stoned cum slut

Upon putting their second movie of the evening in the
DVD player, "Kill Bill," she rolled up a marijuana
joint, knowing full well what smoking a joint does to
her. They shared a joint together, and tried to settle
on focusing on the movie. She turned to him and said,
"I can't focus on this movie right now. I'm too stoned
and this movie is requiring too much concentration.
Let's go to bed." He complied and they turned the T.V.

While he was in the bathroom, she quickly took her
clothes off and slid on a short satin nightgown. She
was contemplating panties, "Hmmmmm, do I put some on?
Or just climb into bed like this?" She chose to put on
a pair of lace panties, not necessarily expecting that
he and her were about to have sex, considering this was
only their fourth date. Although she wasn't expecting
anything, if it were to happen, then he would have to
work for it a little!

She climbed into bed and closed her eyes, letting her
"high" take over. She felt amazing, her body was
relaxed, her head felt incredible, and she was prepared
to let herself go. He came out of the bathroom and
entered her bedroom. The room was completely dark with
the exception of the moonlight, which cascaded a soft
glow upon the room. In her still motion, she heard the
change in his jean pockets hit the floor, and then she
heard the rustling of him pulling down his underwear.

He quietly pulled back the covers and climbed into her
bed. Unsure if she had fallen asl**p, he softly placed
his hand on the satin of her short nightgown. As he was
pleasantly surprised at her bed attire, he whispered,
"Mmmmmmmm, nice."

She never let on that she was awake as she wanted to
see what he would do. He slowly started running his
fingers along the smooth fabric of her nightgown.
Starting with her stomach and heading upwards, he
slowly ran his hand up to her breast. He started
rubbing the soft material until he felt a hard nipple
pierce the fabric. He knew what he was doing with his
fingers was exactly the effect it was taking on her

Her nipple was hard and she didn't want him to stop
there. He slid his hand across the satin and found her
other soft breast. He pinched the fabric until he felt
the other nipple pierce through. He'd successfully
managed to make both nipples hard in a matter of
minutes. The weed had made her incredibly horny! She
didn't dare let him know that she was only pretending
to be sl**ping, as she still wanted to see what he
would do with a sl**ping beauty beside him. He slid his
hand down the satin slowly, until he reached the bottom
of the hem. He began to drag the soft fabric up her
thighs. He knew what jewel was waiting for him.

He raised the satin fabric up to her stomach and took
in an excited breath!! The soft moonlight had cascaded
enough light into the room that he could see the white
lace panties covering her mound. He had to touch the
lace. He let his index finger touch the lace, caressing
his finger very slowly over the see-thru fabric. He
loved lace, he always had. He loved the temptation he
was entering now. Was she asl**p?

"Oh god, I wanna feel underneath that lace, but I
shouldn't touch her while she's sl**ping. That's just
wrong," he told himself. "Isn't this a little like
****? I know she's stoned, and probably doesn't have
her wits about her. Should I take advantage of her?" He
had to touch that lace again. It just felt too damn
good! His index finger again touched the lace and he
felt a stir in his cock.

"Oh god," he thought, "I have to touch her." He began
tracing the lace all over her pubic mound. He could see
traces of her dark pubic hair under the white lace.

"Mmmmm," he thought, "there is nothing more beautiful
than a woman's body, I have to have her, I have to
smell her, I have to taste her!" He quietly moved his
body down the bed so he could be closer to her treasure
box. He didn't want her to wake up as she looked so
beautiful while she slept. He spread her legs apart
just enough so he could slide his hands between her
thighs. He very gently pulled the lace aside so he
could smell her sweet pussy.

"Mmmmmm, oh god," he thought, "she smells amazing, her
pussy smells so damn sweet!" He slid his finger under
the lace and started to trace the folds of her soft
labia. He could feel moisture and once again, his cock
sprung to action.

"Oh god," he thought, "my cock is fuckin' rock hard -
so hard, it hurts! But she's sl**ping, I can't wake
her! Oh god, I have to wake her! Noooo, don't wake
her!" He slowly let his fingers play with her labia,
feeling her soft pubic hair along the remainder of his
fingers. She was wet. He could smell the muskiness of
her pussy, it was intoxicating. He moved his face
closer so he could take in as much as possible. His
nose was touching the lace and he let in a huge whiff
of pussy musk.

