Shared Cindy: Judy's story, part four

This story can be found online at the now-abandoned blog, “Shared Cindy”. As it's a true story and far too good to be allowed to disappear, I'm putting it on my blog here for everyone's pleasure.

This is part four, and things are just starting to heat up. Enjoy!

Joe Arrives

“Uhmm… why don’t you just let me show you?” I asked.

“You have to show me? You can’t just tell me?”

“I’d just rather show you,” I said. “You’ll be more receptive them.”

A very exasperated, “Tsk…” and a sharp intake of breath was all she could emit as the three of us quickly riveted our attentions to the sound of keys rattling at the front door, first unlocking the deadbolt and then the doorknob.

“Hi honey, I’m home!” called Joe, Cindy's lover. This was a private joke that went back to the very first few weekends when he moved in with us.

Joe's voice startled Judy and she instinctively grabbed the sides of my robe and quickly wrapped them around her just before he entered the room. He set his suitcase down with a sigh and scanned the room with his steel-blue eyes before breaking into a smile.

Cindy had jumped up to greet him and, completely nude, she stood on tiptoes to give him a welcome home kiss, her taut round ass clenched tight for him to cup while they kissed. Judy and I watched him softly knead her familiar flesh. As Cindy broke the kiss, Joe nodded to me and said "Hi", and I heard Judy exhale… she had been holding her breath while watching Joe and Cindy kiss.

This was also completely new to her.

Cindy smiled and presenting Judy and me with a wave of her arms, told Joe the obvious, “We started without you”.

This was another old joke but suddenly distracted, she said, “Hey, you’re still smiling. What is it?”

In contrast to her svelte and beautiful nudity, he stood completely and impeccably dressed in his camel-colored, Belvest Dupioni suit. He even had a blue, silk pocket square and a long navy-blue casmere scarf around his neck. Having just returned from a week of business in London, he looked very dapper, very cosmopolitan and very, very British.

Joe scanned the room again and smiled as he named aloud the things he saw, “Let’s see… robes, towels, toys, lube, wine, a very naked man on the floor, a very naked woman standing here and a completely robed woman on the couch. "Oh, hi Judy,” he said as he stopped his scan and his eyes fell on Judy as if he had only just noticed her.

“Uhh… hi Joe,” she said nervously, clutching at the collar of the robe around her neck as if no one had the slightest suspicion that she could be nude inside it.

With his boyish smile slightly crooked on his handsome face he teased, “Gosh Judy, am I to believe that you’re the only one here tonight not 'playing doctor'?”

Judy's eyes widened and her face flushed red and, just for a microsecond, she looked like she might get mad, but the spontaneous outburst of laughter from Cindy and I quickly took off any edge that might have briefly existed and Judy began to laugh too.

Cindy’s lithe hand had found Joe’s crotch and she was handling and fondling his familiar package through his trousers as she told him she missed him and to hurry and change. As he picked up his suitcase again, we could see that his package had firmed up – Judy just stared wide-eyed at his crotch as he turned round and headed for the stairs.

After a few minutes, we could hear the shower running upstairs. Judy looked disappointed when she heard it, knowing it would prolong her first glimpse, suck and fuck of Mighty Joe's horse cock. I'm certain Joe was nearly as anxious for her as she was for him but he would never conduct a full day of business and endure a six-hour flight without freshening up first.

Taking advantage of this delay, I moved up between Judy’s legs and began opening her robe. She smiled and blushed for the tenth time this evening. I lowered my head to her soft breasts and gently sucked a tender pink nipple, like a rosebud, in my mouth.

It was soft and smooth as warm butter, but it quickly became taut and hard under my insistent coarse tongue. Cindy moved and took the other in her mouth and together we licked and sucked and nibbled Judy's nipples to diamond hardness while she groaned and squirmed on the couch.

“I’d better get you ready for Joe,” I said aloud as I slid down to kneel between her legs. As if in a trance, Judy drew her legs up and apart as my wife reached down to guide her husband’s stiff penis to the entrance of her girlfriend’s swollen and very, very wet pussy.

With an easy thrust, my cock slid deeply into Judy's hot, wet pussy. She wasn't nearly as tight as when we began, but Joe is thicker than I am and she would welcome the extra stretch of an even fatter cock. With her legs still spread like a bow and our eyes and fingers interlocked in front of us, I began to thrust my cock in and out of Judy's well-fucked but as-yet un-inseminated vagina.

