The Meeting 1

I am not the author, a friend of mine is

There is a knock at my front door. I open it and find you standing there in uniform my heart skip’s a beat. You look so sexy and edible. You step inside, no words are exchanged. You pull me close and kiss me sucking on my tongue. Long deep kisses taking my breath away. You slowly move your lips down and around my neck sucking, tasting my soft skin. I moan quietly as the warm feeling moves to my pussy. We pull apart and say “hello”. I then take your hand and lead you upstairs. No sooner as we enter my bedroom you push me against the wall. Your hands cup my breasts through my top. Feeling for my nipples you rub and pinch them to hardness which adds to my wetness. You pull my top off and take off my lacy bra. Your tongue rolls slowly over each mound before taking my nipples one at a time into your mouth. You cup my breasts, squeezing them together as you continue sucking on my rock hard nipples. You kiss and lick in the valley between my full breasts breathing in my warm scent. We kiss again hungrily. You unzip my jeans and your fingers find my damp pussy. I moan and start to move sexually as you stroke my wanton clit softly, tenderly, caressing it slowly. I slip out of my jeans, my panties fall to the floor. You drop to your knees and trace your tongue up and down my swollen clit which is glistening with my dew. I move slightly as your flick your tongue around my hole before you bury your tongue deep inside me. I squirm with delight as you ram you tongue in and out of me. Your tongue probes deeper, spreading my outer lips as you lick and eat me all over. My wetness dribbling down my thighs as you lick and taste me. I buck my hips against your face as your tongue rolls back and forth along my clit. I feel the sensations increase. I moan and cry out “that I am coming”. You don’t stop. I rock backward and forwards against the pressure of your tongue. I grip your shoulders as I feel my knees weaken. You suck harder, fucking my wet hole with your fingers at the same time. My body wracks with quivering spasms of ecstasy as I peak. I shudder as a stream of sweet liquid shoots into your mouth, my pussy floods all over your lips. You then stand and kiss me, letting me taste my delicious sex. You quickly spin me around. I lean back from the wall as you pull me back onto your stiff pole. I feel your hard cock disappear into my dripping hole. You grab my hips and pump me hard and fast with rhythmic strokes. I feel your balls banging against me as your hard dripping cock fucks my wet sexy pussy. I move one hand between my legs, fingering myself as you thrust into me. I gasp as you push deeper, hearing you moan in my ear as your swollen cock hardens even more. It’s now uncontrollable. I twist around and you kiss me hard, so hard my lips feel bruised as you f***e your tongue inside my mouth. I moan loudly as I rub myself hard with my whole hand. I’m there again trembling as I hear you groan and shudder as you spurt your thick white come deep inside me. You slow down the rhythm and withdraw, the liquid seeps out dribbling down my inner thighs. You run a finger up my leg wiping off some hot sex and place it in my mouth. I suck on your finger the same way I would suck on your cock. We kiss deep and lustful again, before moving to the bed ready to start all over again……..
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