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[Story] Being watched

Last night was our first ever dogging session. It took both of us ages to build up the confidence worrying more about being caught by someone we knew or the authorities.
Anyway after parking up behind a local pub where we knew the fields attracted people we put the light on and started kissing. I wasnt sure how popular it would be as we didnt see anyone when we pulled in but after only a few seconds we had a couple of watchers. My wife loves showing off so I knew that would be a problem and it seemed that as soon as she got her tits out we had our 5 keen viewers. We wound her window downa lit... Continue»
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Milking table

The idea came from this site. I watched several videos of the milking table. So wife invited a guy over we had camfun with before and I lay face down on the table with my cock shoved through a hole I had made on a special board.
They got underneath the table and for half an hour I had no idea what they got up to but I know I was oiled and pulled with some hard sucking on and off for that time until I was allowed to cum.
Hidden away I dont know who was doing what to me but it was such a turn on. I do know that during that time he assfucked Claire which is very unusual as she normally only all... Continue»
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[Story] As so many of you asked this is how I got started

So you know I love tributes but after Dave posted about us we had loads of questions on how we got started. Well it was me not Dave.
I was 17 and my parents had a party. I went to bed and woke to see a man who I had been flirting with at the door. He was married and I knew she was at the party and he was just standing there. I though he might just leave but instead I saw him stroke his groin. I stired so teh covers moved and he could see my breasts. Although he thought I was asl**p I had a good view and saw he was wanking his cock. This went on for ages but I didnt want to say anything and s... Continue»
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[Story] tribute

We didn’t know what to really expect the first time we had a guest visit. My wife and I had been a fan of tribute pictures and then videos for ages with her selecting a couple for tribute. It wasn’t until one night she suggested it as a fantasy and since then we have had 3 real life tributes.
Each time we make sure the guys know its no sex and no blowjobs but just about anything else. All they have to do is wank over the living picture that is Claire.
Our first guest just asked her to sit there he stood in front of her until he unloaded over her dress, thanked us and left. After he went we ... Continue»
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