The hotel

You go out with the boys then ring me in the middle of the night requesting a booty call.
I haven’t been drinking and so I get in my car and drive to you. You text me all the way, making demands, telling me to hurry, giving me instructions.
You text and tell me that I must walk into your hotel room, not say a word, strip and get down on my knees to give you a blow job. You want me to take all of your come in my mouth and swallow it.
I am so wet travelling to you, so excited. I am always wet for you – never like this for other boys, just you that makes me gush and spurt.
I get to the hotel and do as instructed – sneaking in past reception I make my way up to your room. Your door is ajar and I walk in. As I do my hand goes to my shoulder, pushing my top away, exposing my flesh and the basque I have put on underneath for you. My underwear is pushing my breasts upwards, my nipples are huge and erect. I unbutton my top slowly, looking at you, our eyes meeting and not moving away from each, you watch as I slowly unbutton myself, trailing a finger down my cleavage. I put my finger in my mouth and suck, watching your reaction. You have your cock in your hand as you start to masturbate yourself. You make a move towards me but I put my hand up, instructing you  to stay where you are without making a sound.
My top is off now, thrown to the floor. I wriggle out of my skirt, slowly. I am wearing black stockings to match my basque – but no knickers. You like it when I don’t wear any knickers. My hand slips down between my own legs and I lick my lips as I touch myself, still watching for your reaction.  I slip my finger inside my cunt and play with myself. I put my fingers into my mouth and taste my own juices. We still haven’t touched each other.  
I slowly start to remove my basque, starting at the top so that my breasts fall out, nipples straining, aching for your mouth on them. I leave my stockings on and move towards you. I stand as close as I possibly can to you without touching, taking in the scent of you, teasing you with my breath. I kneel down slowly in front of you licking your nipples on the way down, licking your abdomen, sucking and biting until I reach your cock, which by now is rock hard and straining for attention.
I sigh with pleasure as I take you into my mouth, loving the taste of you, the hardness of you as you allow me to suck you off using my tongue up and down your shaft, the tip of my tongue running around the tip of your cock.  You take a handful of my hair and f***e my mouth down hard onto you, fucking my mouth with your cock. You start talking dirty to me and I am so excited – I feel like I could come just from sucking you off. You make me gag, forcing yourself hard into my mouth, but I want to take it for you, want you to get off on your own terms.
You have decided that you are not going to let me finish you off by mouth – you want to play. You push me up and bend me over the bed, quickly and f***efully fucking me from behind, forcing your cock hard into me  you reach around for my breasts, squeezing my nipples hard, making me cry out in that mixture of pleasure/pain.  Im squirting over your cock, and I can feel my orgasm build. I shout out as I come, and you say ‘that’s it, scream you bitch’ as you carry on fucking me hard.  you turn me around, lying me on the bed, you still standing with my legs wrapped around your waist as you slowly fuck me deep and hard. I feel so exposed. You can see my shaved pussy, see my juices flowing down my legs, the blush on my chest, the lust in my eyes.
I decide to take control. I push you onto the bed and make you lie on your stomach. I run my hands and fingertips softly over your back, over your buttocks, between your thighs, your nerve endings making your body tingle. My tongue follows the path of my fingers, slowly kissing your body, nibbling, biting. I love biting your gorgeous ass. I spend a lot of time on your ass, kissing and sucking and biting, forcing your legs apart until I have access to your puckered little hole. I stick my tongue inside you, sucking and licking, poking hard. I lick your asshole for you for a long, long time, loving the taste, loving the noises you are starting to make.
You want to take control again, throwing me down on the bed, sucking hard on my nipples as you finger me, and I am oh so wet, so ready for you, waiting for you to take me as you please, unable to resist your touch. I arch my back, pushing my tits into your face, my hands in your hair. I just need you inside me and you cant take it any more either. You push your cock inside me, and we start to move together, staring into each other’s eyes. I look at you, and tell you that I love you. You reply ‘good’!  Ever  the romantic! I smile, and I caress your face with my hands, not taking my eyes off you as you thrust deeper and deeper inside me.
I want to come so much but I want to wait for you, want us to come together. I need to feel you come inside me, feel that internal pressure, the warmth. I want to see you momentarily lose all your control and just let yourself come inside me and with me. I feel a change in your rhythm, sense that you are about to come and as I feel your juices pour inside of me you tip me over the edge and I am coming with you. I can feel this climax in the whole of my body. My nerve endings feel like they are on fire. I feel like I am never going to stop coming and you are still pumping away, extracting every last bit of juice until you eventually collapse on top of me.
We lie there, your body on top of mine, covering me as we both come back down to earth, trying to sort our breathing out. I can feel wetness between my legs and know that I will smell of you for days to come – and that I will love carrying your scent around with me.
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