Shared Cindy: Judy's story, part one

This story can be found online at the now-abandoned blog, “Shared Cindy”. As it's a true story and far too good to be allowed to disappear, I'm putting it on my blog here for everyone's pleasure.


Judy came into our “f****y” accidentally. I say “accidentally” because it was a slip of the tongue by Cindy that brought it about.

Judy is a year or two older than us, a single mother, divorced for almost two years. She lived only a block away from us. Cindy had befriended her and they would go shopping together and sit up at night and have long conversations. It was during one of these conversations that Cindy let slip her unique living arrangements.

Cindy was at Judy’s house late one evening. Both had had too much wine. Talk got around to sex, naturally, and Judy was complaining she wasn’t getting any sex, but didn’t know how to go about meeting nice men and dating. Judy told Cindy with a wink that she was jealous of her, “… for having not only a nice-looking husband, but a live-in lover as well.”

Cindy was shocked because there was no way Judy could know about me, her and Joe. Amused by the look on Cindy’s face, Judy laughed and said, “I was only k**ding… but you looked like you thought I was serious...”

“Uhm… yeah. Well, you did catch me off-guard there for a second”, said Cindy.

“Well, I must say that your lodger is good looking and I'm not ashamed to say that I get so horny, I’ve more than once fantasized about the three of you together.”

Stunned, Cindy said nothing.

Continuing with her initial train of thought, Judy fantasized aloud, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to really have two lovers? I don’t mean sneaking off to see one or the other, I mean two men together at the same time. Two virile and considerate men who are unselfish and bent solely on satisfying you sexually as much and as often as you want it? Wouldn’t you just love to try that?” asked Judy.

Cindy replied, “I have and it’s everything you could imagine.”

Initially, Judy didn’t believe Cindy’s revelation. To convince her, Cindy had Judy come over the next day and showed her our huge, custom-made bed, our walk-in closet with two very-different men’s wardrobes and numerous pictures of the three of us together. None of this convinced her and she scoffed at Cindy’s claim of being shared.

“Those pictures don’t mean anything. So what? You’re good friends and you spend a lot of time together taking pictures. Show me a picture of the three of you in bed… or you and Joe in bed and then I’ll be convinced.”

Knowing how many pictures and movies we have of our various sexploits, Cindy knew this would now be very easy, although actually seeing graphic images might shock Judy, who only appeared sceptical, but in reality was secretly hoping it was true.

Going to the computer, Cindy opened a folder titled, “J & C”. As she double-clicked an icon, she cautioned Judy, “I have no idea what this picture is except it’s me and Joe probably doing something nasty.”

Both women watched the screen as the image zoomed open to display Cindy straddling Joe hips. Both of their faces were clearly visible and they were definitely fucking although Joe’s cock was not visible.

“Cindy!”, gasped Judy. “It is true! OMG, it is true!”, as she covered her mouth with her hand.

Cindy clicked another icon. What appeared next was an image of Cindy kneeling between a man’s legs and holding his hefty cock in her hand. Unable to see the man’s face, Judy gasped aloud and pointing to the magnificent penis on the screen, asked, "That's Joe?”

“Yep!”, beamed Cindy proudly. “Eight sturdy inches and he cums like a stallion.”

“Oh…” said Judy, u*********sly plopping down into the computer chair, staring at the thick shaft of meat in Cindy’s hand.

After a few seconds, she turned to Cindy suddenly as a thought occurred to her and she asked, “But who took the picture?”

“My husband Mike,” she answered.

“You mean that Mike is there when you and Joe are… uhm???”

“Always. Well, almost always. I told you, Mike and I have no secrets. Actually, Mike, Joe and I have no secrets, which means now I have to tell them that you know about us. The best way to do that is to invite you to a private party. Just the four of us. What do you think?”

“You’re k**ding, right?,” Judy asked, then corrected herself by saying, “No… no… I don’t suppose you are.”

Judy stared at Joe’s hefty meat in Cindy’s smallish hand and sighed, “Goodness, girl, if I had that thing at my disposal, I’d never leave the house!”

“Mike is almost as big and I already said I’ll loan them both to you.”, Cindy reminded.

“Wait! Not so fast! How do you know they’ll agree to… to all this?”

Cindy just laughed and replied, “Because they’re men, silly!”

The arrangement

Sunday morning over coffee, Joe and I were both surprised when Cindy told us about her slip of the tongue that resulted in a still-doubting, but hopefully horny Judy being invited into our bed. It was so unlike Cindy to breathe a word about our lifestyle, especially to someone within the same neighborhood. I could only conclude that *she* must really want her.

“How should I set this up?” she asked.

“What’s to set up?”, I shrugged. “Just have her over like you’ve already suggested.”

“Well, duh!" she mocked. “I mean, how do we start? She’s not just gonna knock on the door and announce, ‘Hi Cindy. Thanks for your kind invitation. I’m here to get fucked by both of your men'.”

I laughed aloud at her directness. “How do you know what she’ll say?” I asked.

"Mike... be serious!", said Cindy.

“I am serious.” I countered. “C'mon, this isn't going to be a seduction. You showed her pictures that I took of you and Joe fucking and she still wants to come over? I’d say that your Miss Judy knows exactly what she wants and no seduction is necessary. She’s gonna show up here with wet panties and high hopes of getting some of what she saw in the picture, which was Joe’s thick cock."

