In the pool room

We finish our meal early and I suggest we go to the bar for a drink or two.

We meet my mates and have a couple of beers too many.

The talk turns to sex and you admit to the guys that you have fantasised about being gang fucked. Everybody laughs and eventually we all end up going to separate tables.

You are horny after the conversation and can't help sliding your hand over my trousers, where you discover my cock is hard. Unzipping my fly, you slip your hand inside, and wrap your fingers around my thick 6".

I can't wait and grab you by the hand. Holding you in front of me, i guide you through to the pool room where I know it will be quiet.

As soon as we get in there, i slide the door shut behind us and push you to your knees.

Immediately, you take my cock in your mouth. I hold the back of your head and start to face fuck you, getting more rough as we go on. Before too long you are gagging on my cum and swallowing like mad. you have always been good at giving head.

You sit on the edge of the pool table and tell me it is my turn.

I pull your skirt up and slip your panties off, burying my head between your thighs. Licking along your inner thighs, i slowly make my way towards your hot wet pussy, getting close enough that you can feel my hot breath on your lips, making them chill slightly. You moan, and Move your hips forward on the edge of the table.

I start to lick your pussy and circle your clit with my tongue, making you moan louder as you lay back on the table and close your eyes.

As I slide my fingers deep inside your dripping pussy, your moaning gets louder. Before long, the pool room door slides open and we are joined by one of my mates. Neither of us notice at first but you are jolted into opening your eyes but his cock nudging on your mouth. You freeze in panic, open your mouth to scream and instantly it is filled with his engorged meat.

I look up briefly but not hearing anything from you, to suggest anything else but pleasure stand and slide my fat cock easily into your wet sticky cunt.

You start to struggle and my mat holds your arms as he fucks your throat.

One by one all six of my mates come in and see you lying on the pool table taking cock in both ends. we stand you up and strip you off as you try to struggle free. "This is not what I meant" you scream as we lie you face down on the table and two guys slide cock back into you from front and rear.
"You wanted to be a dirty little fuck whore " I tell her as we fill her holes. One guy takes a pool cue and slides it into your ass making you squeal against the cock in your mouth.

You have something in all three of your fuck holes proving you are the whore you described when we were drinking.

Me and three of the guys take an arm or leg each and stretch you across the table holding you wide open ready for each of us to fuck you in turn.
I suggest slipping a pool ball up inside your wet pussy and making you push it out. You plead for me not to but your dripping fuck hole offers no resistance as it slides in easily.

I lose my 8 ball for less than a couple of seconds as one of the guys slides his cock deep up your arse and pushes it out.

Your pleading stops and you start to reach around for cock with your mouth, moving your head towards the nearest hard on you can. I let go of your arm and you eagerly grab a cock and shove it in your mouth, lapping at it and pushing it so deep into your mouth that you gag and almost puke. You face by now not looking panicked but with the look of pleasure as you extinguish any thought of escape.

Your dripping cunt has squirted more fuck juice that it ever had before and you are enjoying all 14 hands stretching your ass and pussy to their extremes, as well as massaging your breasts and pinching your nipples.

I say to you, "You are a dirty little fuck whore aren't you"? to which you eagerly reply "oh Yes" just before you suck on the cock in your hand.

With your other hand released you grab onto another cock and shove that deep into your waiting mouth, still sliding your hand along the first, trying to coach a face full of cum from the end.

The rest of us slide pool cues, pool balls and cocks deep into your pussy and arse pulling you from one side to the other.

I ram my cock deep into your gaping arse and one of my mates shove his in at the same time. We are both fucking your arse with our fat engorged cocks. Your arse stretched so far so it can accommodate both of us. A third cock then enters your cunt, making us all feel so tight inside you. You are pinned to the table and can't move but the smile on your face as you move between cocks waiting to be sucked speaks volumes.

"You dirty perverted Bitch" shouts one of the guys, Take my cum you wet stinking whore" as he is the first to shoot his load right into your face. You open your mouth and try to guide his hot seed into it. Wham! another load hits you. You grab a third cock and he cums in your mouth, giving you the greatest pleasure.

"Oh so you are a cum drinking slut too " another voice calls.

I cum deep inside you arse which makes movement within a little easier as me and my mate are lubricated by my own seed.

As we slide inside you, your fat wet cunt explodes around the third cock and you gush the biggest fountain of juice all over the three of us.

We all slide out and both the other guys wank their cocks as they shoot their red hot cum all over your body.

With all 7 guys spunking over you, and you mopping up all the cum with your fingers, licking them and tasting the saltiness, we are all spent.

You sit up on the table look each of us in the eye and d***kenly ask, "Do any of you want to come home for a night cap"?
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Nice. What a slut