Freewill 504: Part 8 Campus Slut

Freewill 504: Part 8 Campus Slut (By Chris A)

Disclaimer: If you are u******e and/or easily offended by stories of an adult nature, then you should probably go away. This story and characters are purely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincedental. Any one who believes they should try and recreate these situations and events in a real life situation needs to get serious help. With that said: enjoy!

It was a warm spring evening as I walked across the center of the campus toward my final evening class. I don't know what possessed me to take a 7:30 class that let out after 9, but I only had a few more weeks to go. Most of the campus was empty, since Friday night classes were not very popular with most of the students. I made my way into Herron Hall, and climbed the stairs to the third floor. The class was in room 310. There were only fifteen of us in the class and tonight only 11 showed up. I had a seat near the back of the room and as class wound down I looked around the room.

I really hadn't gotten to know anyone in the class. I already knew Mike from a class we had taken last semester. I also knew Laura and Jamie. I really didn't care for either of them and I knew the feeling was mutual. I didn't have a specific qualm with Jamie, but I disliked her because of her association with Laura. Laura and I had been at odds since our freshmen year when we got in a fight over a guy. I always blamed the guy for what had transpired, but Laura was convinced that I was a slut who had intentionally slept with her boyfriend. It's a long story, but Eddie swore that there was nothing between he and Laura and since I was attracted to him I didn't see any problem in going out with him. For the three weeks we went out he stuck to his story that his relationship with Laura was definitely over. We had had sex several times, before he finally confessed that he had Laura were still going out.

I was crushed and never spoke to him again. It was shortly after that, Laura had our first of many confrontations on the matter. It went on for the remainder of the semester and carried well into the next. I simply went about my business and ignored her after that. For the last year, I didn't speak to her, but I noticed by the look in her eyes that she still harbored ill will toward me. It was out of my control and if she wanted to carry that burden through the rest of her life I wasn't going to stop her.

It was a welcome relief when the Professor closed his book and ended class. Quickly I packed up my things and left the room. Laura and Jamie were standing by the door as I left, but neither said a word as I passed. I of course didn't say a word either. I wasn't going to waste my time with them. I was quickly out of the building and making my way back to my room. It was a long walk and I hated making it at night by myself, but the friend who usually walked home with me, wasn't in class tonight. I was passing the cafeteria when I heard my name.

I turned around and saw Jamie and Laura closing moving toward me. I wondered what was going on. I didn't think they were going to start anything serious, but I had much better things to be doing with my time. Nonetheless, I stopped and waited.

"Can we talk?" began Laura.

"About?" I asked, the hostility in my voice was readily apparent.

"Just some things." Laura continued.

"OK." I answered

"Lets go sit in the cafeteria." Suggested Jamie

I followed the two of them into the building and we sat down at one of the small collections of chairs that were set up on the main floor. I felt a certain sense of uneasiness, sitting there with the two of them, especially since I didn't know what they were up to. The silence lasted for a few moments before Laura finally began.

"Look Brenda, I think there are some things we need to talk about."

"Such as?" I really wasn't in the mood for this.

"About what happened before."

"It was almost 2 years ago, what's to talk about?" I asked

"I just think we need closure on the whole matter."

I had no idea what she was talking about. To the best of my knowledge there was closure. I hadn't spoken to Eddie in over a year and a half and I hadn't spoken to Laura for close to a year.

"What closure are you looking for?" I asked

"I just think we need to put the whole thing behind us."

"It is." I answered.

It was at this point that Jamie cut in. "Did you guys want something to drink? I was gonna take a walk and get something for myself."

"Sure." Began Laura. "I'll take an iced tea."

"Lemonade." I answered, before turning back to Laura.

Jamie quickly walked away and Laura and I continued our conversation. I really wasn't sure what she was getting at, and she never clarified what she was trying to say. I really wasn't in the mood to try and decode what she was saying, but she kept on talking. I kept to my story that there was no problem between us and I didn't hold any grudges for what she had said about me in the past. I really didn't care what she thought about me. Our conversation didn't subside until Jamie returned with our drinks. The three of us sat there in silence for a few minutes as I absently sipped at my drink. The two of them tried to make small talk with me, but I had rapidly tired of their company and excused myself.

