Hospital Fantasy Fullfilled..

This is a true story. Written with the permission from the person involved but i changed the name so that it'll protect her privacy. Please dont mind the grammer as im not really a writer by profession. hahaha.

A few years ago, i was hospitalized due to my knee surgery. busted it when i met with a bike accident couple years before that, and the usual saturday night futsal sessions just made it worst. since im insured, so what the hell, lets fix this thing..

Anyways, after i'm done with the surgery, there i was, lying in my bed (its a 2 bedded room) with my leg in cast. received a lot of "get well soon' texts, visits from friends and colleagues, the whole 9 yards..

So whenever nighttime came, feeling bored, i always texted this girl. lets call her sara. we've been friends for ages. she's chinese, older than me by a few years, has a nice petite body, very fair skin, soft long har, a stunning smile, and she have that stare that gives you the cfm impression. Prior to this event, i had never imagine getting to second base, or third, with her. afterall, she's a friend.

Somehow, one night, our conversation turned to sex. i can't really recall what the actual topic was but i somehow dared her to come over and give me a blowjob. she said, "you just wait there. i'll come over and answer that dare." i was smiling and in my mind i told myself "nah, it wont happen". since its almost 2am and i was pretty worn out from the morning pyshio session, i decided to sl**p.

i was awakened by the sound of an opened door. i thought its just the nurse getting my vitals on hourly interval. i didnt really bother to wake up so i kept my eyes shut. then i heard someone sat on the chair beside my bed. now at this point, i thought hey, no one will come visit me at this time of the day, and nurses wont sit beside me, it must be sara. holy shit she's really here.

i kept my eyes shut while telling myself "lets see how she's gonna do this". judging from the sounds she make, i can tell that sara's getting comfy, arranging her stuff and pulled the chair closer to my bed. she then unfold my blanket right to my knee area, and undid my bermudas. at this point my cock was half erected. and i thought to myself "wow, this is really happening". sara, then proceed to put my half erected cock inside her mouth and suck it once, but very hard until it made the 'pop' sound when it exits her mouth.

i then opened my eyes to see she's jerking my cock slowly to make it hard. she's wearing this black adidas sweater and a light blue jeans. i put my hand on her head and caress her soft long hair. i pull her closer to me and we french for a few seconds. she was giggling a bit. maybe she thought its kinda awkward to get this intimate with me. while kissing, i undid her sweater's zipper. she didnt wear anything inside except her cute little red bra. i slid her nice and firm 32b tits out and continues to suck on her perky nipples. her tits are so firm and paired with them perky nipples, it made my cock hard like a rock in a matter of seconds. while sucking and nibbling my tongue on it, she continues to jerk my hard cock. she let out a very soft moan. we cant really moan out loudly as my next bed neighbor is sl**ping and just separated with curtains.

so after a while of sucking her tits, she pushed me down and continues to suck my cock. she twirled her tongue on the tip of my cock to taste my overflowing precum. licks it all over and proceed to wrap her soft lips around my cock. goddamn she really knows how to do this. the blowjob was very very wet and slurpy.

i tried to undid her jeans but she refused as she's afraid she cant control it and want more than just a cock in her mouth. its understandable as we're in a room with some stranger separated just with a curtain.

she continues to give me a hot, steamy and wet blowjob. she would leave it really wet and jerk it off with her petite hand while sucking my balls. she sucked it really hard. up to a point where i cant hold myself together, i pulled her over and whisper to her ears, "im cumming". she then goes back down and suck on my cock very hard until i cum inside her mouth. she continues to suck it until i gave that long exhale (im done cumming), she lets my cum roll down my cock and lick it like a dripping ice cream.

she then clean up the mess, assisted my to the basement to have a couple of ciggies, have a nice chat and see her drive away.

after that, it continues on for a couple of times until i was discharged. and that, my dear kind horny readers, is one of my fantasy fulfilled..

88% (9/1)
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2 years ago
Great story, thanks - you should definitely write more!
2 years ago