i was 12y old girl in bed. right next to mums bedroom she came in from a bar with new boyfrend hurd her come to bed she looked in my room i pretened to sl**p.then went to her room.could her them kissing the walls was as thin as paper hurd mum say tom thats the mans name lick my nipples then she said go down on me. then she was moning do it faster then i think she cum. take off your jeans mum said to tom.fuck me hope thats not real yep all real suck it tom said i will try mum said.noway thats going to fit in my mouth mum said your have to have a wank for now.well min past i wanted the loo so i went qietly when i opened the loo door it made mums door open a bit i did not put the light on on the way back i could see mum and tom on her bed throuw the gap in her door. well shock horror ive seen big cock pics on the internet but this was huge like a arm i ran to my room closed the door but i was still lisening hurd tom say lets try it then mum said it will not go in your hurting me this went on for a few mins then mum said i wank you with my tits then few mins later hurd tom say im cuming then thay fell asl** the morning seen tom leve the house ive seen him before in town.well that avternoon mum and her frend are in the garden drinking wine talking about tom and his dick mum said ive never had a cock that would not fit in my pussy mums frend laghing not funny mum said it was like 2 coke cans together mabe the bellend fater im thinking yep huge.well cute long story short im 21 one now on holiday in spain with my boyfreind well we fell out and he punched me told him get out of my life i left went to some bar 5mins away orderd a beer hi ther i hurd it was tom behind the bar well avter all hi long time no see and so on told me he runs the bar. told him about the fall out with boyfreind. well closed bar up and went to his room for a bottle wine a chat he said you can stop as long ass you want. thanks i said gave him a cuddle felt that huge cock you may think me a slut but i just melted kiss him we striped of i was scared to look at his cock wen kissing could fele on my thigh he went down on me my pussy was wet i had a small cum he rolled on his back i went down to his cock i was like a a****l wanking sucking the sides he said you will not get it in your mouth thout i no that it was about 8 inch long but fat thick ass a mans arm the cock head was ass thick ass a horse i wanted it in me i went on my back opened legs wide he rubed his bellend up and down my clit and pussy hole over my pussy hole now realy wey i pulled him in well tryed got some of it in i was very wet i did not hurt me just felt streched.he stoped got of i said no keep trying he went to bath room come bake with a bottle of baby oil nelt bye me rubed oil over his bellend rubed some into me pointed his cock to my pussy hole and pushed it in would not go srait in but then like a pop sound and in it went it took my breath away but it felt great it not hurt me he said let me no wen to stop i rapped legs round him pulled him in more then he thrusted iam cuming i said well shouted. the noise of my pussy sqelching every thrust with his cock pussy sqelched fuck me fuck fuck me i could not stop cumming then tom shot his load in me he rolled on to his back both lay ther breathing heavy i got up went to bathroom toms spurm rushed down my leg my pussy hole still gaping wide cleaned up went in to tom he was stiil on the floor his cock was still huge on the soft. i told him the best fuck in my life my first multi cum . the end. i holiday every year in spain now.allways endup at toms bar dont no why.....
72% (17/7)
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2 years ago
nice but a spell check & the text speak
3 years ago
3 years ago
Decent story, would be better if you turned the spell check on.
3 years ago
Great start!
3 years ago
Not a bad story, shame you text speak through it.
3 years ago
I hope he fucks you so hard with that horse cock that your pussy lips hang open permanently and you can't feel anything less than a Mack truck in your hole.