wrap around skirt

It was our first anniversary and we had planned to go
to the quiet little restaurant where we had gone on our
very first date. Beth asked me to select what she
should wear for the evening from her wardrobe. Hoping I
was in for a sexy evening, well this was our
anniversary; I selected a black blouse that
crisscrossed over her lovely small but firm young
breasts. It had ties that went around her waist and
tied and the back. I also selected a black wraparound
skirt and suggested that she didn't wear panties.

I was hoping to have a little fun on the dance floor.
Boy! Did that turn out to be an understatement!

Whilst getting ready and being in a party mood, we had
opened a bottle of wine. Beth suggested opening a
second bottle as we weren't going to be driving. We had
booked a taxi so it didn't really matter about

Being a lovely warm evening, Beth just had a black
crocheted wrap around her shoulders. As she was getting
into the taxi her wraparound skirt opened completely to
her waist and I could tell by the look on the drivers
face that she had agreed to my request not to wear
panties. When we set off, I told her that the driver
must have seen her shaved pussy when her skirt opened.
She blushed profusely but then started to giggle.

I told the driver the address.

'Are you sure you wanna go there?' He inquired. 'I mean
especially the way your wife is dressed.'

I assured him that it was exactly where we wanted to go
as it was where we had our first date.

'Dunno when that was mate but it's now under new
management. I wouldn't advise going there.'

I must have had more wine than I realised as the
significance of his warning was lost on me and I
assured him that was our destination.

We arrived and I helped Beth from the taxi. It was only
as the taxi pulled away that I realised the place did
look very different and I wondered for a moment if he
had indeed brought us to the right place.

There was a black man wearing a tuxedo standing by the
door. I asked him if this was the Black Cat.

'The Black Cat as was Sir! It is now the Black Pussy!'

Cat, Pussy. Didn't seem a big difference, just a bit
more playful sounding. The man opened the door for us
and as we entered it took us a little while to adjust
our eyes to the darkness. It was very dimly lit. The
bar area drew my attention as it was better lit than
the rest of the place. I took Beth by the arm and
e****ted her over to the bar. There didn't seem to be
many people in the place just one couple sat at a table
and two men stood at the bar.

Beth hoisted herself up onto a bar stool as I ordered
drinks. As I turned back to Beth I was shocked to see
her wraparound skirt had fallen open and she was
showing a lot of leg. Being a warm evening she hadn't
bothered wearing stockings. Her show hadn't gone
unnoticed. The two men had turned to get a better view
and when the barman returned with the drinks, he was
practically bending over the bar to get a better look.

I drew Beth's attention to her skirt and she hurriedly
pulled it back over her legs.

By the time we had a couple more drinks, the place was
starting to fill up. The bar area was quite crowded
with people all around us. I then realised that it was
only men that were standing around Beth. Something
caught my eye and I looked more carefully at her skirt.
It was moving. Then I realised that the guy next to her
had his hand under her skirt and by the look of it he
must have been up as far as her pussy.

Beth's eyes were closed and it seemed she was in a
state of sexual arousal. I then noticed that he wrap
around blouse was sagging open. Someone had undone the
ties at the back. It was so far apart at the front that
I could see one of her nipples. The thought that a lot
of men could see her bare breasts and one guy was
fingering her pussy was really turning me on.

A guy standing behind Beth was leaning against her
back. He was nuzzling her neck and whispering in her
ear. Another guy was gradually working his way at the
side of Beth between her and myself. I had to look
around him to see that he had pulled her blouse open
and was fondling her bare breasts.

The guy behind her reached up and cupped her other
breast as the guy who had opened her blouse, bent
forward to suck on her nipple. I also noticed that she
had her legs wide open and if it wasn't for the fact
that the guy who was fingering her pussy had started to
kiss her, she would have been moaning loudly as an
orgasm shook her body.

As her orgasm subsided, I pushed the guy out of the way
and pulled Beth off the stool and e****ted her to a
booth, trying to pull her blouse together as we made
our way. Fortunately the skirt just fell back into

When we were sat down I asked her if she realised what
had just happened. She said that she wasn't that d***k
and anyway the fantastic orgasm sure would have sobered
her up.

I asked if she wanted to leave. She replied only if I
did as she was having a lot of fun. I confessed that I
also was enjoying our anniversary evening. Watching her
become the plaything of a group of men was the sexiest
thing I had ever seen.

Just then the waitress brought us two drinks. She said
they were sent over by the men at the bar. As we looked
in their direction, they raised their glasses to us, so
we did the same back.

I pointed out to Beth that if we stayed there, there
may be a good chance that these men would want more
than just to play with her. With that she blushed
deeply and said

'I don't mind if you don't.'