I walked out of the cafeteria and headed for home. As I descended the stairs to the lower half of the quad, I heard the two of them come out of the cafeteria. I didn't let that bother me as I moved quickly along the well lit path. I really doubted they were going to jump me or anything, but I still increased my pace. Near the end of the main path I finished my drink and tossed the empty cup into the trash. I turned onto the path that led to my dorm. Occasionally I would turn around and see if Jamie and Laura were still following me. They still were but they were a ways back. I shifted my back pack to my other shoulder and continued along my way.

"Brenda, stop!" Called Laura from behind me.

Immediately I did. I didn't know why I was going to let them take up more of my time. The only thing I could figure was I wanted to put this to rest once and for all. I stood there and waited until they reached me.

"You're a slut!" Laura began.

"Fuck you." I answered. Nothing was further from the truth.

"You know you're a slut! Tell us that you're a slut." Continued Laura

I had no idea who she thought she was k**ding. You can imagine my surprise when I blurted out that I was a slut.

"Tell us again.' She continued

"I'm a slut."

"You see Jamie, I told you she was a slut." Laura said

I had no idea why I had said that. I knew I wasn't a slut.

"She's not dressed like a slut." Jamie commented.

"Brenda, you should be wearing your slut clothes. You won't feel comfortable until you are. You will feel completely uneasy until you have your whore outfit on." Laura continued.

Suddenly I did feel uneasy. I looked down at my clothes and wasn't sure why I was wearing this outfit. I'm a slut. A slut shouldn't be dressed like this. Jeans and a sweater were not my slut clothes.

"I need to go home and get changed." I began.

"Why?" asked Jamie

"I wanna put my slut clothes on. I don't feel comfortable like this." I answered. I had absolutely no idea what the hell I was saying. I never dressed like a slut. I didn't even own any slutty clothes.

"Maybe we can help you. We have your slut clothes." Began Jamie.

"You do?" I questioned. I really needed to have them.

"Ask for them?" asked Laura

"Can I have my slut clothes?" I asked.

"Maybe." Answered Jamie.

"Please, I really need them. I don't feel comfortable dressed like this." I answered.

Laura led us over to a bench along the side of the path and set her pack down. She pulled something out of it and held it out toward me. I reached out for them but she pulled them back.

"You need to take off what you're wearing first." Laura explained.

"I can't get undressed here." There was no way I was going to strip here in the middle of the path. No one was around, but someone could come out of a building at anytime

"You're a slut. You love to take your clothes off in public. You would much rather get changed here than in your room. The only thing better than getting changed here would be if there were guys watching you. You love to get changed in front of guys. You get incredibly turned on when you get undressed in public places." Laura explained.

I thought about it again as I looked at Laura holding my slut clothes. I didn't say anything, but I kicked off my shoes and removed my socks. I placed them on the bench and went to work on my jeans. I was getting so excited as I pushed my jeans down and stepped out of them. I put them on the bench and quickly stripped off my sweater. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I wanted to run home and cry as I dropped my sweater on the bench.

"Can I have my slut clothes now?" I asked. I really needed to wear them.

"You know you never wear underwear with your slut clothes. You have to take them off first." Jamie added

I didn't want to do it, but something inside me told me she was right. I couldn't wear underwear with my whore clothes. I slipped my panties down and couldn't believe how turned on I was getting. I stepped out of them and after picking them up I put them on the bench. The last thing I did was remove my bra. I felt so much better without my bra enclosing my D cups. I rubbed my breasts quickly, now that they were free of that prudish bra. I held my hand out and Laura gave me my slut clothes.

I was so excited as I slipped on my short black mini-skirt. Once it was in place, I pulled the spaghetti strapped black camisole on. I tucked it into the skirt so it looked right. I couldn't believe I was dressed like this! The skirt barely covered my ass and my breasts were going to bounce all over in the loose fitting camisole, yet for some reason I felt so much better now.

"How do you feel now?" asked Laura as she stuffed my things into her pack.

"Great! I always feel great when I dress like a slut." I answered. I had no idea what was going on. It was like there was someone else inside me making me do these things.

"Lets go for a walk." Began Laura as she started back toward the center of the quad.

I followed after them. I had to keep adjusting my skirt, as it rode up exposing my ass and bush. I drew even with the other girls as we continued along. I had no idea where we were going. My breasts were jiggling around like crazy as I walked, but I was much to concerned with keeping my skirt adjusted.