I was soon going to remedy that.

No more taking it slowly

I had been Mr Kind and Considerate since we began and had let Judy take the lead in her first proper fucking in over two years. After Cindy's and my lengthy foreplay and oral sessions, I had let Judy set the pace, going slowly first, making certain she was absolutely comfortable with everything before I'd gradually take over and increase the intensity.

That part had been accomplished and now I was ready to fuck her good. Then, when Joe comes back down, we'll fuck her till she's on cloud 999. Since Judy has responded surprisingly well so far (who wouldn't after two years of celibacy?) it was time for me to take over and give her the thorough fucking she wants and needs.

With Judy's fantasy fuck freshening up in the shower, we had quickly resumed her evening of righteous fucking. She was still nestled in the corner of the couch, legs wide open and I was still kneeling between her gorgeous, legs repeatedly driving my rock-hard, bare cock deep inside of her making skin-on-skin slapping noises. She was really getting into this more-aggressive fucking and in approval of what I was doing, she had drawn her legs up to her shoulders and was holding her feet in her hands revealing and offering her sex in complete exposure and surrender. How hot!

This position changed the angle and depth of my penetration and within a minute she let me know that she liked this new position with an, "Oh yeah! Oh yeeaah! Right there", and began to moan with every stroke, letting me know that my cock was rubbing her in all the right places. After just a few more minutes, she moaned a loud, "Ohh... oohhh... oooohhhh.", and her body went into a spasm as she came hard on my plunging dick.

A few seconds later, she lost her grip on her legs and her convulsing pussy almost squeezed my rigid cock out of her. I grabbed her flailing legs and held them up and apart and drove into her even harder without missing a stroke as she continued to cum and cum.

Looking down I could see my plunging cock all streaked with the thick, rich girl-cum of a deep, vaginal orgasm. How very hot! When I finish adding my own load, her creampie was going to be both fun and delicious! I continued the pace of her initiation-fuck until her enormous orgasm began to pass. Just as the last throes of pleasure began fading, she suddenly came again as a second wave of sexual release washed over her and I continued the fuck-motions that were reaping her such rewards.

"Hey, you'd better leave some for Joe," chided Cindy with a smile.

"I'll try to remember," I replied, my breathing getting heavy.

Judy was in heaven or at least she thought she was. Spasm after spasm rippled through her body as I kept the same pace and depth to keep her high on the plateau she was on. She was beautiful to see, her eyes closed and mindlessly enjoying this long-overdue carnal pleasure. Only seconds after her second orgasm began to subside, she hoarsely whispered, "Stop. Please stop. My legs are going to sl**p." poor baby. I eased her legs down to the couch to my right but continued to drive into her in this position. This allowed her legs to recover and although it felt good to both of us, it wasn't the magic position she was previously enjoying. Having never had sex with her before, I wanted to find another position that would please her as much as the last one.

I withdrew my cum-streaked cock from her hungry pussy causing her to groan with the loss. I stood and gently manoeuvred her compliant body into a doggy position, with her facing away from me and holding onto the back of the couch. Giving my reddened knees a break, I stood up behind her and placed my cock at her hot, wet opening. In anticipation, she spread her legs wider and tipped her hips up to better receive me. She then reached down between her legs and guided my throbbing cock back into her slick cunny, breathing a long sigh as she felt my stiff cock fill her yearning pussy once again.

"Cindy, I absolutely love your husband," she sighed weakly.

"I do too. You can love him too... you just can't keep him," Cindy reminded her with a smile – and meant it.

I wiped the sweat from my forehead with the back of my hand before grabbing Judy by the sexy flare of her hips and began driving deeply into her with a renewed determination to please her. We quickly settled into a steady rhythm that soon had her moaning in a familiar way again.

After deep-stroking her like this for barely five minutes, she asked in breathless gasps over her shoulder, "Aren't you ever gonna cum?"

"I'm working on it, darling. I promise."

No longer content with watching, Cindy grabbed her powerful silver bullet from the coffee table and lying on her back beneath Judy, she placed it onto Judy's erect clit. At first contact, Judy jumped as if she had been shocked and in seconds, she was soaring and I was already.

"You ready to cum, honey?" Cindy asked me.

"Uh huh...soon." I replied with a ragged breath.

