My gf taken by burglar as i watch... pt2

After the burglar had came inside of my gf, i quickly went towards the place he wanted me to stay, so he wouldn`t know i were peeking on them. After 10minutes he got out and went straight towards me, "ur lucky u didn`t hurt u or her, i took what i wanted" he said to me and got out of the house and ran away. I had a bit of fear when he passed by, he was so aggressive and big, but in the same time i felt excited that he is so dominant. I went to the bedroom and saw my gf all dressed up and looking at me with her having the most red cheeks i have ever seen. "are u ok, did he hurt u?" i asked her, "no, he took the jewelry and left" she said. "should we call the police? We should report this" i said to her to which she replied "no.. i don`t want our neighbourhood to talk about it and its over". We both calmed down and went to sl**p, she didn`t know that i saw everything i heard her saying those things to him that night. She acted like nothing had happened. The next day i had to go to work and she had a day off, so in the morning i kissed her and she wished me a good day at work. When i was going to my work i was still thinking of how hot it was of the burglar taking my poor gf in pussy, he was her first big cock and i really think she had fell in love with it. I saw her act like that for the first time and the way she was looking at him and it, i just knew it was more between them then just that. She actually loved that he took her with all his f***e and his huge cock made her strech so wide and the way she screamed... she never scream or say those things when i fuck her. I was finished with my work and was heading back to our house. When i was at the front gates i realized "shit i forgot to take the keys" so i jumped over the fence and went straight to the front door, she would know that it was me and open it instantly since she can see me coming from our living room, we have windows over there. I waited for a while and went around the house to see whats going on in the living room. As i went around i saw nothing, just lights and our living room being empty so i went further to see if she might be asl**p as i did that i got up the the bedrooms window and i couldn`t believe my eyes. She was standing in front of the same guy who visited us yesterday, same burglar with ski mask and all in black. I thought of calling the police but remembering of what she said i didn`t want to. I saw fear in her eyes and she was whispering something to him and she was so red. She was wearing a short black skirt and natural tan stockings, and a white top. I saw the burglar move closer to her and she looked up to him with her eyes sparkling. I couldn`t believe my eyes, she actually loved that he is there. Burglar start to move slow closer to her and kissed her, picked her up and threw on bed. I started to get excited "omg my poor gf would get this big huge cock again" i thought to myself. I saw that there is an open window next to me, to which i could hear them and moved to it. They had no curtains on so since it was dark outside, the couldn`t see me but i could see them. Burglar start to kiss her and make out with her through his hole in ski mask. Suddenly he lifted her skirt up and she moaned a bit. She didn`t have any panties on "oh god she is going to get it now" i thought. I heard her starting to whisper to the burglar as he pulled his pants down "oh god its so big, i love it" and once she said it i heard the burglar ask her "ur in love with it aren`t u?" to which she replied "yes, i`m so in love with u, ur the biggest and the best one i have ever had, please do me, I LOVE YOU" and burglar pushed his cock deep inside of her. She started to scream so loud once he was inside, it was only the second time her pussy takes something so big, i mean cmon he was 9inches and i`m only 6. He was on top of her and start to push it in and out moving his hips faster and faster. She started to shake so badly and started to scream "oh god you are so huge, i don`t care that u don`t have condom, ur THE BESTTT", burglar heard that and pushed even faster and faster inside of her with her shaking all over him. "ur so much better and bigger then my boyfriend, i belong to u, I LOVE YOU" she whispered to him to which he replied with pounding her tight pussy which is becoming loose already for him. "I`M URS FOREVER" she screamed as she started to cum all over him and shake in the same time. I heard burglar whispering to her to which she started to shake even faster and faster, he was literally streching all of her as she was falling in love with his huge cock and not care about anything on the world. She reached up and kissed him as her cum was all around him, it was the first time i ever saw her being creamy, she had so much cum all around his huge cock that it was practically dripping down. "please i want u to cum inside of me, fill me up and make me urs, i beg you..." She whispered to him and he started to literally pound her as hard as he can from the top, she screamed and started to struggle as he burried his 9 inches inside of her and as he was about to cum she screamed to him "UR THE BEST, I LOVE YOU AND I BELONG TO U" and he started to fill up her loose pussy with his hot cum as she came again on him and was shaking all over him, she reached up to his lips and kissed him, whispering something in the same time. They stayed locked together for some seconds and then burglar got off her and started to dress up. She whispered to him "oh god ur the best i have ever had, ur so much better then my boyfriend and ur cock is so amazing, i love you". I saw burglar smiling and saying to her "well i have more plans for u.. and ur boyfriend will not like them hehe". She got red and whispered quietly to him "i don`t care what the plans are... just don`t use protection, i need to feel it..". I was shocked because when i fucked her she always made me to wear condom, all the time. Burglar dressed up and left saying nothing, my poor gf with having some trouble got up from the bed, and slowly having her legs spread went to the bathroom to take a shower. I heard her mentioned to herself before she went outside the bedroom "oh god he really is the best..". I was standing there and thinking "what did the burglar mean by that he had some more plans for her..?". I waited for 40minutes outside and then went to the front door again and opened it, my beautiful gf greeted me and asked me about my day as if nothing has happened and we both instantly went to sl**p, without sex and without her paying attention to me.. Now i`m thinking of what is going to happen next with her..

If u guys want me to continue, write a comment (:
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15 days ago
Very hot, want to hear more.
2 years ago
I'd love to hear more
2 years ago
Another great story :)
2 years ago
Very hot. What's next?