i was fucked in every hole

You enter the bedroom and I'm lying naked on the four poster bed nipple clamps on both nipples and vibe deep down my cunt you come in already hard for me and start rubbing my clit I'm already so wet I've been wanking all day you rub my cunt juices onto my arse hole to tease me but I push your hand so your finger slips in, you start finger fucking me three fingers at a time, I'm screaming vibe still on full up my wet wet cunt, you pull on both nipple clamps as I cum with your fingers up my arse and the vibe deep down my cunt, I'm rubbing my own clit making my body pulse you turn me onto my back tie my hand behind my back and f***e a piece of cloth in my mouth so I can't speak, next you ram your cock up no hand and it goes straight in. You fuck my arse whole in so turned on I'm holding the vibe on my clit and fingering my own cunt, putting my fingers in the air so you can lick off my juices, you pull out of my arse and put your massive dick straight into my throbbing cunt, my cunt grips you tight as I become close to cumming again,

just as I'm about to come there's a knock on the door, you walk over and open it, it's two of your mates wearing just boxers I can see their bulging hard cocks through their pants which makes it so hard not to come but I hold it, they both strip and start wanking, all three of you wanking as you look at me hands tied and my wet cunt and arse in the air, one of them walks over and fucks my cunt hard I'm moaning and you're shouting harder wanking your big dick harder, you and the other guy walk up to my face and slap me with your rock hard cocks I'm desperate to suck on them but still have the cloth in my mouth your mate takes the cloth out my mouth and I suck his big cock then yours one after the other in turn ,you both look at me and then f***e both your cocks in my mouth at the same time I'm gagging your other mate's slapping my arse and fucking my cunt so hard, you tell the mate fucking my cunt to stop and you walk over and ram your massive cock inside my cunt fucking it and fucking it and fucking it,

your mate is slapping his cock on my arse cheeks as your other mate comes down my throat , then you come inside me and straight away afterwards Your other mate puts his cock inside my spunk filled cunt hole and fucks me till he comes , then you untie my hands and lie me on my back, you come up to my face kiss my lips and massage my tits removing the nipple clamps, your mates rub my clit and finger my cunt, you kiss me and lick each nipple one by one, your mates start licking my cunt and clit until I let out a scream cum so hard my whole body pulses as I'm coming you push the others away and lick my cunt and arse hole I beg you to stop but you won't I feel it building inside and I come for a second time your tongue in my arse hole your hand on my clit feeling it throb.

You and your mates stand in the corners of the room all rock hard and wanking looking at my naked fucked spunk filled body, I take out a box from under the bed with a key inside, walk over the the cupboard and unlock the door inside is another girl chained up and wet from me licking her cunt and pushing the vibe up inside her ,I untie her lead her to the bed you are all wanking harder than ever, I take out the box once more inside is a big black strap on I put it on and bend the girl over the bed, I ram it into her wet cunt and grab her tits, I slap her arse, I call you all over your mates put their big cock in her mouth and mine and you just stand there watching ,she screams with pleasure me fucking her wet cunt from behind both of us sucking big dicks hard, your mates come in our mouths then leave, you keep wanking and I pull it out of her cunt and into her tight arse she screams I push it deeper and deeper and fuck her up the arse with my big strap on,

you cant take anymore, you come up behind me and put your cock in my wet wet pussy fucking me as you kiss my neck and pull on her nipples from behind, the harder you fuck me the harder I fuck her you rub her clit as you fuck my cunt and I pull her hair tight, you put your finger up my arse so your rubbing her clit with one hand and finger fucking my arse with the other until she says she's going to come, you start rubbing my clit as well as hers and then I feel you filling my pussy with your juices as me and her cum , her with my strap on up her arse whole , me with your amazing fuckable cock in my soaking wet pussy.

P.s got myself so wet writing this I went to my room to finger myself and came
100% (11/0)
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3 years ago
this is the first one of yours i read will read the others
not bad 5/10
3 years ago
wow this got me so hard, really good job