"I'll try to make her join you," as she began working her bullet up and down Judy's wet furrow, causing her to jump every time it hit her sensitive clit.

"Well, you'd better hurry up 'cause I'm so close."

I couldn't see what Cindy was doing to her but I know that Judy was liking it a lot as she began a soft, slow wail from deep inside her. With sweat running down my face and chest, I held tightly onto Judy's slippery hips while I ploughed my rigid cock deep into her welcoming pussy with full length strokes over and over until I was fast approaching the point of no return.

A dozen strokes away from my own orgasm, my cock swelled and grew even harder inside her slick pussy, the bloated flare of my swelling cockhead scrubbed and sc****d against her slick pink sugar walls.

"I'm gonna... I'm gonna cum," I announced breathlessly as Cindy continued to grind her vibrator onto our new girlfriend's ever-fattening clit. In response, Judy's keen wail grew louder and louder before it morphed into the unmistakable grunts and groans of a full-blown clitoral orgasm as she rocked and bucked before me. Seconds later, I groaned aloud and joined her as huge waves of orgasmic ecstasy ripped through my body and I mindlessly rocked and spasmed behind her as I emptied the contents of my bloated balls deep into her clenching vagina.

Six... seven... eight... huge ejaculations of thick, potent sperm shot deep into Judy's eager pussy as with Cindy's help, we both exploded together. For me, it was a blindingly physical orgasm, made even more intense from the prolonged mental and physical build-up. Now, wet squelching noises came from our joined genitals as I mechanically continued to spurt and spew more and more semen deep into Judy's writhing body.

Just as the largest of my intense pleasure waves were beginning to subside, Judy's hips began a different and more urgent type of bucking and jumping and she cried out for Cindy to stop buzzing her now-oversensitive clitoris. Cindy humanely ceased her loving task and Judy limply sagged onto her arms, still clinging onto the back of the couch. I continued to slowly thrust in and out of her sperm-filled cunt but my urgent hardness had passed with my orgasm and I began to slow my movements. Hot, wet jism began oozing from her opening and I felt it run down my shaft and drip wetly from my balls onto the sofa beneath her.

As I gradually returned to my senses, I realized how out of breath we both were. If I hadn't been holding onto Judy's hips, I would have probably fallen over. I noticed that Cindy had crawled out from beneath Judy with her bullet. She was staring at me and smiling like a Cheshire cat.

"What?" I asked her, breathing hard.

"That was a magnificent fuck, my darling husband, what do you do for an encore?"

I groaned aloud at the thought of an immediate performance and leaned forward onto Judy's sweat-soaked and panting body.

"I was only k**ding, silly", she giggled. "But I do want a turn as soon as you're ready."

Well, I wasn't going to be ready for a while because just as she spoke, my spent and softening cock slipped wetly from Judy's cum-filled pussy, followed by a flood of thick, white, almost-lumpy cum that dripped out of her slack opening in thick curds and long strings that plopped down wetly onto the towel-covered couch.

Speaking of which, I was supposed to demonstrate to Judy what "nasty" is by eating my creampie from her, but most of it had already escaped and formed a thick, wet puddle on the towel.

Oh well... I'll just have to make another one.

"Wow, Mikey... that was hot," said Joe, startling all three of us. He had obviously finished his shave and shower and had padded downstairs wearing a towel around his waist to quietly watch us finish. With Joe not hearing Cindy caution me on this earlier, he innocently said, "Hey, I hope you left some for me.", which caused Cindy to giggle again.

And then there were four

"It's about time," chided Cindy as she turned and greeted Joe with a long, sloppy kiss for the second time tonight. Judy and I were still glowing and too preoccupied at the moment and had to forgo any such formalities.

Still too breathless to give Judy a proper cleaning, I nevertheless bent forward to taste her still-gaping and swollen pussy, just missing another long, slow-motion, elastic string of sperm that had just escaped. I inhaled deeply before I lapped at her slick opening to savour the contrasts of her musky, slightly acidic secretions and my own stronger, starchy-tasting sperm.

My tongue had stroked Judy’s just-fucked pussy for only a second because she had pulled away from me in startled surprise. Turning back to face me she said. “I can’t believe you just did that!” with more surprise than shock. I just smiled.

In just a few hours, she was already learning not to be shocked.