"Mmmmmmmmm, oh fuck, she's goddamn hot and wet, how can
I not wake her!! Just a taste, just a little lick," he
thought. He took his tongue and licked the lace, it was
wet and tasted briny. He loved the taste of pussy and
had many times thought before if he could just find a
way to manufacture the taste of pussy and bottle it,
he'd be a multi-billionaire many times over. Bill Gates
would have NOTHING on his invention!!

"Oh fuck it," he thought, "if she wakes, she wakes, I
have to taste it!!" He let his tongue take a lick of
her sweetness. His brain comprehended that he was
licking the pussy of a woman who was stoned on weed,
who was sl**ping, or even quite possibly semi-
conscious, who didn't have her wits about her, and what
he was doing, could by some, be construed as being a
version of ****!!

His brain sent that exciting message down to his cock!
His cock began to seep out pre-cum, not a lot, but just
enough that his balls started to feel a little relief.
He took his other hand and squeezed some of his pre-cum
onto his fingers. He took the pre-cum up to her
beautiful pussy and started rubbing her clit with it.
She stirred. "Oh fuck," he thought, "she's waking..."

He stopped what he was doing to see what she would do.
She mumbled something, then went back into her deep
sl**p. "Good little girl," he thought, "go back to
sl**p so I can finish up down here!" He began rubbing
her clit again, very gently, as he didn't want her
stirring again! He moved his face so that it was
directly over her pink folds of skin.

He was so close to her pussy, and finally stuck his
tongue out to touch her folds of pink skin. She was
soaking wet, his tongue didn't need to leave any
lubrication on her. His tongue began to lap at her hot
pussy, as one hand held back the white lace panties
away from her sticky wet pussy. He had to have more!!

He spread her legs just a little bit more, so he could
finally stick his tongue all the way up inside her. The
heat from the inside of her pussy made his tongue feel
amazing! He loved that kind of heat on his tongue. She
stirred again from her motionless sl**p. This time he
didn't stop, in some bizarre way, he wanted to see if
she'd wake from this. She mumbled something again,
unbeknownst to him, she quietly mumbled, "Please don't

In her state of being extremely stoned, her hazy mind
had managed to compute that her pussy was being eaten,
but she was unable to determine who was eating her
pussy. At this point of pussy eating, she didn't care
who it was, she just knew that she didn't want it to
stop! His tongue was now berating a lashing across her
pussy. He by this time, had managed to wiggle her lace
panties down from her. He had pulled her legs so far
apart, he wondered if he should be making a wish! He
knelt and began to play with his hard cock in front of
her semi-conscious body. He stroked his cock, and
pulled on his balls at the same time. Once again, the
shameful thought crossed his mind, "She’s fast asl**p,
this is wrong, I’d be r****g her."

The devil in him thought, "Who cares if she’s sl**ping,
look what she wore to bed! She wore lace panties for
you. She wore them to tease you! Take her! Take her

The devil inside took over the reasonable side of him
and he lay down in her with all his weight! He slammed
down his cock so deep inside her that she felt as if
her eyes were going to pop out of her head from the
pain! She began punching him on his back, "Get off me
you bastard! What do you think you’re doing, stop!!"

He pretended not to hear her as he kept pounding her
pussy with his hard cock. "No," she screamed at him,
"you’re not wearing a condom! Please don’t cum inside

"Oh don’t worry bitch, I won’t cum in you, at least not
in your pussy!"

She began to sob, knowing that this was too far gone,
there was nothing going to stop him now. She was
powerless to his urges. She thought with guilt, "I
shouldn’t have worn this to bed, what was I thinking?"

The devil in her thought, "Who the fuck are you
k**ding? You know you wanted him to fuck you so why are
you fighting this now like you’re a virgin! Girl
please... you wanted this to happen cuz you’re a little
cum-slut, aren’t you?" She screams out, "I am not a
little cum-slut!"