"Slut, what time is it?" asked Laura

I looked at my watch, before telling her it was 9:40.

"OK slut, you have 20 minutes to go do your slut thing and get back here. If you're not back in 20 minutes, we'll have to punish you." Explained Laura.

"What am I supposed to do?" I asked uncertainly. I knew I was a slut, but I couldn't remember what I was supposed to do.

"You are such a dumb slut. Remember that, you are nothing but a dumb slut."

"What are you?" asked Jamie.

"A dumb slut." I answered. I screamed at myself for saying that, but I didn't seem to able to control myself.

"A dumb slut like you likes to give blow jobs. You need to give head to someone. The first guy that you see you will have an uncontrollable desire to blow. The only thing is you don't like to swallow. You would much rather feel him cum on your face. And nothing will make you happier than coming back here and showing us afterwards. Remember you have 20 minutes to get back here. So you better get going." Laura finished.

Laura and Jamie sat down on the bench we were standing near as I hurried away. I looked around frantically for someone I could blow. I was walking quickly toward the cafeteria when I saw two guys coming out the front door. I had no idea who they were, but I had this uncontrollable desire to give the one guy a blow job. I hurried over and caught up to them and in my haste I didn't even bother to adjust my skirt, so they knew for sure that my hair was my natural color. I came up from behind them and began.

"Excuse me."

They both turned and looked at me standing there with my skirt showing my cunt.

"What's up baby?" asked the first guy, the one I was completely obsessed with blowing.

"C'mon." I said as I led them away from the well lit area in front of the cafeteria.

We moved across the grass toward a small grove of trees, before I turned to face them.

I looked right at the first guy and began. "I have this incredible desire to blow you." They were words I never imagined I would say to a guy I had just met.

"Excuse me?"

"I want to blow you."

"Fine. Get on your knees bitch."

"What about me?" asked the second guy.

"Just him." I answered as I dropped to my knees and moved in close to him.

"Hey Ron, why don't you feel her up while she blows me."

"Sounds good."

I quickly undid his pants and pulled them and his underwear down. He wasn't hard, but it only took me a few licks and some massaging of his balls before he was rock hard. The second guy was behind me and I felt his hand push between my legs. My lips closed around his penis and very slowly I took I fully into my mouth. I moved in and out slowly at first, but began to quicken my pace. The second guy had now abandoned my cunt and had pulled my shirt up and was pinching and squeezing my erect nipples. His touch was turning me on. I was kept quickening the pace my lips were moving along his cock. I wished he would hurry up and cum, I didn't have much time to do this. I was so repulsed at what I was doing, but nothing made me feel better than when I heard him say he was going to cum. The second guy released his hold on my tits and moved away. I sucked for another couple of seconds before pulling my lips off and stroking him with my hands. His cum hit me on the face and ran down my cheek. It seemed like he came forever, splattering his sticky white semen all over me. I quickly jumped up and ran away. I didn't even bother to fix my clothes. I just wanted to get as far away from them as possible. I didn't know how I could have humiliated myself like that. I arrived back where Laura and Jamie were sitting. My skirt was still bunched up at my waist, leaving me completely exposed and the guys cum was still all over my face. I wanted to cover myself up, but I suddenly felt very proud standing in front of the girls like this.

"OK slut. Just stand there for a second." Laura began, before turning to her pack.

"Now smile." She added as she pointed her Polaroid at me.

I gave her a big smile and she took my picture. Once she was done they told me to cover myself up and clean off my face. I knew I had to get that picture from them. I wouldn't be able to live this down if anyone ever saw it.

"What time is it Brenda?"

I looked at my watch and told them it was ten after.

"So you're late." Laura explained.

"I'm sorry. It took longer than I thought."

"Bad slut!" scalded Jamie "Now we're going to have to punish you."

I didn't say anything, but I did feel like I was bad and deserved to be punished.

"Take your clothes off and lay on the grass and get yourself off." Laura told me.

This was probably more degrading than blowing that guy, but I agreed and stripped off my clothes. Just taking them off made me hot. I was still wet from the guy who had been feeling me up, and I laid down on the grass. My hand was quickly between my legs rubbing up and down my slit. My other hand was rubbing my breasts. My nipples were instantly hard as I aroused myself. I had my eyes closed but I could still see the flash of the camera go off. It didn't take me long to cum, but it was enough time for Laura to take three more compromising pictures of me. My orgasm was extremely intense and I could feel tingles run up and down my legs as my sexual energy was released. Once I was done, I got dressed.

