Sun bathing with my s****r

A CONTINUATION OF Caught in my s****rs underwear.

We must have been asl**p for about an hour on the sofa when I felt Jane slowly stroking my arm, "Dan, wake up baby," she whispered.

I looked up at her and smiled, here I was lying next to my hot s****r, both of us still in our matching thongs and bras. Her's baby pink, mine sunshine yellow, my cock was hard against her body, she started stroking it gently with the back of her hand through the material of my thong. "Come on baby, we should make the most of this amazing weather and the fact I have an extra day off work," she said.

"What did you have in mind?" I was nervous and intrigued at the same time.

"Well, I was thinking of going and lying out in the garden for a couple of hours....what do you think?"

"Sure, I could do with a bit more colour, I look a little pale when I'm at the pool."

We stand up off the sofa and look each other up and down again, my cock so hard in my knickers looking at Jane's beautiful body. Her legs so long and toned, her hips curving smoothly to her tiny waist before reaching her pert round breasts. Her dark hair resting on her shoulders. Her full lips curl into a smile, "What's up Dan? Like what you see?" She asked wickedly, as she turned and walked off, knowing that my eyes were fixed on her smooth round ass.

I quickly walked after her, watching her ass sway as she walked up the stairs, trying to sneak a peak at her pussy as she got higher. She waited for me at the top of the stairs, "I'm going to grab a quick shower, you made a real mess over me before, why don't you go and get ready," she said.

As I turned towards my room she grabbed my arm, "Where do you think you're going?" She asked f***efully.

"I was going to grab some shorts from my room," I said, what a stupid question I thought.

"No you don't!" The tone of her voice was a little unexpected, "You need to go into my room and pick us each a bikini, you want to be a girl, you're going to be a girl!"

"But...I can't go outside in a bikini, what if someone sees?" I begin to argue.

"No one will see, besides do you want me to tell mum and dad I caught you going through my underwear?"

"You know I don't, I'm just scared, I've never been out in public dressed in your clothes before."

Jane slid her hand inside her thong and started touching her pussy again, "Dan, do this for me, and I promise I'll do something for you that will blow your mind!"

"Well as you put it like that..." I brush past Jane, letting my hard cock press against her body, "I'd better pick us something nice to wear."

I knelt on the floor in front of the drawer where Jane's bikini's were, I knew exactly how many were in there as I'd tried them all on in there, I knew which one I looked hottest in, and now I've seen Jane in her underwear, I know exactly what will be best for her as well.

I quickly put on Jane's bright blue triangular bikini. The small cups shaped my chest/breasts perfectly, and being a halter neck it made them look slightly bigger and rounder than they really were. The bikini bottoms sat just so the curves of my ass were on show, showing off how firm and muscular it was.

I had my back to the door as Jane walked in "WOW!" she screamed, "You look stunning!"

"You really think so?" I asked without turning round.

"Yeah, your ass looks fantastic, and you look almost feminine the way the top gives you curves, turn round and let me look at you properly!"

I turn round and see Jane with a towel wrapped round her exactly how I did a few hours earlier. Jane's eyes nearly pop out of her head when she sees me. "Your breasts seem so much rounder and natural in that top...and the lycra seems to hold your cock in a little more than that lacey little thong did!" she says staring at my groin.

"What did you pick out for me then?" Jane asked excitedly.

"Your white bikini, I remember seeing you in it in some photos and thinking how good you looked, plus seeing you this morning, I know you definitely will!" I replied passing her the set.

Jane pulled the bottoms up under her towel, which fell as she adjusted them around her ass. There was my beautiful s****r just in a small pair of bikini bottoms, her pert breasts almost asking for me to kiss and caress them. I watched as Jane slowly put on the top, her breasts filling the cups perfectly, her beautiful body there in front of me. I couldn't stop staring, thinking about how I would love to be fucking my s****r right now, and also how I wish my body was as hot as hers.

"Dan, can you just come and adjust the tie at the back of this please, I just need it a little tighter," Jane asked. I stand behind her, my hands dying to touch her neck and shoulders, stroke her back and hold her hips as I pull her close to me. "There you go, how's that?" I ask

"Spot on, thanks," I step a little closer, my cock now nudging into the small of her back. I brush her her off her shoulder and gently kiss her neck.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM Dan that feels so good, but we should really go and enjoy the sun, there'll be time for some of that later." Jane said as she stepped slowly away from me, "Come one, grab that towel you left here earlier and lets get outside!"

I froze as I got to the back door, Jane was already in the garden and turned to look at me, "Come on baby, what are you waiting for? No one can see us, we know that the garden isn't overlooked."

"I know, but...."

"But nothing!" Jane said as she grabbed my arm and pulled me into the garden. My nipples hardened as they hit the fresh air, my cock twitching with Jane's touch. We walked up to the sunloungers and lay our towels down, ready for a relaxing couple of hours in the sun.

"Here, put these on," Jane smiled as she passed me a pair of her sunglasses, "Wow they really complete the look."

"And you should put this on, I already have!" I said passing Jane the suntan lotion.

