The Meeting 2

I am not the author, a friend of mine is

We move to my bed. Slipping between the sheets we lay entwined and kiss gently not wanting the moment to end. Your hand brushes over my left nipple. Your touch making me moan softly as my body drives into an erotic frenzy. My fingers move and massage your bum as we kiss, finding that dimple at the base of your spine. My tongue laps at your earlobe and down the side of your neck. Our bodies pressed together I feel your erection against my belly. I breathe deeply taking in your scent and taste. I lower my head to your chest, brushing my tongue over your nipples. You groan and roll onto your back. I move lower, your cock bobbing in front of me as it seeks my mouth, swollen and glorious. I squeeze you and I lick my lips and taking the head, draw circles with my tongue over the tip. I swallow your cock as you push it deep into my mouth getting fucked all the way down the back of my throat, pushing deeper as I smell and taste your pre come. I watch you as I suck I have been starving for your cock. Mmm you taste so sweet and salty. I run my tongue around your balls which are so full and lush. You tell me to stop and lie on my back. Your mouth finding my breast, they are so full they hurt. My pussy is on fire, I want you now as I am so wet and dripping. You slide three fingers inside me finger fucking me slowly. I move on them as if it were your cock thrusting into me. My juices making your fingers shine. I moan, my pussy gripping you not wanting to let go. You remove your fingers and bury your face in my hot pussy your wondrous tongue touching my sweet swollen clit. Licking and fucking it as I grind against your open mouth. As you push your tongue into my hole I climax hard and I cry out in pleasure and shout “I want you inside me now”. You slide your cock between my legs rubbing the head over my wet lips as you enter my throbbing wet tunnel. You thrust harder and harder, deeper and deeper. Your hungry cock ravaging my pussy. I move my legs and place my feet on your chest as you pound away, so deep you touch my cervix with every thrust. It tickles I cannot contain it any longer I come again squirting my honey dew all over your cock. You tell me to turn over as your going to “fuck my arse”. I’m on all fours pushing my arse in the air as your fingers tickle my hole. Your tongue circles my opening as you lick up and down. I then feel your stiff cock press against my anal opening. I relax and you enter me slowly as I push my bottom back onto you. I pause for a second before pulling forward then you pump hard back into me. You tell me how tight I am and how good it feels. I gasp in pleasure as my body is taken to new heights. I tell you to “come as I want to feel you explode up my arse”. Your ball’s bang against the bottom of my hole. You grab my hair and pull my head back as you thrust faster. You tell me “you’re coming”. I scream and my body shakes as wave after wave of hot come shoots into me and I immediately climax so intensely. Every muscle in my ass and pussy goes into a spasm. You slow down and withdraw and we move to lay side by side and kiss passionately slowing our breathing down. I lower my head to head rest on your chest listening to your heart beating as I’m cuddled in your arms a nice feeling happy relaxed and contented.

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