'Do you mean you would let them 'Have you!' Let them
put their cocks in you!'

She reached down and grabbed my hard cock.

'I see the idea turns you on!' She said. 'The thought
of them shooting their cum into me gets you going
doesn't it?'

'Oh that would be delicious!' I replied.

'And would you still want to make love to me when I'm
full of other men's cum?'

'Oh yes please!'


I think Beth was a little more 'relaxed' than I was as
she didn't object when sitting at the bar, a strange
man put his hand up her wraparound skirt and finger-
fucked her to one of the best orgasms she had ever had
whilst two of his friends felt and sucked her tits.

We had gone to sit in a booth when the waitress brought
us drinks sent over by the men.

Just then one of the men came to our table and asked
Beth to dance. She readily accepted. I watched as best
I could as they came into sight now and then as my view
was sometimes blocked by the other couples on the
floor. The guy was helping himself to feeling her arse
and tits. Even sliding his hand inside her skirt to
play with her shaved pussy. The fact that she had no
panties on made this easy for him to get complete
access to her pussy and I am sure he was finger-fucking
her again. I could see she was really turned on as she
started to kiss him there in the middle of the floor.

They were soon swallowed up on the crowded dance floor.
After a few minutes I was curious to see what I was
missing. I walked around the dance floor then right at
the back of the room I spotted them. A group of men
surrounded her watching as her dance partner kissed her
and felt her up. He moved behind her and had her blouse
completely open and her skirt pulled open and wrapped
around behind her completely exposing her shaved pussy
and bare breasts to the other men. One of his friends
started fingering her pussy as two others sucked on her

Once she started to moan with the fingering, the guy
took out his cock and eased it into her. He fucked her
like that for a little while. I guess it was too
awkward that way. The guys sucking her tits lifted one
of her legs each and raised her so that she was level
with the guys cock and he could slide it in and out of
her with ease.

It didn't take him long to start moving faster as his
orgasm approached. I could hear his moans even over the
music as he came inside my Beth. The thought of a
stranger pumping her delicious pussy full of cum was
just too much for me and I came in my pants. I went off
to the toilets to clean up. When I returned they had
her bent over a table and mounted her from behind.

One after the other, all of the group (six men) took
turns fucking her. There was loads of cum running down
her thighs. When the last one had finished, they all
went off to the bar leaving her laying there. I cleaned
her thighs with my handkerchief, and then jammed it up
her cunt to lock the rest inside. It was my intention
to take her home and play with and suck on her
delicious well fucked pussy but as we were about to
leave, the black doorman stopped us.

'You can take her in the office if you want a bit of
privacy. I'm sure you can't wait to have your turn at
fucking the slut.' He said as he opened the office door
and e****ted us in then closed the door behind him as
he left us alone. There was a long leather couch, I
laid Beth down and undid her clothes. I just stood
there admiring her lovely form.

Even though I had just cum, I couldn't help but get
aroused again looking at her beauty. Red finger and
suck marks on her lovely breasts. Her delicious pussy
lips were now red and slightly swollen. I removed the
handkerchief from her cunt and watched the cum start to
ooze out of her. She was sort of half asl**p and half
in some fantasy dream. She had been well fucked by the
six guys and it was obvious she was in cum heaven.

I got down on my knees and d****d one of her legs over
my shoulder so that I could get at her delicious pussy.
I slowly licked each pussy lip then sucked on them. All
the time taking cum into my mouth, each lick, each suck
got more and more of it from her. I then concentrated
on her clit, bringing her to another shattering climax.
The intensity of her climax f***ed the last of the cum
of the six men from out of her cunt. I readily lapped
it up.

'She should be clean enough by now.' A voice from
behind me said. It turned out to be the manager he was
stood there with the black doorman watching us. I
hadn't heard them coming in. I suppose having Beth's
thighs clamped over my ears didn't help.

'Our turn now!' said the black doorman as he got on the
couch between Beth's thighs.

'Move over!' was the managers only comment as he shoved
me out of the way.

I sat there on the office floor watching as the two of
them enjoyed my lovely Beth. Taking turns fucking her,
sucking her tits. The black guy came in her pussy but
the manger came on her face and some went in her mouth.

'That'll make kissing her more interesting for you,' he
said as he wiped his cock on her hair. I could wait no
longer, I dived on my lovely Beth sinking my dick into
her cum filled cunt and kissing and licking her face.

'I thought he'd enjoy that,' said the manager as they
both left the office laughing.

What a wonderful anniversary.

Now whenever we go for a night out, I always insist she
wears the wraparound skirt.

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