He wonders, "What the fuck is this bitch’s problem?
She’s talking to herself like a crazy woman!" With her
screaming out repeatedly, "I am not a little cum-slut,"
her pussy walls tightened over and over his hard cock.

It felt so damn good, he hoped she wouldn’t stop
screaming at the top of her lungs! He pulled her legs
up to his chest as he rested down on them with all his
weight, slamming inside her sopping wet pussy. He says,
"For a bitch who didn’t want this, you’re pretty damn
wet girl!"

"I know. I don’t know why!" she sobs.

"You know why," he says, "cuz you’re my little cum-

"Noooo, I’m not, fuck you," she says.

He slaps her across her face, "No bitch, fuck YOU is
what I’m doing right now isn’t it? Tell me how good my
fucking hard cock feels inside your pussy walls, tell

"No, I won’t tell you that, you’re r****g me!" "r****g
you? How can you **** the willing?" He starts chuckling
with an evil laughter.

He pulls his cock out of her pussy and notices that
it’s gleaming wet with her pussy juice. He moves over
closer to her head. "Suck it," he says.

"Please, no, I don’t want to."

"Who asked what you want you little cum-slut, I said
suck it!!!"

She takes his hard red cock and puts it in her mouth.
She discovers that the taste of her own pussy juice
combined with his seeping pre-cum on his cock isn’t as
unpleasant as what she thought it would be. She begins
to suck his cock with wanton disregard now. Could she
be enjoying this f***ed sex?

She sucks on his cock so hard, using her hands at the
same time. One hand is stroking in the same direction
that her mouth is going, while the other hand is
playing with his balls. He starts to moan, and she’s
thrilled with the fact that she’s got him now exactly
where she wants him! She begins to suck on his cock
even harder, almost hurting him. He can’t decide if the
pain he’s feeling is enough to make him slap her, or
kiss her!

His hard thick cock is slamming into her mouth, hitting
the back of her throat with such aggression. She feels
the need to gag, but doesn’t have the breath in her to
let out a scream. While playing with his nuts, she
decides to slide her hand even further back. He’s not
comfortable with her hand back there and says so,
"Listen bitch, don’t touch my ass, move your hand back
to my nuts!"

"Ahhhh haaa, finally," she thinks, "I have one up on
him. He’s anal-retentive! Oh god, Freud would have a
field-day with this case!!!"

Without missing a beat, while sucking on his rock-hard
cock still, she slides her index and middle fingers in
her pussy for extra lubrication. "God help him," she
thinks, "he wants to play, two can play this game!"

He begins to groan and arch his back against her face,
saying, "God baby, you know how to suck a good dick!!"

She just hums with his cock still in her mouth,
"Ahhhhhmmmmmm..." She figures he’s enjoying it so much,
maybe he won’t notice this... she takes her index
finger and slams it into his ass with all the might she

"Fuckin’ bitch!!!" he screams out, "what do you think
you’re fucking doing!? Stop doing that to my ass!"

She shouts back, "Fuck you bastard!! Fair play deserves
turn-about, right?"

He cries, "You’re fucking my ass though, I don’t want
my ass touched, please stop!"

"Awww poor baby, what’s a matter? What was that you
said about r****g the willing?" she screams back at

He had to admit, as painful as it felt, he loved having
her finger in his ass. No one had ever done this to
him, not even himself. He always had issues with his
ass, almost being homophobic about it being exit, not
enter! She pulls her index finger out of his ass, then
pinches her index and middle finger together and slides
them both up inside his asshole. He cries out to her,
"Please stop, you’re hurting me, I beg you to stop!"

"Fuck you," she says, "Now you know how it feels, to be
violated, to have something done to you against YOUR
will!" She takes his cock and puts it back in his
mouth. With one hand stroking his cock in the same
direction as her mouth, her other hand up his ass,
pushing deeper inside his asshole, forcing more of his
cock down her throat.

