From a friend

So there I am,on my knees in front of you in your garage. You open your zip and your long, hard cock juts out, demanding that I take action. I let out a
sigh of anticipation as I cant get wait to get you in my mouth. I
gently touch the tip of your cock with the tip of my tongue, gently
licking, teasing.
My tongue licks down your shaft, up and down a few
times, never quite reaching your balls, until, when you are used to my
gentle rhythm, I take your balls in my mouth and suck on them, gently
at first then harder, while my fingers reaches underneath to cup them,
and push them further into my warm, moist mouth.
I take the whole of your cock in my mouth, and you begin to fuck me, thrusting your hard shaft down my throat, making me gag. My fingers reach around and I insert one into your tight little arse. I feel your body react, tighten, fight against the invasion for a moment and then relax as your cock thrusting gets faster. You grab my hair in your hands and push my face on to you, forcing me to take more and more.
My cunt is throbbing, aching for some attention, but you are being selfish, taking what you want, treating me like a whore. You tell me so, calling me a dirty slag, telling me that this is what I want, what I deserveso, you feel like you are going to come. you push my head away from you, pull me up and rip open my top, grabbing at my tits with your dirty fingers, squeezing hard, pulling at my nipples, hurting me. I squeal and you tell me to shut the fuck up, bending your head to take a nipple into your mouth, sucking and licking, while your hand reaches down between my legs, roughly pushing my knickers to one side.
Your fingers slip inside me, and you finger me hard while your thumb rubs at my clit, your mouth still on my tits. I am coming alreadyas I spurt all over your fingers you swear down my ear, cursing me for not being able to hold on.
You turn me around, spread my legs apart and roughly take me from behind, fucking me with your gorgeous cock while your hands roughly play with my tits. You cant hold on any longer and as I start to come again, my cunt throbbing around your shaft, you come inside me, so long, so hard, until we both collapse, still half naked, covered in a mixture of our juices

Will I post the others she sends me?
83% (6/1)
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