Caught in my s****r's underwear

It was the first day of the summer holiday, 6 weeks before I had to return to college, one more year before I could get away to university and have my own space. I'd got home from swimming training about 8am,my parents and older s****r, Jane, had already left for work. This meant I had a whole day of relaxing round the house wearing whatever I wanted.

I went upstairs for another shower, trying to get the smell of chlorine off my body. I soaped myself up and started running my hands slowly over my body - one of the benefits of swimming competitively was the need to be smooth all over (apart from a patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair around my cock). The other is a tight toned body but not overly muscular. I resisted the urge to stroke my cock, there'd be plenty of time for that later, I thought.

I dried myself off, wrapped my towel around me and walked into Jane's room to decide which set to treat myself to today. I was always very careful not to mess up her underwear drawer. I saw what I wanted straight away...what better way to celebrate the summer than a matching yellow thong and gra set??

I stepped into the thong and pulled it up under my towel. I loved the feel of the thong between my ass cheeks, the way my balls were supported. I slipped the bra on, my growing pecs filling Jane's 36B cups almost as well as she fills it herself.

I turned around, dropped the towel and looked in the mirror, my cock twitch as I saw myself, again fighting the urge to stroke my cock and cum there and then. I looked at how my cock filled the thong, covered by the darker lower material, my pubic hair showing through the sheer mesh on the top half, which then formed the waist band.

The sheer lace bra looked so good against my tanning skin, my pink nipples hard against the material, aching to be rubbed. I turned and checked myself out - fuck I look good and ran my hands over my body - but resisting the growing urges inside me.

I went downstairs and started fixing my breakfast, hopefully eating will take my mind off how horny I was feeling right now. I took my breakfast through to the lounge and sat down, ready for what I hoped would be a very lazy start to the holiday.

I must have been sl**ping when I heard the front door slam and Jane call out "Dan I'm home, the office had to close as there was no power! Where are you?" My heart was pounding, what was I going to do? Do I try and hide, run past her quickly and hope she doesn't see or bite the bullet and wait for her to come and find me? Before I could make a decision the lounge door opened and Jane saw me sitting there in her sexy lingerie.

"What the fu" Jane stood there open mouthed staring at me. I just froze, staring at her, do I start to beg, cry or try and laugh it off? "I...I...I can explain" I started to stammer, the words just wouldn't come out.

"Dan...what are you doing there in my fucking underwear?"

"What does it look like, I'm sl**ping after training!" Was sarcasm the best answer....probably not.

Jane started to laugh, but she stifled it. "I really don't know what the fuck to say to you right now Dan"

By this point I was trying to work out how I was going to get out of this. "Jane, please don't say anything to anyone about this. I promise I'll do anything for want and I'll never wear them again." I pleaded.

Jane sat on the chair opposite staring at me. She started speaking "I mean, i was always suspicious about how my underwear kept moving, I always thought it was mum and dad checking what was going on in my life" She smiled "I even thought you might be using them to wank over...but this"

"Well I've done that too...." I said - shit I should keep my mouth shut.

Jane started laughing, "I guess honesty is the best policy now! Want to tell me anything else?" I could tell by her smile and tone of voice she wasn't about to kill me.

I leaned back on the sofa, then suddenly reaised Jane would now be able to see everything so sat back up again. "I don't know...what do you want to know?"

"Like when did this start, why do it, how does it make you feel?" Jane said patronising me.

I shifted in my seat, cautious not to expose myself this time. I thought to myself, Jane is being really good about this, I need to be honest with her.

"I started last year when you came back from uni," I started, "I saw your sexy panties one day, and your right I wanked into them. As time passed I got a little bored of that and one day slipped them on and came in them. I guess I've been dressing up like this since Christmas now. They're just so much sexier compared to my boxers, and I love the way they feel around my cock and next to my skin."

Jane just sat there trying to take it all in. "Does anyone else know?" She asked.

"Just you, and I'm not in any rush to tell anyone!" I replied.

"Don't worry, I won't, promise."

"Because you don't want people knowing you have a freak for a b*****r?" I asked.

"No, because I can see how scared you are, but also how comfortable you seem in them."

"Would you mind if I went and get changed? I kind of feel awkward right now." As I stood, I had to adjust my (well Jane's) thong.

"Don't you just hate that?" Jane laughed.

