Did She Deserve This

She knew she was in over her head. As much as she trusted him she was now bound, gagged and blindfolded and lying stomach down on the bed. She cringed as she thought about the view she was presenting. He had tied her legs to either end of the posts at the end of the bed, her hands tied together above her head. So, she knew she was presenting a full and unadulterated view of her huge arse, legs spread apart so her glistening pussy lips were probably on view too. Yes, glistening lips. Despite her fear and embarrassment it was plainly evident she was heavily turned on – she was soaking wet and the heat emanating from her cunt and arse made her feel like she was on fire. But god, she tried to squirm and hide herself, she felt so exposed, so embarrassed, She hated her arse and now she couldn’t hide it – everything was on view and open for abuse.

He leant over her, rubbing her ass with his hands, warming it up, making it feel sensitive, readying her for his attention. She felt another gush between her legs – so wet, So ready for whatever was to come. ‘Ow’ she cried out as he unexpectedly smacked her hard on the ass with his open palm. ‘Shut up’ he growled. ‘If you cry out, or start to cry I will make it harder.’ Oh shit she thought and pressed her lips together as she felt water seep out of her eyes. Im in trouble. His hand came down again, harder this time but in a slightly different spot – well her ass was big enough, he had a huge area to choose from. Whack – and again – god this was hurting so much. She gasped and cried out. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head up towards him, roughly. It hurt. ‘I told you to shut up’ he spat at her. It hurt so much – she felt so humiliated. She didn’t like it and she knew he wasn’t going to stop. She wanted to please him so much but she didn’t know if he would stop. He was so excited – it was such a turn on. But at the same time he seemed like a stranger to her – he looked slightly manic, out of control, and his voice had changed – rougher, unfeeling. She was genuinely scared and she wanted to cry. He smacked her again, hard and this time she did cry out, tears falling as she said ‘please, stop. It hurts. I cant take it’. ‘You will take as much as I choose to give you bitch. You are my slave. The more you moan, the longer this will go on – now shut it’
The spanking seemed to go on forever. His hands were hard and seemed to zero in on her most painful spots. She could feel the heat as her ass got redder and redder. He was making sure he hit her arsehole, her wet cunt. It hurt but she was still wet, still so turned on. She had lost count of the time she had begged him to stop. It only seemed to excite him more. She was waiting for the pleasure to kick in, desperate for this pain to stop, but it just bl**dy hurt. So much.
He pulled away from her and she could hear him unzip himself. Again, her pussy leapt at the hope that it was over and that he was getting ready to fuck her. She could hear his heavy breathing as he took himself in his own hands and started to wank his hard shaft. He bent down and kissed her back, rubbing his hands over her ass, soothing. She felt his finger inside her cunt, and gasped in the hope that now, now she was finally going to get some release. No bl**dy hope. As soon as he deemed his fingers were wet enough, covered with her juices, he pushed them into her eager arse, fucking her with his finger, soaking her with her own juice. Then she could feel his cock against her. He pushed in, once, twice. Oh god it hurt – but she knew it would get better. Her arse was so sore where he was leaning against it. Then, ‘Oh no slut. Not yet. Weve only just begun.’ Shit. He pulled out of her and she heard him remove his belt from his trousers. ‘Please, Please no. Don’t hurt me. Master please. Im not ready. You hurt me so much with your hands’. ‘Whoosh’ she heard the belt before she felt it and flinched as the leather whipped into her tender, sore ass. Oh god – she screamed out. She had never experienced pain like it. Fuck he was marking her, she could feel it already. The belt came down again as he shouted ‘you know what you are supposed to say. Say it bitch. Say it or its going to hurt you more’ Fuck! ‘ Thank you master. One’ Whack. ‘Thank you master, two’ smash ‘Thank you master, three’. Oh god – he whacked her clit with his belt and she spasmed. Then he whacked her arsehole – shit she was going to come if he carried on. How could that be? It hurt so much. She could feel him untie her legs as he re-arranged her, making her kneel so her ass was really high in the air now, presenting to him. He hit her again viciously, three, four, five times until she could tell by his breathing that he was knackered. Oh god, this is it she though as she realised it was time for the fucking of her life. She could feel wetness spread and pool between her legs, fire in her cunt, fire in her arse, fire all over her arse cheeks.
He used her own juices to cream her arse, and then f***ed his huge rock hard penis inside her. He wasn’t being gentle like he normally was when he first took her up the arse. Rough, he ripped into her as she screamed out in pain. It felt good though as she could feel her body responding as her arse pushed back against him. Tears streamed down her face as she gasped and cried. His hands roughly reached round and grabbed her huge nipples, rough, grabbing and pinching, pulling. Her nipples hurt so much, but she could feel an orgasm building, knew that this would hurt but she needed it so much, needed to have release from the pain emanating from every surface of her poor abused body. She could feel his fingers digging into her tender breasts, knew he was bruising her, leaving his mark and she continued to push back against him, push her poor, tender arse into the air, begging for a good fucking like the dirty slut she was.
He began to push harder, faster and she knew he was going to come. Her body responded, her cunt dripping as the waved of her orgasm tore through her arse, throbbing, tightening against his cock as she felt him squirt into her tight and needy ass. The feel of his hot spunk tipped her over the edge, and she screamed and collapsed on the bed, spunk dripping from her.
She came slowly back to earth, feeling the weight of him on top of her as he tenderly kissed her ass, softly, slowly. ‘Oh god, your arse’ he said. ‘What?’ He pulled her over to the mirror and she looked at the red, raw mess that used to be her pale white globes. ‘Ive marked you so bad – you will probably scar’ – she smiled, being marked by him, being his was fine by her. Her ass was bl**dy sore though.
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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Thanks for your comments but she and I feel we need more
2 years ago
Such a hot story, thanks for sharing it!
2 years ago
Very nice. Please write more. Thank you
2 years ago
I would say yes, people should think before acting. In this world anything is possible