I gently turned and steered her shapely but fast-wilting body into the cushions of the couch in a sitting position. She sighed with relief, then I too plopped down next to her and melted into the couch with my right arm behind her on the back of the couch. “Why wouldn’t I?” I asked her as I licked my lips, seeking for any traces of her nectar.

She watched me do this for a few seconds before looking away and shrugging, “I’m… I’m just a little surprised, that’s all.”

She paused, as if thinking of what to say next. “I guess I’m surprised because my ex loved it when I’d go down on him but then he wouldn’t kiss me afterwards. I just thought all guys...”

“What a Neanderthal," I interrupted. Cindy nudged my arm to shush me, unseen by Judy. Undaunted, I forged on. "The guy expected you to let him cum in your mouth but he wouldn’t kiss you? No wonder you’re divorced.”, and I felt another, more-deliberate nudge. “Would he at least return the favour and go down on you?”

“Mmm... rarely. Sometimes after a party when he drank too much. Even then, it wasn’t so great and it never lasted more than a few minutes and I never came anywhere close to cumming.”

She looked at us for a response but the room had gone quiet as all three of us listened to her personal revelations. Perceiving her own hushed tone and how the mood of the room had changed, she quickly chose the opposite direction and gushed with a huge smile, “Certainly, nothing like what you and Cindy have done to me… for me tonight. You're both so unselfish. With me and each other. I love you both so much already,” then leaned over and kissed me in the same way that Cindy had with Joe.

OMG, what a kiss it was! Warm, wet, slow and sincere. Deliberate but searching. Passionate but gentle. Urgent but restrained. Every cell in my body became sensitized, magnified, electrified. I kissed her knowing she could taste and smell herself on my mouth as her dreamily-intimate kiss rang my bell and my well-conditioned Pavlovian dog began to respond.

Looking back at that moment, I believe it was a very genuine, "thank-you" kiss. When she finally removed her soft, wet lips from mine, I was quite dizzy and felt a strong stirring in my loins.

Judy then turned to Cindy who was on the couch to her right sitting on her heels and gave her the same, passionate, I-mean-it kiss she had just given me. I could hear their breathing and soft kissing noises. They were soon moaning into each others mouth and began gently tracing each other’s face and breasts with gentle fingertips. With Judy’s taste and texture and scent still in my mouth and mind, I was able to enjoy the erotic scene of my wife kissing and tasting her newest lover even more.

I sat there entranced, utterly mesmerized, watching them caress and kiss each other until they broke it after nearly two minutes. Whew! I'd still not recovered from my own kiss, and now I felt even more dizzy just from watching them!

Judy's kiss was so stimulating that despite it’s recent workout, my stirring cock had started to rise to nearly half-staff – well, who doesn't get turned on by the sight of their wife kissing a new partner? Just as my hand instinctively moved down to assist in its swift recovery, the three of us were startled a second time by Joe’s voice, who sounded like someone at a swing party when he asked, “Is this a private room or can I join?”

Poor Joe! We had completely forgotten about him!

Joe's turn

Both girls went, “Awww…”, with the realization that we had forgotten about Joe, but then all three of us giggled right through their mock sounds of pity, while poor Joe stood there wearing only a sheepish grin and a towel.

“Oh… my poor baby,” fawned my wife Cindy as she quickly moved to her neglected lover and kissed him, allowing him to taste and smell some of the events of the evening. “No, this isn’t a private room,” and giggled again.

Judy glanced around for my robe but saw that it was tightly wedged into the cushions at the other end of the couch where we began. Still in full, fuzzy afterglow, she sank back into the couch, lazily abandoning any notion or pretence of modesty. Why should she bother when by morning, all three of us will have come to know every inch of her body?

(This was early in what was to be a very long night and I’ve got to compress this part of the chapter or poor Joe is never gonna get to fuck Judy!)

Basically, Cindy started in on Joe, with him having just arrived and Judy and I already in a post-orgasmic torpor. Cindy undid his towel and it slid to the floor. Kneeling, and without using her hands, she sucked on his meaty cock as Judy and I watched it grow and thicken in her wicked mouth. She started out slow, gentle and loving, but she quickly got over that. Soon, Joe’s knees were wobbling and he asked if he could sit down.