"Yeah the only draw back!" I smiled.

" look great in that set," Jane stated honestly as I blushed. "Why don't you keep that set, the bra is a little small for me and you look so good in it."

"Thanks," I said just standing there, smiling at her "And thanks again for being so kind about this."

Jane stood up and came and gave me a hug. "Hmmm my little b*****r is getting some pretty good muscles," she said as we embraced. My arms wrapped round her, we just stood there holding each other. Before I knew what was happening I could feel my cock twitching in my thong as it started to grow. Jane started to pull away, could she feel it, again I started to panic.

"Dan, do you..." she started to speak, then stopped as she looked down and stared at my hardening cock, "Wow my b*****r really is growing up.

I stood there blushing further. "I'll go and get changed, then maybe we can chat some more?" I asked

"Definitely, but don't take off that set, just put some clothes on." Jane said.

As I walked out the room, Jane called out, "Dan, come back here."


"Don't go upstairs just yet, I guess I've seen you, so its only fair you see me too," she smiled and started undoing her blouse. She slipped it off her shoulders, revealing the baby pink version of the bra I was wearing, stepping out of the skirt I could see the matching thong, and like mine, a slight patch of pubic hair where it changes.

" look amazing!" I couldn't stop staring at her sexy body, her curves so smooth and natural, her nipples hard, darker than mine, pressing against the pink lace.

"You like?" she said spinning round. "Judging by the bulge in that thong you do!"

I looked down, my cock was now fully erect as I watched my s****r posing for me in her finest underwear, fighting the urge to start stroking my cock as I stood looking at her.

"Well I couldn't have you thinking you looked better in it than me could I," she grinned a fake innocent grin as she spoke, "so what are you going to do about that cock of yours?"

"I'd love to be stroking it right now, but that would be wrong with you in the room," I said as maturely as I could.

"Well you can go to your room if you want, but what's the point imagining me, when you can stay here and see the real thing?" Jane said as she brushed her hand over my cock as she walked past me and lay on the sofa.

I just stood there staring at her, confused at what to do, and more importantly, what she wanted me to do and would let me do.

"Dan, why don't you release that cock and stroke it while you look at me....we both know you want to," Jane said.

"Are you sure? That's so wrong, fantasising about you is one thing, wanking over you in the flesh is a different matter completely."

As I stood there talking, Jane's hands were wandering over her body, gently rubbing her nipples through her bra, I could see them grow as she teased them. Her other hand slid down her toned stomach and she started to rub her pussy through her thong.

"Well you just stand there and let me enjoy the view!" She said, biting her lip and letting out a small moan. Oh my god, my hot older s****r is stroking her pussy as I stand here with a hard cock in her/my thong and bra....what am I waiting for?

I pulled the thong aside and let my cock free. I heard her gasp as she saw it and slipped her hand inside her knickers at the same time. We kept eye contact as we stroked ourselves, breaking off to view each others body. Jane started breathing harder, her face getting redder, her fingers moving faster in her thong.

As I watched I felt my balls tighten, I took fuller longer strokes on my cock, before I knew it I was shooting hot cum all over her stomach and breasts. As it hit her, it was as if it triggered her and she started writhing and moaning before my eyes as she came hard, physically shaking as her orgasm subsided.

I knelt down and rested my head in her lap, "Wow Jane, that was intense, I haven't cum that hard for ages, I thought I was going to pass out."

"Me too, as soon as I saw you this morning I was turned on, but I didn't think we'd end up doing this. Why don't you come up here and give me a hug?"

I slid next to Jane on the sofa, resting my head on her shoulder. She leant down and kissed my forehead I looked into her eyes and we smiled at each other, knowing that this wouldn't be the last time something like this happened.


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9 months ago
what a hot story
10 months ago
omg thats so hot and horny
1 year ago
Very hot
1 year ago
2 years ago
wow i came allover my panties thanks
2 years ago
Hot, amazing, made me wet down in my boxers , can't wait for the next one
2 years ago
what a great sister! hope there is more.
3 years ago
Fuck yeah! wish my sister was that awesome!
3 years ago
Every boys dream :)
3 years ago
super sexy
3 years ago
Very Hot !!!
3 years ago
outstanding & hot
3 years ago
I look forward to reading more! Nicely done - 5 Xs.

3 years ago
thats very good keep on going!
3 years ago
Great start!