God, he had to admit, as painful as it was, he’d never
had his cock this hard in his life! She was tickling
the inside of his bowels, or at least that what it felt
like! He was surprised that his anal sphincter had
stretched far enough to allow 2 fingers inside! Does
this mean he’s gay? Oh god, what would his friends
think? The intense pressure she was placing inside of
his asshole, he couldn’t take much more of it!

She knew this was having the exact effect on him that
she wanted! "Fuck you," she thinks, "I got you right
where I want you fucker!" She sticks her fingers in as
far as she can, and presses down on the interior wall
of his perineum, knowing THIS will push him over the

"Oh fuck bitch, what was that?!? God, don’t stop
touching there, I beg you, it feels amazing!!"

"I figured you’d love it, you might think you’re anal-
phobic, but in fact you’re a fag just waiting to come
out, aren’t you!!"

"Nooo, I’m not," he screams.

"Admit it," she says, "You love your ass played with,
don’t you!"

"Yes, I admit it, I love you fucking my ass with your
fingers, I’ll do anything for you not to stop!!" She
screams out, "I want you to cum in my mouth, I wanna
drink your cum you bastard!" With this, she presses
down harder on his perineum, knowing this would set him
off in no time. She manages to slide yet a 3rd finger
in his ass, and he lets out a loud yelp of pain.

"Nooo, it hurts!" She screams, "Good, you prick, now
fuck my face good with your hard cock, cum in my

He sobs, "Ohhh yes baby! It feels amazing now!"

She pushes with all her might, as far down into his
asshole as she can, which f***es his cock even deeper
down her throat, she nearly chokes!! She feels his pre-
cum trickling down her throat, it’s warm, it’s salty.
She needs more, so she begins sucking with all her
might, her one hand is juggling between stroking in
unison with the direction of her mouth, and juggling
his balls, while her other hand is all the way up his
ass, his eyeballs are ready to pop out of their sockets
from the intense pleasure and pain he’s feeling!

"Ohhh baby," he moans, "Please don’t stop, oh god it
feels so good, fuck me, god I wanna cum sooo bad, oh
baby, oh fuck, oh baby!"

She feels his back tighten and arch completely, as his
cock begins to twitch in her mouth! She knows what’s
coming, and cum is exactly what he does, KABOOM, he
just starts shooting load after load after load of hot,
sticky, gooey cum down her throat.

"Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm," she swallows with everything
inside of her to keep up with his streams of hot cum as
it blazes down her throat with such f***e.

"Ahhhh, haaaa," he grunts and screams as he grabs onto
the back of her and f***es her head as far down it will
go on his shaking cock. He starts to tremble, his legs
are shaky now, he doesn’t have much balance left to
keep standing on the mattress. He feels the need to lie
down, so he begs her to stop, "Baby, please stop, give
me back my ass, please, I need to lie down before I
faint!" She releases her fingers from his asshole and
pulls them out slowly. She lets him lie down on the
bed, covered in sweat, as his heartbeat comes back down
to a normal rate.

She rises from the bed, and crawls on top of his chest.
She leans across his chest, her hard nipples rubbing
against his. She places her mouth down on his to give
him a kiss. He opens his mouth to greet hers and she
wraps her mouth around his and opens her mouth to meet
his. At that very moment, he feels something hot and
sticky enter his mouth. He realizes that it’s his cum!!
The cum she just swallowed, his cum.

"Oh god," he thinks, "She didn’t swallow it all, she
saved some for me! What a bitch!" He begins to shake
his head "no" as he doesn’t want to swallow it. He
doesn’t have a choice now though, as it’s already in
his mouth. He decides to swallow.

The taste is unique, unlike anything he’s ever had.
It’s salty, it’s almost bitter, he can’t decide if he
likes it yet. She says, "Do you like the taste?"

"I’m not quite sure, it’s unique that’s for sure!"

She says to him, "If you start eating pineapple and
vanilla wafer cookies, it will give your cum an
incredibly sweet taste!!"

"Really?" he says.

"Oh yeah! You’ll love the taste of it!"

"Hmmm, looks like I need to go to the grocery store

She lets out a boisterous laugh.

He says, "What’s with the laughing?"

She says, "Now who’s the cum-slut?"


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