She steered Joe backwards to the couch without taking her mouth from his stiff cock. Judy and I watched Cindy make love to Joe’s cock and balls until he sat her butt on the cushioned arm of the couch and knelt between her widespread legs and began to devour her dripping pussy. Watching his tongue lick my wife’s clit and the passionate looks on her face had me squirming hot again and before he could make her cum, I dropped down between Judy’s legs to retrieve and savour what was left of her first thick creampie of the night.

Things progressed rapidly from there: Joe eating Cindy. Me eating Judy. Joe standing up and then screwing Cindy as she bent over the couch, legs wide open. Then, there was me fucking Judy kneeling between her legs with her on the couch. Cindy bent over the couch armrest, Joe ploughing her from behind.

Judy liked that idea and moved into the same position in front of me. We settled into this tandem position for at least ten minutes, taking medium-paced strokes, all four of us enjoying the long, patient arousal phase.

The girls alternated from leaning on the back of the couch to sitting astride the soft, wide armrest while Joe and I plunged our glistening cocks in and out of their cloying, sucking sugar walls. It was quiet except for the serious sounds of sex. Skin slapping, an occasional grunt, a series of moans, a sudden “Oh”, a sharp exhalation. The erotic scents of sex were present also. Men, women, wetness, sex, pussy, cum, sweat, cologne, perfume, yes!

Nearly an hour later and after many positions and several orgasms for the girls, we paused to regain our breath and change partners. Leaning on the back of the couch on her elbows, Judy sat fully splayed atop the wide arm of the couch, one foot on the couch, the other atop the side table. Joe finally stood between her widespread thighs, burning with pent-up desire and gallons of anxious sperm churning in his heavy balls, his meaty cock erect and throbbing.

The flared head of his cock was bright pink and soft-looking, still sticky-wet from Cindy's pussy – Cindy always barebacked Joe and I – but the taut skin of his rigid shaft revealed its hardness. The room was silent but the air fairly crackled with the electricity of sexual tension. Cindy moved to grasp this monster and guide her big lover’s cock to her newest lover’s very ready vaginal opening.

“Oh my God,” said Cindy softly as she held it, even though she has felt it many times before. This seemed to heighten Judy’s anticipation as she drew in a sharp breath. A second later, Judy jumped slightly as the wet tip of Joe’s cock brushed her puffy lips, then again… then again as his cock throbbed up and down with his pulse.

Cindy moved back to put her arm around Judy – to some, this could look as if she was somehow comforting Judy, but I think it was more of a feminine, “we’ll-do-this-together” kind of thing. (Besides, Judy was about to receive more “comfort” than she could stand).

Joe’s cock is a full inch longer and thicker than mine and Judy had already felt my stretch after 2 years of only her dancing fingers and a slim vibe. Her anticipation for the full length and girth of Joe's cock must have been incredible!

She leaned back into the couch as Joe leaned forward slightly, pressing into her, his cock no longer able to pulse across her lips. Joe eased forward slowly, his eyes locked with hers. Judy drew her legs up and apart, fully exposing and offering her glistening flower to him as his thick, pink cockhead slowly pushed apart her furry outer lips and began to enter her wet and eager opening. Joe supported her legs as he continued to slowly ease inch after thick, hard inch into Judy’s anxious cunt.

Judy’s eyes grew wider as she felt each inch slowly penetrate her. She had an ultra sexy, but unsure look on her face that said, “I-don’t-know-if-this-hurts-or-not-but-don’t-you-dare-stop”. He didn’t.

Using inhuman restraint, Gentleman Joe took nearly ten seconds to fully penetrate Judy to the hilt, with her gasping out a small “Oh” and a sigh as he gently hit bottom. When he did, I heard Cindy exhale next to me and realised both of us had been holding our breath. If there had been a stray spark in the room, it would have exploded.

Joe didn’t move for several seconds, both of them fully absorbed in all of the magic first moments as lovers, their eyes locked, both enjoying the wet heat and the pressure of their firmly joined genitals. Cindy held Judy’s left hand and hugged her before giving her a gentle kiss on the lips. Judy kissed her back – not passionately, but lovingly, after which she softly breathed, “thank you”.

With all eight inches of his thick, throbbing penis still fully buried deep inside of Judy, Joe leaned forward and kissed Cindy in the same way before he too told her, “thank you”.

He then leaned forward and kissed Judy the same way...

Next: In part five, the romance stops – and the fucking really begins.
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Have really enjoyed this series and hope you put up the next one soon!