New apartment

After that day I didn't see more Mary. Few weeks later, at the end of the summer, thanks the new job in the opposite part of the city I moved in a new apartment by myself.

In one gloomy and rainy spring day someone knocked at my door, when I opened it my eyes met again that hypnotizing, light green eyes. She gasped, probably for the run up on the stairs to the third floor, she was wet, her hazel long hairs were darker and sticked on her face. Her heavy and rhythmic breath made move her breast
"As always you are without your underwear"
I said with a smile on my face. In the exact moment when I ended my sentence she jumped towards me, a little surprised I hugged her when she was still in mid air, she wrapped her legs around my chest and her hands held my head tightly on her chest. She was wet but I could feel how hot was her body.
"I thought I'll never see you again, I needed months to find you"
she said me and holding my head in her hands she bended a little and kissed me. It was so sensual, it could be lasted forever... I made one step back and closed the door and then a step forward, I gently let her back touch the closed door, she leaned against it and released her hug, in the space created between us her hands started to unbutton her shirt. She shook but her hands were quick and precise, she removed her shirt letting it dropped on the floor. She stared at me, my hands went on her tits and firmly I hold them, she was very hot, her shakes surely were for her excitement. She hugged me again and slowly loosed her legs grip, she went down until her feet touched the ground than her hands moved under my shirt and pulled it off.
I can't describe the hot feeling of her skin against mine...
She unbuttoned my pants than she crawled between me and the door down to the floor, in that movement she pulled my last clothes off, she crawled up again made sure to caress my stiff dick with her cheek and her soft breast. Once she stood up again she crossed her arms behind my neck, that was my time to crawl on her body. Her arms gave me the right pressure on her skin, she wanted me tighter on her flat belly to shared her source of passion.
I unbuttoned her pants and slowly I remove them, there were no panties as I expected, her scent of salty honey reminded me the last summer. She pushed my face on her pussy, I felt it hotter than her belly... I pulled my tongue out and I licked her pussy from the bottom part then I started to move up, always licking. When I reached her mouth she sucked my tongue, with a sudden movement I held her right under her buttock and pulled her up and against the door again. She held on my back with her long nails and when I started to let her go down again she pushed them harder in my skin. When she started to went down her pussy felt the presence of my dick tip, her wetness and mine made it much easy. She released all the tension of her hips, she expressed her pain and her desire only by her nails in my skin. Long and intense moments brought all the length of my dick in her tight, hot and wet pussy. She moaned in my ear, her hard nipples caressed my chest every time she took a deep breath, slowly but with a raising frequence I started to move my dick in and out and pushing it against her inner pussy walls. She let me held all her weight so I could did every move I wanted with her. Her moans started to be loudly and in perfect timing with my strokes. The moves of our hips become larger and the strength I used in the strokes copied them. Her butt hitting the door made a bass sound in opposite to the wet snap of our genitals. In the acme she held me tightly and I raised the frequence to the limit, higher and higher. A long intense orgasm from both of us was expressed in a combined howl.

From that day she moved to my apartment.
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wunderful story
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Oh, what a great story! Encore!