"You are a very good slut." Complimented Jamie.

I was so embarrassed, but I still thanked her for the compliment.

"OK, you ready to do some more slut stuff?" asked Laura

"I don't know." I answered. I felt like I had done enough slut stuff for one night.

"A slut like her can't be done yet." Explained Jamie.

"Well then, lets go find her some more slut stuff to do." Laura said as they picked up their things and walked away.

I dutifully followed after them, unsure of why I just didn't run home. We had walked for a few minutes when Laura stopped.

"OK slut, you like to strip in public, don't you?"

"Yeah, it really turns me on." I answered, even though the thought of humiliating myself like that didn't appeal to me. I wanted to hit myself for saying that.

"Why don't you go over to those three guys and see if they'd like you to give 'em a show. If they do, you will of course give them one. If you take your clothes off, you will not fight them off if they touch you. As a matter of fact you won't mind at all if they feel you up. The only thing is you can't have sex with them. You will make that clear that they can touch all they want, but no sex." Laura explained.

I moved away and Laura and Jamie followed behind me but were dropping further and further behind. They guys were walking away from me and I didn't catch them until we were in the middle of the faculty parking lot for Demmer Hall.

"Excuse me." I began.

The three guys stopped and looked at me. They were all very big, probably on the football team or something. The three of them eyed up my 5 foot 2 body.

"What can we do for you?"

I couldn't believe what I said next. "It really turns me on to take my clothes off in public and I was wondering if you guys would like to see?"

The three of them were very much into the idea. My hands, which seemed to have a mind of their own very slowly untucked my shirt and began to pull it up. The guys cheered as I pulled it up over my breasts and over my head and off. It was embarrassing, and I just hoped all their yelling wasn't going to draw a larger crowd. I dropped the shirt on the ground and went to work on my skirt. The elastic waisted skirt slid easily off of my hips and once it reached mid thing, it slid down my legs on it's own and bunched up at my feet. I stepped out of it and looked at the three of them. They were all staring at me with a hunger in their eyes, but none said a word.

I was extremely turned on by the whole thing. The one guy moved in little closer and grabbed a handful of my left tit. It felt very good and I pushed myself into his hand. The other guys, seeing that I didn't mind a little touching were quickly around me. Unlike the first guy who had felt me earlier while I was giving a blow job, these guys were very rough with my tits. They aroused my nipples then pulled and twisted them roughly. I felt a hand come up between my legs and grab tightly on my bush. My arms stayed motionless at my side as their hands probed all over my body. It went on for a long time, before I heard Laura say something. The guys kind of repositioned themselves and she got a couple of good pictures of three guys feeling me up. Shortly after the picture session, they let me go and I got dressed. They thanked me and walked away like nothing happened. I felt much different about the whole and was on the verge of tears.

"C'mon slut, don't cry." Began Jamie in a taunting voice

"I'm not a slut." I answered back

"What kind of girl does the things you've been doing?" asked Laura

I didn't answer. How could I. I was running around, taking my clothes off, giving blow jobs, masturbating in public.

"Ya see, Jamie, she's a slut."

I was so ashamed.

"But she has not yet begun to slut tonight." Laura began. "Now Brenda, I need you to listen carefully. For the rest of tonight, your name is slut. You will introduce yourself as slut, or bitch or pig, to anyone you meet. If they ask why, you will show them. I don't care who it is, or what they look like. From this point forward, you will be a nympho. You won't be able to wait for a guy to ask you to undress and whatever he, or they, want to do to you is fine. You'd also like them to take pictures, which you won't be able to wait to give us. The only thing is, if you're going to have sex, you have to be tied up and it must be outside. You love being bound and gagged in public. It turns you on like nothing else. If you have sex without being bound, you will be unable to orgasm. It will just build up in you. If they ask for head you need to tell them you want them to strip you first and handcuff you. You will do whatever they say. You will now also be a swallower. Do you understand?" asked Laura

"Yes." I answered, suddenly I felt my sexual desire begin to rise.

"One more thing." Began Jamie. "When you walk, you will find that it turns you on. But it will never make you cum."

I didn't answer.