I watched as Jane ran her hands up and down her smooth body, following the line of her legs, over her toned stomach and across her shoulders. My cock was getting hard again, imagining her stroking and fingering her pussy all over again. Jane and I lay there for about 45 minutes, just chatting about her job, my studies, boys, girls and what we wanted from the future. It was nice just spending time with jane, and it wasn't long before I'd completely forgotten about the fact that I was lying there in the sun in my s****rs bikini.

"Time to turn over," Jane said, "we do want to tan all over remember. Here, let my rub lotion into your back." Jane's legs were straddling mine, her soft smooth skin felt so good next to my firm thighs. Her hands moving slowly up and down my back, gently rubbing the lotion into my skin. I couldn't help but moan with delight at her touch as she gently kissed my neck. "My turn now," she whispered into my ear.

She moved back to her lounger and lay down, this time I straddled her legs, my cock growing in the bikini bottoms, inches from her pert bum. I slowly started massaging the lotion into her lower back, moving gradually higher and further round her toned waist. I leaned further forward and gently rubbed her shoulders and neck, the angle I was at made it so my cock was hard against her ass. I returned the favour and gently kissed her neck and shoulders. I moved my body further down the lounger and started to rub the lotion into her thighs, kissing the small of her back. My hands running higher up the inside of her thighs, her legs parting slightly. I carefully run my fingers between her legs, touching her bikini bottoms, Jane lets out a small moan as I gently rub her pussy through her bikini.

"Dan, stop that, it can wait til later, and I want to get a little more of a tan today," Jane said, I stroked her pussy and kissed her back a couple more times before standing up, deliberately letting my hard cock brush against her ass.

We lay there in silence for the next 45 minutes or so, again I think we drifted off to sl**p when I heard Jane say "Come on Dan, let's go and get a drink its getting warm out here.

We stood quietly in the kitchen, sipping on orange juice. I watched a bead of sweat run down Jane's cleavage, fuck she is so damn hot I thought to myself. I imagined being on top of her slowly sliding my cock deep in her warm wet pussy inch by inch, deeper and deeper. Our tongues entwined as we kiss passionately, my hands pinching her nipples as I start to fuck her harder....

"Dan! Dan! You're not even listening to a word I'm saying are you?" Jane shouted.

"Sorry I was miles away, what were you saying?"

"I said, perhaps we should get you out of that bikini and try and make ourselves look presentable before mum and dad come home." Jane repeated as she led me towards the stairs.

We entered her room again, Jane's hands tugging at the laces holding my top up, our mouths eating hungrily at each others, tongues pushing hard against each other. "Dan I want you so much, seeing you dressed like a girl has turned me on so much....but we both know how wrong this is!" I continued kissing her neck as her hands squeezed my back, pulling her closer, "so we need to agree that this is our secret, no one knows and we never discuss it when anyone else is around!"

"Definitely." I reply as I undo Jane's top and let it fall. I gently cup her breasts, pinching her nipple between my thumb and finger. I can feel my cock hard against Jane as we continue kissing eagerly.

Jane steps backwards and sits on the bed, leading me to her. I stand in front of her as she pulls the string on the side of my bottoms, letting my cock spring free. Before I knew what was happening my Jane was gently kissing the tip of my cock, running her tongue along the full length of the shaft as she gently cupped my balls. She took my cock deeper inside her mouth, sucking harder and running her tongue around its swelling head. This feels so good as Jane starts wanking my cock into her mouth as she swirls her tongue over the tip, driving me insane. Minutes pass and I feel the orgasm start to build inside me. Jane must sense this and gradually stops sucking, but carries on massaging my balls.

She moves back up the bed and says "Dan, I don't want you to come just yet," With that she slips down her bottoms to reveal her pussy, gleaming slighty with moistness and starts running her fingers along its full length, then slowly licks and sucks on her fingers. "MMMMMMMMMMMMM you've made me all wet!" Before I know it Jane is reaching under her bed and pulls out her rabbit (which I knew she had as I've snooped around her room enough).

She slowly rubbed the vibe along the length of her pussy before easing the head of it inside "You're cock will be here soon enough" she smiled. She started to fuck herself hard with the toy, taking it deeper and deeper inside her. She flicked the switch and I could hear the gentle buzz and saw her eyes roll as it touched her clit. I was stroking my cock watching her masterbate in front of me. The vibe deep inside her, my strokes in time with hers as I see her hips move with her arousal.

"Come here," She whispers. I step forward, my cock next to her face. I keep stroking my cock as we stare deeply into each others eyes.

"Oh my god I'm going to cum" I moan. Before I know it Jane's mouth is back round my cock as I wank myself hard into her mouth. I start to tense, knowing that I'm going to shoot my load any second now. My cock twitches slowly, then harder and harder as Jane moans around my cock. She lets out a scream as she orgasms with her rabbit deep inside her, the vibe gently rubbing her clit. Before I know it I'm cumming hard in Jane's mouth, unleashing what feels like a gallon of cum into her mouth. Jane tightens her mouth around my cock and starts swallowing and sucking even harder on it.

I climb on the bed next to her and we start kissing again, slower and more tenderly this time, linking hands as our tongues dance with each other. "We'd better get dressed, mum will be home from work soon," Jane said, "But I could easily lie here all day with you Dan."

"Mum and dad go away at the weekend remember," I said smiling wickedly at her.

"How could I forget!" Jane replied, pulling me to her and kissing me once more.

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