Our First Time

I take my hand a gently begin caressing the ever increasing bulge in your pants while tenderly kissing your neck. I push you onto the bed and crawl up to you and begin to unzip your pants. I take my hand and grasp your rock hard shaft and begin to stroke you. I can feel you get harder in my hand. I stroke you faster and faster until you almost can't handle it, I stop. I pull your pants off and your shorts and begin storking again. I open my mouth and wrap my juicy red lips around you and begin to play with your head with my tongue. My other hand begins playing with your sack, massaging and twirling. I slowly move up and down on your pole, you taste so good! With each downward motion I take more and more of you in. You begin rubbing the back of my head which makes me work that much harder. After awhile I can feel your cock throbbing inside my mouth, you are about to explode in my mouth. I wrap my lips around you with a little bit more ferver and let you explode in my mouth, the warmth of your cum is so amazing. I get up and take of my little panties and now that you are all wet from my mouth I flash my pink little butthole at you showing you the fun isn't even over yet! You lean forward to get up, I puch you back down and place my hands on your chest. I slowly begin to grind into your still rock hard cock, rubbing my hole against your shaft. I see the look of excitment in your eyes and you begin massaging my lacy black bra, my nipples are so hard. I moan a little bit when your thumb moves across my nipples. I take one of my hands off your chest and guide your cock into my pink and wet hole, I feel the warmth of your head and it feels amazing. I slowly start lowering onto you, I can feel the head pop in, I let out a little wimper. It feels SOO good. I begin lowering even farther onto your shaft and slowly kiss your chest. I begin moving my hips side to side and up and down on your dick, moaning the whole time. I pick up the pace and the sound of your balls againts my ass makes me go wild. You lean forward and roll me over onto the bed, I spread my legs out showing you my hole. You grab your shaft and pop it back into my little pink butt. It feels amazing, you begin pounding me, all of your length and your girth just entering me. I begin to moan loader and loader, with every thrust the pleasure is even better. I start to wiggle my ass around your pole and you start grabbing my breasts. My hands begin rubbing your abdomen, the sweat rolling off of you running down my fingers. You flip me over and I get on my knees. I crawl to the edge of the bed and you stand up. You penetrate me again and start fucking me even harder than before, I can feel your shaft spread me, "Thats it baby," I scream "Thats it." The pleasure is so intense! You start getting a rythem, in..... and out. I can feel your balls slap against me. I arc my back to kiss you, I take my hands and grab my ass. I can start to feel you throb deep inside me, I love it soo much, I back against you rocking my hips from side to side. You stop thrusting and let me finish. I ride your cock in a circular motion, back and forth, letting your head reach the outside of my hole and taking you all back in. I begin moaning again. I pick up the pace and start squezzing my hole around your shaft when you exit. You start to moan, your breathing picks up, your going to cum. You start to pull our but I back against you and tell you "No, cum inside me baby." I fel your shaft throb inside me as you cum, I feel the warmth of your cum, load after load I can't take it anymore I feel like I am going to burst. You pull out, I turn around and tenderly kiss the head of your dick, I look up from all fours, "Thank you baby."!

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3 months ago
really got me going
2 years ago
what a wonderful story please write more
2 years ago
OMG i cam in my panties