even though you are super cute, Serena, I have absolutely no desire to have sex with you. I can be your friend--actually, I'd like that--but nothing more."

"Don't apologize at all," Serena instructed. "I'm just so happy that you found yourself, that you found someone to love."

"How did you know about Adrien?" I asked. "Wait a second. You had this entirely planned before our dinner."

"To tell you the truth, I got it all from our 8 minute speed date. I don't know how. I just knew that I had to help you."

"That's so incredible. It's like a miracle. Yeah, that's exactly what it feels like--a miracle. You are really special, Serena."

"I know," Serena half joked. And with that, Serena had a two-minute orgasm.

With that, Adrien and I left the girls to it. I'm sure there would be many more orgasms between them. I followed Adrien to his apartment. It was already 4 in the morning, but my cock had so much life left in it that neither Adrien nor I were the least bit tired. For the next 4 hours Adrian and I had at it. Adrien wanted to give me the whole package--to know what it is like to have a man stick his cock into you and fuck your brains out, and to know what it is like to take another man, to possess another man by shoving your cock into him and fuck him like only another man can do. And it was another eye opener for me. It was a completely different kind of experience. But it was equally intense. It was infinitely more powerful than with any woman I've ever fucked. I don't understand that exactly. But it's 100% true. Orally loving Adrien's asshole, fingerfucking him with up to three fingers, pushing my cock--MY COCK--into him, into his anal opening, into his anal canal, and then fucking Adrien in his asshole, pounding him hard enough to break a woman--all this was blowing my mind. I couldn't even believe it was possible to feel closer to Adrien than our earlier lovemaking led. But I did. To be able to fuck my man, in the ways only homosexual men can do, took me to a different level.

98% (59/1)
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6 months ago
OMG, having a woman watch me getting fucked is one of my great fantasies! My Buddy always does me bareback and shoves his cock deep inside me like that when he comes. It's the absolute icing on the cake to have his load as far up inside me as he can get it when he cums. I've never had a woman watch but, I can really relate to all the other stuff in this story!

10 months ago
1 year ago
lov it
1 year ago
great story
2 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
Oh my gosh.... I came twice and still kept reading!
3 years ago
The best of both worlds. ;)
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very very hot.
3 years ago
Your story gave me a hard dick ! Thanks.