Being watched

Last night was our first ever dogging session. It took both of us ages to build up the confidence worrying more about being caught by someone we knew or the authorities.
Anyway after parking up behind a local pub where we knew the fields attracted people we put the light on and started kissing. I wasnt sure how popular it would be as we didnt see anyone when we pulled in but after only a few seconds we had a couple of watchers. My wife loves showing off so I knew that would be a problem and it seemed that as soon as she got her tits out we had our 5 keen viewers. We wound her window downa little and aksed for requests. Within seconds I was being swallowed as she took me deep in her mouth. The callfor sex was loud so she climbed on and started to ride me good. She wouldnt let me cum inside her even though with everyone watching and encouraging us I was busting. Instead she stopped and looked out at the guys who all seemed tobe enjoying us. She aksed if we got out would they keep clear and when confident they would she stepped out and lay against the bonnet. I was next to her for confidence and she asked if anyone wanted a better look but no touching. They all stood round and aksed her to open up or finger herself. While she was doing this she made it clear she wanted to see them wank and cum. After they were done we started to fuck again but we noticed one of the guys had come back and was watching agin, he was the shy quiet type and had stood at the back before. Clair asked about him and he said he just wanted to watch as he hadnt cum the first time. She asked him close and I was a bit worried he might shoot straight away. We let him watch while I fucked her for a bit and then claire asked me if she could play with him.
Sure I wasnt bothered so she held him tight squeezing him, he pumped staright away all over her leg. thats the biggest smile Ive seen in ages.
I pushed her face down across the car and pushed hard finishing deep inside her as our friend watched. God that was so good.
Where are all you guys, we always love to play
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2 years ago
Sounds hot.
am sure it will the first of many nights dogging.
Look forward to some pics of your adventures.