"OK slut, lets go for a walk." Laura resumed. "Oh and you'll need this." She added, handing me a back pack. "It has all of you bondage toys in it."

I took the pack and put it over my shoulder. I followed after them and almost immediately, I could feel myself getting hot. With each step, I felt myself getting wetter and wetter. I was looking around anxiously for someone to show my body to. I followed next to Jamie as we took the path that led toward my dorm. I was still making constant adjustments to my skirt as I walked. We turned off that path and started down another into a not as well lit part of the campus. We hadn't gone very far down the path when we saw a couple of people approaching. Laura and Jamie, veered off the path and began away as I continued forward to confront whoever it was. As I got closer I noticed that it was 2 guys. They continued toward me, and when they reached me I discovered that it was two of the guys who had felt me up earlier.

"Hey, it's you again." Began one of them

"Yeah." I answered. The burning desire between my legs made it impossible for me to stand still.

"What's your name?"

"Most of my friends call me slut, or bitch. I like those kind of names." I answered. I wanted nothing more than to know what was wrong with me.


"I think it's because I can't seem to keep my clothes on for very long." I explained as I wiggled around.

"You like takin 'em off?"

"Yes." I answered, I just hoped they were going to ask me.

"Then by all means, you should take 'em off." He replied.

I couldn't wait as I hurriedly stripped myself and dropped my clothes on the ground. It didn't take them long to start feeling me. I was already incredibly wet when they started feeling me and the one guy's finger slid easily inside me. I wanted to scream as he moved it slowly in and out of my burning cunt. They kept on me pretty good for a few minutes before the one guy asked if I wanted to go somewhere a little more private. I of course couldn't say yes fast enough. They led me a short distance away and went to work on me in earnest.

"OK bitch, why don't you lay down and open your legs." Began the first guy.

"If you're gonna fuck me I need you to tie me up. I love to be tied up. There's plenty of stuff in my bag. I like pictures too." I blurted out.

They didn't seem to have a problem with it and after dumping out the contents of the bag they set about binding me. They put ropes around my calves and tied them around my thighs, pinning my ankles to the back of my thighs. They then handcuffed my ankles to my wrists, so my legs were pulled open and up. They took this is a good photo opportunity. They then finished putting my toys on me. They slipped two smaller ropes that had little nooses on them over my b**sts and pulled them tight to make my tits stand straight up. The last things they did were put the nipple clamps on me and put the ball gag in my mouth. The took the time for another picture of their bondage slut, before the first guy was on me. Thank God I was so wet because his large penis would have killed me if I wasn't. I felt him drive down in me. I know it must have disappointed him that I came in the first 30 seconds, but he still fucked me for a solid twenty minutes before cumming. He got off of me, and I waited for the second guy to mount me but he didn't. Instead, they undid the handcuffs and untied my legs. They pulled me up and led me over to a low metal bar. They told me to bend over it and I did. Again they cuffed my wrists to my ankles. They took the ropes and tied them to my ankles then to the supports for the bar, pulling my legs open. They paused for a picture, before the second guy took me from behind. I felt his penis pressing up against me, before it finally slipped in. I was actually relieved that he was in my cunt. At first I had fear that he was going to take me in the ass. Very slowly he began to move in and out of me. The first guy was now in front of me and took a picture of me bent over the bar. I did my best to smile, but it was very uncomfortable. He gave a couple of tugs on the chain connecting the nipple clamps and it sent spasms of pain through my breasts. The second guy, like the first, fucked me for a good long time, before cumming. I had cum only seconds before he shot his load in me.

They got dressed and undid my bindings. I was surprised that they didn't wait for me. Instead they simply walked away. I gathered up all my things and put them in the bag and went back to where I had left my clothes. I was already getting horny when I got there. I got dressed and went over to Laura and Jamie. I handed them the pictures and began to cry. I just wanted this night to be over with.

"So before you go and do some more slutting, I guess you'd like to know why you're like this." Began Laura as she admired the pictures.

I nodded.

"See, you took a d**g when you drank that lemonade. It's called Freewill 504 and what it does is opens your mind to accept without question everything your told. You will follow all instructions given to you to the letter and even though they may be things you wouldn't normally do you'll do them. The beautiful part is you will be aware of everything and you won't be able to do a thing about it." Explained Laura.

I didn't even have a chance to ask why, before they sent me off to do more slutting.

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