Better planning

When my wife and I were dating in the late seventies,we were invited to a party by one of my friends from school. We were about 20 years old or so. My wife is white and I an Asian so some times when we are out people are not aware we are a couple. While at the party I was talking to some new friends I met and one guy told me he thought that blonde was hot. I looked and he was referring to my girlfriend. I told him that she was my girlfriend and she came with me. He got embarrassed and apologized. I told him not to worth about it and I told him she is pretty cute. We talked for a while and after a few more drinks he asked if she were a real blonde. I told him yes, she has a blonde pussy. He said he would love to see it. I told him I would love to see it more myself but my girlfriend has final work when the beaver makes an appearance. I went to my girlfriend and after a while told her what he said. She got mad and walked away. I walked back to my new drinking pal and told him he got me in trouble. We both started to laugh. I told him everything he wanted to know about her all the way down to her favorite positions. Drinking makes me stupid. The next day my girlfriend asked about the request again. She told me she thought about it and it made her horny, but she wouldn't do it. I asked what if I took a picture? "NO". What if you were in bed and he opened the door and peeked in " NO". She came back with, maybe I could be in bed and he could peek in the window from outside. I could pretend to sl**p so I could deny everything, but he can't know that I know what's happening. I set everything up, he not knowing that she knew. I found this to be very exciting to me, letting another man see my wifes pussy! Wow. The day came and after dinner and a few drinks and some pot, my wife excused herself saying she felt the wine was getting to her, she only drank g**** juice and didn't smoke at all. She went into the bedroom opened the d****s and had the lights shining directly on her. I took my friend to the backyard and the talk gravitated toward my wife again. I got him horny and got up and stopped quickly. Hey come here! Look my wife is naked want to see her blonde pussy? He came stumbling over and looked in the window. My wife was in bed totally naked and her legs spread wide open enough to see her pussy lips. I let him watch my wife for a while when he told me to go fuck her so he could watch. I went in the room and licked my wife, she whispered what are you doing. I told her he's still watching which turned her on even more. We fucked as he watched I came on my wife's face and mouth positioning myself for him to see. Even though we had this planned we felt it could have gone much better. I will tell you how the second better planned went if you liked this one. Please leave a comment
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1 year ago
Thanks tysho for sharing your story, it was a pleasure to read it! The 70's were awesome years for me also.
2 years ago
yes, like to hear more about this, awesome
2 years ago
hot story, you got my cock really hard
2 years ago
hot man
2 years ago
good story keep m cummimg
2 years ago
This is good stuff, give us more!