Upon hearing his name, Joe peeked from behind the Sunday paper with, “I get back from London on Friday. I should be here around nine... ten at the latest. If I run later, start without me," he said.

"Look, Hon,” I added, “just invite her over. She'll either politely decline, or she'll be hotter than any of us. Joe and I can arrive later, giving you guys a head start. By the time we get here, Judy will have either run off or be open for almost anything, no pun intended.

“There is nothing to arrange. Just invite her. We already know that if you let them, things like this just, happen. Right, Joe?”

The next morning, with my mind and body smiling, I drove to work and Joe took a car to the airport, both of us wondering how Cindy would arrange things with Judy. Knowing her as we do, we were both confident of her success.

And so it begins...

“Honey, I’m home,” I called out as I entered the door. It was just past eight and I was about to explode with tension, wondering what was going on between Cindy and Judy.

After Cindy had told Joe and I about possibly adding Judy to our circle of fuckbuddies, it was decided that Cindy would try to seduce her first. If all went well with the two of them, it would be natural for me to join them after 'catching' them at it. Joe would be back by nine and would be a welcome addition...

The house was strangely quiet, though, when I returned. Joe wasn’t home yet and the lights were off – except in the den, and I could smell faint traces of scented candles. Curious, I proceeded to the den to see where Cindy and Judy were. As I entered the room, I was surprised to see both of them watching one of our many home-made sex tapes.

They weren’t actually watching. Cindy had her white bath-robe on, but it wasn’t tied closed. She was kneeling on the floor between Judy’s legs who was sitting back in the couch with her legs spread apart as Cindy was pressing one of her vibrators to Judy’s clit. Judy was wearing my matching robe but it was open at her sides.

After nearly 30 seconds of silence except for the buzzing toy, Cindy looked up at me: “You’d better close your mouth… you’re gonna catch flies,” she laughed.

Judy looked up at me briefly, blushed and looked down, before she continued watching what Cindy was doing to her. “We started without you,” said Cindy, her eyes bright and excited. “You said you would leave it to me to arrange a start and this is what I came up with.

“Joe called. He’ll be late. His London flight was delayed. He doesn’t know how long he will be, so hurry up, change and come join us.”

When Cindy said, “Joe’s flight had been delayed”, Judy moaned. She blushed again briefly but was far too aroused by the vibrator in her pussy to attempt any false modesty. Happily surprised to see that foreplay had already begun, I made my way upstairs with a big grin and a growing erection.

As badly as I wanted to hurry back down, once upstairs I decided to take a quick shower. Not just to be fresh and clean, but to also give the girls more time to play. I had no idea how long they had been at it, but I wanted them to be physically and mentally committed to make certain there would be no turning back.

The whole time I was showering, my dick was stiff, demanding attention, but I resisted, not knowing what would be required of it as the evening progressed. I dried my hair and brushed my teeth. I slipped on some drawstring pajama bottoms and padded downstairs barefoot and bare chested.

Prolonging my entry into the room as long as I could, I first went into the kitchen and got a tray and poured them two glasses of red wine from the bottle they had started and got two bottles of water from the 'fridge. I opened a cold beer for myself and with these I returned to the den, wondering what I was going to see.

All action

Entering the room, I was hoping to see them licking each others’ pussies. But Cindy was now stroking her large vibrator in and out of Judy’s pussy, while she held her little high-speed, silver-bullet to Judy’s clit. Judy was soaring and had her eyes closed, our dirty movie completely forgotten.

“Doesn’t she look so sexy?”, Cindy asked while both of her hands were busy masturbating her newest girlfriend.

“I’ll say,” I said, as my cock peaked out of my pyjamas.

“She’s almost there. This will be her second. She is quite the cummer,” said Cindy as Judy writhed and squirmed. I watched as Cindy plunged her vibrator in and out of Judy’s pussy, the whirring sound of the toy changing with every in-and-out stroke.

Judy was pinching her hard nipples and began a soft, slow wail, eventually giving way to hard, muscular spasms and sexy grunting to go with them. Cindy continued, while we both watched Judy in the throes of an intense vaginal orgasm. My cock was now rock hard and I had my hand around it inside my pyjamas, slowly stroking it while I watched an attractive woman I was only slightly acquainted with, cumming on our couch.

Cindy was right… Judy did look sexy. In the middle of her orgasm, her face and chest were flushed pink and her neck muscles were taut. Her legs were in the air, bent at the knees and her toes were tightly curled as she continued to cum with Cindy’s pink toy churning wetly in-and-out of her slick, wet genitals. Eventually, her spasms began to subside and Cindy slowed her motions to match.

“Ooohhh…”, sighed Judy in relief as she sank into the cushions, still jerking from aftershocks, her legs trembling as they sagged onto the coffee table. She motioned for Cindy to stop and she did. She removed the high-intensity bullet from Judy's clit and turned off the large vibrator but left it buried deep in Judy’s pussy.

“Ohhhh…”, moaned Judy again as she began to float back to reality. “Ohhhh… my... ”

“Was that good?”, asked Cindy, already aware of the answer.

“Ohhhh… yes,” she replied weakly, still recovering. She was rocking her head back and forth slowly and when she saw me next to her, she looked like she just realized I was there.

“Hi,” I said.
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